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Zen Yukin

Yukin tells us a little bit about her background.

America in Change

Yohanes and José exchange opinions about current American society

Helicopter Pilot

Marking Women’s History Month 2018, Kanna Kai Jones talks about her career as a helicopter pilot.


“Sports do not build character, they reveal it” (H. Broun)


Corruption in FIFA

Plastic Bags 2

Globally 160,000 plastic bags are used every second*

Accents 2

Is there a “standard” English? Or is it all a “Global English”?


Chris O’Sullivan talks about some of cricket’s more interesting points.


Welcoming our robot overlords.

Learning & Changing 2

Many Japanese believe they must go abroad to learn a language, but should it be that way?

Universities 2

José & Haruka discuss differences in education styles between Japan & Canada.

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Climate Change 3

In 2017 India and China became the world leaders in solar energy

Tests 2

Are tests the best way to judge a student?

Japan in the Bubble

Greg and José continue their conversation on the Japanese workplace, then and now.

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