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“Children, marriages, & flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.” (H Jackson Brown)

Soda 3

Individuals with lower income and/or education levels are disproportionately more likely to be obese.

Any Questions? 2

Danny & José continue their discussion on their students’ education.

Accents 2

Is there a “standard” English? Or is it all a “Global English”?


Chris O’Sullivan talks about some of cricket’s more interesting points.


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Learning & Changing 2

Many Japanese believe they must go abroad to learn a language, but should it be that way?

Universities 2

José & Haruka discuss differences in education styles between Japan & Canada.

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Japan in the Bubble

Greg and José continue their conversation on the Japanese workplace, then and now.

Climate Change 2

Climate Catastrophe Will Hit Tropics Around 2020, Rest Of World Around 2047*.


Do tests help you learn?

Plastic Bags

From July 2015, California shops can no longer give away plastic bags for free

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