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20 Years 2

Jun 16, 2019Accents, Articles, Canadian, Female, Life&Food, Romanian

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Where will you be in 20 years; still living in the same place?


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Ruxy and José are continuing a conversation. The first part is at the URL below:

Ruxandra Duță: So I- in 20 years I would like to see myself doing something that I really like.

José: Do you think that will happen? (Uh) That’s what you want, but (Usually) do you think that will happen?

Ruxy: I’ve been pretty lucky in life so far. So uh so I wanted to go to university in the UK. I got into university in the UK. I wanted to study uh Japanese I went- I came to (You’re here) Japan to study. I- I’m here. So so far things have been working out well for me.

José: Good and you’re you’re (So) a- you’re a driven woman so I expect that you’re going to get pretty close to it. Now how do you think the world will be different in 20 years? (Oh that’s a) Do you think- do you think things will be better?

Ruxy: Sadly I’m pretty pessimistic. I’m not exactly sure it’s going to be any better. I- uh it’s very difficult. Politically speaking it has been going downhill for some time now. If you look both at Romania and America, which is basically a, well a big political power in the world and so politically speaking it’s been going downhill. Mm I’m not exactly sure. Climate change is happ- It’s a thing. It’s getting hotter. Winters are getting colder. Environments are getting harsher.

José: In some some places they’re getting warmer. (Yeah) Parts of the arctic circle this summer stayed- the entire summer, above zero celsius.

Ruxy: Which is tragic.

José: It’s (So) beyond tragic. (So is the) It’s catastrophic.

Ruxy: So is the world going to be better in 20 years. Oh I don’t know. I really don’t know.

José: Do you think we’ll be better to each other? (Hmm) You don’t think so?

Ruxy: Mm, better to each other? I really hope it’s going to be like that, but I- I’m not exactly sure. Again I’m being very pessimistic. Maybe in 20 years time I’m going to be very surprised and be like, oh I was very pessimistic and very negative when I was 20, but like the world is a better place. But let’s face it. I don’t know. For me at least like, I want to, you know play it safe and just think that, the world is as it is. Is it going to be a better place really? Maybe in some parts of the world. Maybe in others it’s going to go downhill. We don’t know.


Will the world be a better place or not? Why?

What do you think will be the most important decision you will make in 20 years?

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Ruxandra Duță


Bucharest, Romania

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José Domingo Cruz


Vancouver, British Columbia


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  1. I agree the idea that climate change in 20 years. I realize getting hotter. I remember having played with snow in the winter when I was little. But recently I hardly play with snow. Amount of snow isn’t enough to be able to play. Temperature is getting hotter. We don’t know what change in 20 years. However I believe that climate must change. This change will affect many things. For example animals, plants, the sea and so on. That is many things will change. So we have to do something to keep nature and protect animals. However there will be good changes in 20 years such as medical, AI and education. They will help many people and make us happy. I think there are both good changes and bad changes in 20 years. It is obvious. But if we can estimate bad changes, we have to try to stop them. We shouldn’t overlook bad changes which we can estimate.


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