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20 Years

Jun 2, 2019Accents, Articles, Canadian, Female, Life&Food, Romanian

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Are topics like religion and politics difficult for youth talk about?


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José Cruz: Uh, (I mean) although you would think I would be- there would be more atheists in this country, but (Right) I think even though it’s it’s a fairly non-religious country, um even more so- even say America or Canada (Yeah) they don’t like talking about (Really) um you know those those taboo subjects: sex, politics, and religion.

Ruxandra Duță: Yeah that is true actually, now that I come to think of it with my Japanese friends, I don’t really touch those subjects; maybe sex, but like only after a couple of drinks (Ha) ha ha.

José: And only among girls, right?

Ruxy: Oh and only among girls. (Yeah. That’s right) Like talking about it with boys (No) is like completely (Oh, well) going-

José: That is a completely separate topic (Oh yeah) about the the mentality of- the mentality toward sex, (Oh yeah) um to young people recently. But just to- to talk with you because um- As a young person when you look at: Well I’ll put it to you in a question that I was thinking about on the train on the way here, where do you see yourself, just you personally, in 20 years?

Ruxy: In 20 years? Where do I see myself? Oh that’s a very difficult question. Every time I’m being asked asked that I really have to stop and think.

José: Most people ask it about five year time frames.

Ruxy: Yeah it’s usually five years.

José: I’m going to ask it in 20 years.

Ruxy: In 20 years. In 20 years I will be 42. I expect to- So I have big expectations of myself. I expect to uh, have a nice house, travel around the world, have a decent job that I’m satisfied with and I don’t want to kill myself every- (Ha) when I wake up in the morning thinking, oh I have to go to the office.

José: So you- basically happy with your situation.

Ruxy: I want to be happy. And especially I want to be happy with my workplace. That is one thing- because we spend so much time in the workplace. I really want to do something that makes me happy. So I- in 20 years I would like to see myself doing something that I really like.

José: Do you think that will happen? (Uh) That’s what you want, but (Usually) do you think that will happen?

Ruxy: I’ve been pretty lucky in life so far. So uh so I wanted to go to university in the UK. I got into university in the UK. I wanted to study uh Japanese I went- I came to (You’re here) Japan to study. I- I’m here. So so far things have been working out well for me.

José: Good and you’re you’re (So) a- you’re a driven woman so I expect that you’re going to get pretty close to it.


How do you see yourself in five years? In 20 years?

Would you call yourself a “driven” person?

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  1. After reading this article, I thought about 20 years from now. I am 19 years old now. In other words, 20 years from now, I will spend the same amount of time as my life. I had never thought about that much. When I thought about it, I couldn’t think of anything concrete. I could only imagine abstract things. However, I wanted to have a family and work hard.
    What should I do for that?
    What do you have to think about?
    It was a little fun to think and see.
    Until now, my parents have taught me and I haven’t thought about what I had to do. However, I will be an adult. I will do something I have never experienced before. I thought it was important to think about many things now so that I would not be in trouble at that time.
    In this article, it wrote that her life has been fine so far, so it is sure her life will be fine in the future. But I don’t think so. No one knows the future. Therefore, I think it’s best to be prepared for whatever happens. So, I decided to study hard for myself in 20 years.

  2. I thought 20 years ago when I this article. I will be 40 years old. I can not image about my future. But I have questions in my future. Will I have a job and work hard? Will I marry and have my family and become a father? Will I get my home? Will I enjoy my life? Will I be happy? Will I give back favors my parents? I have many anxieties and expections.
    In the future, the thing I want to do the best is giving back favors my parents. This is because they have supported me in many situations since I was born and they will help me after this.
    So I feel thanks for them. I am embarrassed conveying thanks using words. So I will want to do many things they will happy.
    Now I will study hard in this university. And I will get a job to earn much money. When I will be died, I want to become the life I feel it is the greatest.


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