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Mr. Cruz’s Class

Jun 30, 2019Accents, Articles, Canadian, Chinese, Education, Female

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Do you think English classes should only be taught by English speakers?


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Yukin and José are continuing a conversation. The previous part is at the URL below:

José Cruz: It just takes practice and unfortunately you know um, when you’re studying English in Japan you don’t get a lot of speaking practice. (Ah yes) What did you think of my class?

Zen Yukin: Oh your cla- I love you class and (OK thank you) and your class actually in the Tuesday and Friday when I was (Oh right) in the first we had the…

José: Because in second semester you took (Yeah yeah) the writing class (And) Friday? No, you weren’t in my Friday- Thursday Thursday.

Yukin: Ah Thursday, yes. Uh it- it is actually the the most, the best day. The favourite day of (The what day?) Favourite day in a week (Ha ha) to- for me because it’s the only chance for me to speak English (Really) and use English.

José: Oh OK. How many other English classes did you have?

Yukin: Uh when I was in the first grade I think (First year) Ah yeah first first year I think I had (Four?) Uh-

José: You should have four. (Three) Three? (Four)

Yukin: Three. I think three.

José: OK (Yeah yeah) So you had classes…

Yukin: With Japanese English teacher. One is Japanese English teacher, and one is (With a nati-) with Mr. Cruz.

José: OK So for example you took my class for speaking in the second semester (Mm hmm) of your first year. (Mm hmm) Who- Your teacher for the first semester (Ah) for that Thursday third period, (Ah yeah) was that a native speaker (Ah it) or- Don’t say any names. (Ah yes) But was it a native speaker?

Yukin: He is a native speaker, but he doesn’t make so many chances for us to speak English. (Really) Um yeah. So mm.

José: Mm mm. OK and in the classes with the Japanese teacher (Yeah) you didn’t speak?

Yukin: I- I speak but I can’t understand why he- ah why she- She (the teacher) Yeah the teacher t- thought us- taught us (taught) taught us- you with Japanese.

José: Well I taught you with Japanese.

Yukin: Uh no no no. I mean I mean- Her (He? She?) Her- She. (She she) She. Her her Japanese, no her English- her English is like mm, Japanese English which is (It was mixed up) mixed up. And her English pronunciation is like Katakana (Japanese uh accent) yeah yeah. Which I don’t really like to watch. (Mm) And so so hard to understand what she’s saying.


Should a teacher’s accent matter in their teaching of a language?

For every hour in your best English class, how many minutes did you speak English?

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