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IELTS Advice 2

May 21, 2018Canadian, Chinese, Education, Female

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Are you good at speaking to strangers?


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This is a two part conversation between Yukin and José. Listen to Part 1 at the link below:

José Cruz: (Aha) That’s why I come to the library. Things like that. And sometimes it’s not just a quiet place. Sometimes it’ll be something like, um I don’t know um, the summer of uh I don’tJosé says this very quickly in a small voice (0:14)– “the summer of my life” (Ha ha) So for example, something like that “The summer of my life”, how would you handle something like that? Well again you use your imagination and you imagine the summer of my life, the good summer of my life, the bad summer of my life the the- well OKHe says this very quickly as well (0:28) the expensive summer of my life. (Ah I see) But remember to connect it to yourself (Yeah yeah yeah) Because when you connect the topic to yourself that makes it really easy to talk about.(Mm) So, ready? (Mm-hmm) OK um, the internet.

Zen Yukin: The internet. I like use internetYukin should have said “I like TO use THE internet” (0:50). And I- I also surfing on the internet when I have time. And I like to use a lot of Youtube. And I learned a lot of new words, new English words, and new Korean words, new any languages uh from Youtube. And I think the internet is a um, necessary thing to everyone in this time.

José: Good. OK. Let me give you a couple of hints. (Ha ha) The person who’s marking you can be impressed by many things. And one of the things that they can become impressed with is just not, just like I taught you in my class, not just your English but the way you give your English. So keep in mind during the speaking test, you should think about a moment when you’re going to say something (Ah) three or four words (uh huh) count three or four words like, “The internet is interesting”. Count those three words, plan that you’re going to look right into the person’s eyes and say, “The internet is very interesting”. And you keep your eye contact just for those four words. You don’t have to keep your eye contact all the time, (Ha ha) but especially those words, the words you really want them to remember. (Ah) Then you learn to use your hands. Your hands were under the table all the time. (Ah yes) Right? (Yeah)Note how ready You is to respond with short answers to anything José says. This is sometimes called active listening (2:15) You use your hands, uh just a little bit. You don’t have to use them all the time like this, (Ha ha) Just a little bit to make a point. Also show your hands. You’re- I know you’re cold but you should show your hands.

Yukin: Yeah I’m cold. Very cold now.

José: OK? (OK) The simple life.

Yukin: The simple life. I love simple life. Simple life is- I know simple life is too difficult for nowadays people. But simple life is also uh important to to mm refresh your mind, to know about yourself to ,,. to mm think about yourself or think about your future.(Mm hmm)

José: Good. See? Did that help? Was it easier to think about it that way?

Yukin: Huh. Yeah. Woah. Ha ha.

José: It just takes practice. And unfortunately you know, um when you’re studying English in Japan you don’t get a lot of speaking practice.

Yukin: Ah yes.


What do you think of Standardized language tests like the IELTS or TOEIC?

What is the strongest part of your English skill?

Yukin makes a few mistakes in her grammar but she has very good skills in both quick responses and using discourse markers to engage in active listening.

José is not speaking with as many slang terms or even contractions in his speaking but he is generally speaking at his normal speaking rate for a native level conversation.

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José Domingo Cruz


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Zen Yukin


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