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Dec 16, 2018Accents, Articles, Canadian, Chinese, Education, Life&Food

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Is working for free a good idea?


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José Cruz: Have you ever done anything like volunteer work?

Zen Yukin: Uh volunteer work? (Mm hmm) I, I tried, I tried one time not a teacher, not as a teacher, (Mm hmm) but I, I did like an assistant (Mm hmm) of teacher to um translate Japanese into Chinese. (Good) And yeah.

José: Because if you want to think about the possibility of working in America. (Uh huh) American companies or international companies (And) pay a lot of attention (Mm) to your volunteer work. (Ooh) Volunteer work shows that you have a dream (Eh um) that you want to chase even if you don’t get money. (Mm hmm) It shows that you think about other people and you want to help people. And volunteer work- uh is is something that usually most companies will ask you, (Uh yeah) “So have you done any volunteer work?”

Yukin: Yeah yeah. I’ve heard about that.

José: So you should take as many opportunities even in Japan, uh especially because you can speak Chinese and Japanese (Mmm) to- to do volunteer work, maybe for Chinese people. (Uh) In Japan maybe maybe?

Yukin: Yeah yeah yeah. Oh that sounds good.

José: But volunteer work is is a big thing. That’s why I wanted to show that to my students that you know- I don’t think volunteerism is as important in Japan as it is in in- in America or Canada. The idea of volunteer- It’s not as- it’s not the same idea, (Oh) I don’t think. But what about China?

Yukin: China?

José: Do you remember? What’s volunteer work like in China?

Yukin: Um they go to old people’s homesYukin doesn’t say this properly by forgetting the possessive and plural “S”, (1:39) (Mm hmm) And yes, a- actually I went to old people’s homes for one day, when I was in elementary school (Mm hmm) and just play, had-played games with um…

José: Old people.

Yukin: Old people.

José: Yeah. That’s that’s that’s really nice.

Yukin: Sing, sing- sing songs.

José: Now if you could do that um, in Japan. (Ah) If you find like, I don’t know, a daycare (Uh huh) or some people in your neighbourhood that have some children that need (Uh huh) to, that need to be taken care of and you find an old person’s home and you do that by yourself. You make a program like that by yourself. And you can put that on your, (Ha ha ha) on your on your application for a job. They go, “Wow! you organized that!” That’s- It shows you have organization skills, you have dreams, and you can put things together.

Yukin: Woah.


What are some other benefits of volunteering?

What kind of volunteer work would like to try?

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José Domingo Cruz


Vancouver, British Columbia

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Zen Yukin


Dalian, Liaoning Province


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1 Comment

  1. I read “Volunteering”. There is a reason I read this article. The reason is I am interested in volunteering. Now, volunteering has many kinds. For example, childcare volunteer, disaster volunteer, sport volunteer, school volunteer, and more. But, I have never done volunteer. I want to do volunteer someday.
    In recent years, in Japan there has been heavy rain. Many people went to disaster area to support disaster victim. Many disaster victims often say “Thankyou” for supporter. And, in 2011, big earthquake attacked in Japan. Even then, many people went to support. Thanks to the supporters, the disaster area is quite revived now. I think there are many supporters in Japan. But now, many supporters can’t go to disaster area to support. Because of corona virus. So, many people donated.
    I think volunteers is good for us. Because volunteers help people. We have a lot of learn from volunteers. For example, everyday peace, the fun of helping people. When disaster victims say “Thankyou” we are happy. So, I think volunteers is good for us.
    In Japan has many kind of volunteers. There are volunteers not only in Japan but also overseas. I want to do volunteers someday. And, I want to help many people.


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