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Dec 25, 2017Canadian, Life&Food

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José Cruz: Uh I – I really got to get a garden going. (Yeah) I really got to do what you do. (Yeah) You know. So you (No It’s good) you- when you told me that you have tomatoes, you can your tomatoes too.

Andrew Zitzman: Um, I I don’t can them I- I well, canning yes, canning in the sense that I put them in bottles. Yeah.

José: Well OK. (Yeah) Bottle- OK you bottle your tomatoes.

Andrew: I bottle my tomatoes.

José: OK. And those (Uh) are the cherry tomatoes? Same (Cherry tomatoes. Yeah) cherry tomatoes. And what do you use those in? Like uh marinara, or?

Andrew: Yeah I’ll use them for pasta sauce or I I just make I make my pa- pizza sauce. I- I make my own pizza as well, so

José: Fantastic. (Um) the dough even too?

Andrew: The dough yeah everything from scratch

José: Oh good for you. (So) That’s fantastic man

Andrew: And uh. Yeah my my kids love it, so.

José: Oh who wouldn’t? I mean home made, fresh made anything, specially when you can watch your dad make it. somehow you know, homemade stuff just tastes better.

Andrew: Yup. Yeah (right?) Well that all depends on the quality of the cook, (Do you) I mean haha.

José: Do your kids go for junk food tho’? Do your kids go for McDonald’s?

Andrew: Uh they used to until the recent uh news (Ah) uh things, and and my my daughter isn’t keen on going anymore.

José: How old is she? (Uh nine) OK so she actually (Yeah she doesn’t) heard about this.

Andrew: Ah well we’ve told her. We uh she we watched the news and and showed them what what’s going on.

José: You’re talking, by the way, just for people who might be listening to this a few months later: was it the chicken scandal, was it the potato scandal, or was it the beef scandal ha ha.

Andrew: It was it was the ha ha…

José: Which one? (Yeah which scandal) Put your finger on it. Yeah which one?

Andrew: Ha ha yeah which scandal. Which scandal, I think it was the- All in all, it was it was a buildup of all of them. (yeah) Um yeah of course the meat- I don’t think she she would have remembered specifically the meat issue. Uh because she doesn’t- she tends to be um- to skip meat to begin with.

José: Really? (Yeah) Wow that’s great man, (Um) that’s super healthy.

Andrew: But yeah. Um, the the funny thing is tho’ she’s- cer- certain dishes she likes and so she doesn’t really care what meat it is. (Ha!) So uh but it…

José: As long as it’s delicious.

Andrew: Yes yes. But cer- certain certain dishes uh she’ll look, “Ah it’s got meat in it. I don’t want it”. And- but she doesn’t- what she doesn’t like is the fatty- the fatty bits. (Oh yeah yeah) So whenever she sees fat then- And you know, certain meats like uh gyudon and things like that. (Beef bowls) Beef bowls. Yes, yeah the beef bowls with uh…

José: With the fatty bits on it.

Andrew: With the fatty bits on it.

José: Yeah yeah I can understand that.

Andrew: She she she gets turned off by that (Yeah) and won’t eat it. But uh, yeah I think in general letting letting- having kids eat uh fresh uh homemade stuff is is really important. Um just eating you know freshly bought food or prepared food uh, even tho’ it’s tasty. It just, it’s not the same. They have to- I think they have to see their parents prepare the meal, and uh and help (Yeah yeah) and take part in it. And that way they realize what’s actually happening.

José: I completely agree. Uh listen, thank you very much Andrew (Yup) for the time tonight. (Thanks) OK? (My pleasure) And uh and I’ll talk to you again soon. (Yup Will do) OK? Bye bye.

Andrew: Great. Thank you very much.


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