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Dec 18, 2017Canadian

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What is your most unhealthy habit?


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José Cruz: Um but here, the thean example of repeating as opposed to using filler words (0:02)– it- there’s not- it wasn’t universal agreement that we have to do something about this. People were saying, no, you know uh, this is against personal freedom and they thought that that was something you shouldn’t be trying to enforce. Despite the fact that most people are now so obese that they’re they’rean example of repeating as opposed to using filler words (0:19) riding around in these little electric scooters.

Alex Bodnar: Well ideally uh it shouldn’t have to be enforced, I think, but uh on the other hand uh I think it is a serious problem. Uh so many people uh becoming grossly overweight and, uh becoming unhealthy uh leading themselves to a life of disease. So uh if if you don’t enforce it, what do you do?

José: What do you think about Japanese um um eating habits in the last little while, with uh, you know with all of these fast foods places that I see popping up more (Mm) and convenience stores popping up more (Mm hm) do you think they’re bound for the same horrible destination that uh North America- and you know, we as Canadians can’t just slough off our responsibility. I think Canadians are ju- about as unhealthy as most Americans

Alex: Yes yes. Uh that’s certainly true. Uh mm I think uh Japan has traditionally um developed over the century uh with very little of uh the culture of um these sodas, right? (Mm) These drinks with a lot of sugar. Uh and there’s been a lot of tea in the culture and there still is a lot. Uh I think uh it’s a good thing and uh yes recently it seems that more people are drinking uh Coke and other similar products. Um, I don’t know what, to what extent.

José: Now the thing is that I wou- would have agreed with you (Hmm) until I started handing out um this article we’re discussing here about how aggression in children uh being tied to um um sweet drinks. I would have agreed with you about how I perceived Japanese people to be drinking more of this, sort of um quotation marksmeaning “so-called” (2:28), “bad food” coming from America, but when I was in class and I was listening surreptitiously to my students to talking to each other, I got the notion that um they don’t actually drink a lot of them. A lot of them mostly opt for um traditional Asian teas like uh, (Mm) Wheat tea or Oolong tea or or Jasmine teas, or green tea (Yeah) and uh, or just plain old water (Mm hmm) when they drink. Um that uh- It’s not that they have healthier attitude, just by habit they don’t drink a lot of like, pops. (Mm hmm. Yeah) However what they do drink- seem to drink a lot of and they don’t consider this, are those energy drinks (Mm. True) Like Red Bulls and Monsters and stuff.

Alex: Yeah they uh- some of them do drink some of those energy energy drinks. Yes yes.


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Do you think you live a healthy life?

Note how much more often Alex says filler words like “uh” than José.

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