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Jun 8, 2015Canadian, Life&Food

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What’s your favourite soft drink?


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José Cruz: I had a friend once he um, it amazed when he told me this, but he told me that um, with with kind of like a a face full of pride about the situation he said, “you know, long time ago when I was really bad I used to drink seven cokes a day.”

Alex Bodnar: Woah, seven cokes a day.

José: And he said, “But I’m much better now, I only drink one a day.” And just even that, you put it (mm-hmm) that into no perspective about going from seven down to one (mm-hmm) drinking a coke a day I thought about it and I go, holy crap I, I didn’t want to make the guy feel bad, but, you must be incredibly unhealthy inside because… (mm-hmm) I —GehJosé makes this sound to really display his discomfort. This sound is also sometimes written as “brrr” (0:44)

Alex: How long ago was that?

José: Ah geea more acceptable form of swearing (0:47) uh, he told me that story maybe about three years ago I don’t remember all the details to it, but I imagine it was something like ten years ago or something you know when he was really downing the coke he was a computer programmer (yeah) before and computer programmers have some of the most unhealthiestJosé made a mistake. 'Most' is unnecessary as unhealthiest is already a superlative. (1:05) lifestyle habits. So that’s probably what was going on there

Alex: Uh yeah when I grew up I I often drank mm soft drinks, you know but it never got out of control I would say. I don’t know what the most was I would have drank in a day, you know – maybe maybe three, maybe four popsCanadians often use “pop” to refer to “soda”. (1:29) a day uh, at the most, but not every day, right?

José: I think when you’re a kid you can be forgiven for certain things, but when adults tell me that they drink pop a lot, I kind of wonder, are you sure that’s not a physical addiction? BecauseJosé pronounces it as “KUHZ”. In spoken English, it is permissible to use “because” to begin a sentence. (1:49) I I don’t know what drives adults to drink that much pop, you know?

Alex: Well there was a time when I had a taste for sweet drinks but uh, I said enough you know. I can’t remember the last time I had a coke or a soft drink.

José: Yeah yeah same herea colloquial expression meaning “I agree” (2:10)
I was trying to think the other day when was the last time I had a coke, and I think it’s literally been years. I haven’t had a coke in like about two or three years, just because I know that they’re bad for me and when I do have one, like yeah ok, maybe for the first gulp it’s kind of an interesting sensation but, I think about what it can do to my insides and… wow.

When I was a kid tho’ uh, my favourite wasn’t really coke anyway, it was uh Orange Crush. Remember that?

Alex: Yeah yeah, Orange Crush, uh or cream soda, I like that sometimes SevenUp, Pepsi. I pr- always preferred Pepsi over Coke. (Really?) Yeah yeah.

José: You — do you think you could – you were able to tell the difference?

Alex: I think I was able to, yeah.

José: What didn’t you like about coke that you liked more in Pepsi?

Alex: Uh, It’s really hard to explain but uh I think I think there’s just some difference in the taste maybe one is sharper than the other. Uh (hmm) may- maybe Pepsi has a sort of sharper taste or or mou- throat feel. I don’t know what it was.

José: People say Pepsi is sweeter. Uh, I never drank a lot of colas, so I wouldn’t know. They said that Pepsi is slightly sweeter. I don’t know what do you think about that?

Alex: Huh, I’d have to uh drink both and compare again, because I can’t remember

José: Haha right, yeah.


Do you eat or drink something regularly even tho’ you know it’s bad for you?

Are you careful about your health and what you eat and drink?

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Original VOA article:

“Aggression in Children Who Drink Lots of Soda”

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