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Nov 29, 2014Canadian, Life&Food

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How often do you have sweet bottled drinks?


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José Cruz: Right? (Yeah) And I think that’s because you know, we’re adults now. And this article is saying that, what’s- the danger that’s happening in North America is that this is a problem among children (Mm-hmm) And and. Uh I- It’s hard for me to believe, mostly because I’ve been living in Japan so long. But um, apparently stories where kids: ten or 13 years old, around that (Mm-hmm) age range, where you know they do bad things to their body, you- depending on what they eat, they they will sit down uh to dinner and they’ll eat they’ll eat, well OK a pizza (Mm-hmm) fairly (Yeah) unhealthy food- and with that or whatever it is that they’re eating, they’ll drink a 2-litre bottle of coke in one sitting.

Alex Bodnar: Wait, the family or the kid?

José: No, the kid.

Alex: Really? Are you serious?

José: That was my reaction! That was my- I’m goingHere 'going' is pronounced 'GOWIN'. (0:53), what, you mean the KIDIn the internet era, writing things in all capitals mimics someone shouting or raising their voice. (0:55) drank the whole 2-litre bottle by himself? OK, well OK, you find that hard to believe. Could you find it hard to believe that a kid could finish a large pizza by himself?

Alex: A large pizza, I guess that’s possible.

José: OK but… Ss- Can’t it be possible that a kid can drink a two-litre bottle of Pepsi by himself?

Alex: Yeah, yeah sure. I I can imagine what that kid is looking like right now.

José: Exac- well uh I don’t have to imagine. Just walk down the street in most uh uh southern American states. Uh it’s-obesity’s becoming a tremendous problem.

Alex: I I know it’s been a problem for a long time, but um hasn’t that been slowly changing the past couple of years?

José: Obesity?

Alex: Um, I I well obesity or awareness of obesity, I think uh and the need to uh drink less, uh less uh sugary drinks.

José: Well, I mean it depends on what you mean by awareness. I mean more people I think are aware that Americans tend to be obese and are overweight and that this has become a problem only in the last 20 or 30 years, but in terms of awareness, uh of how your diet adds to that or how you can change it by changing your diet, I don’t think uh hmm people get it (Mm-hmm) Umm, here here’s another example for you. If you couldn’t believe that somebody could drink- a child could drink two litres of Pepsi in one sitting, 7-11 sells cokes or popsCanadians use the word ‘pop’ to refer to sodas, or sweet carbonated drinks. (2:33) in 64-ounce wh- what do you call those things? Cups…

Alex: Yeah the huge-

José: Cup? That’s not a cup that’s a bucket, you know.

Alex: Yeah that’s true, they have the “huge gulps”7-11 in North America sells very large sized drinks as “gulp drinks” the photo in this article is of the “Double Gulp” which contains two litres of beverage. or whatever gulps they’re called.

José: They they whatever 64 ounces, that is two litres essentially. (Yeah) And when um the city uh mayor said, no more of that we’re going toGoing to is often pronounced ‘gonna’. (2:53) ban it, we’re gonna outlaw it. They can’t sell it in this city anymore, um, conservative politiciansJosé is referring to an event that took place in New York City in 2013. See the Pointers below for a link. made uh a case of of mocking that move by saying, “No! this is against personal freedom! People should be allowed to do whatever they like.” And they walked on stage to make their speech holding this 64-ounce bucket of of- I want to call it “poison” Uh, I don’t want toWant to is often pronounced ‘wanna’. (3:15) call it- I shouldn’t call it, I should be a little bit more um friendly uh, of “stuff”. And so poli-

Alex: Sugar water!

José: There you go.


What un/healthy habits do you have?

Do you take care in what you eat?

José is referring to this case:

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Original VOA article:

Aggression in Children Who Drink Lots of Soda

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Russell Bernice

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