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The Faubourg

Apr 30, 2018Canadian, Life&Food

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What’s your favourite food? In what city is it made best?


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José Cruz: Um in um, oh what’s the name of that mall? Uh just off St. Catherine’s, uh…

Andrew Zitzman: Uh the Eaton Centre?

José: No no no no it’s it’s a tiny little mall. It’s got a farmer’s market, uh…

Andrew: Ah the Atwater Market, no? No?

José: No no no no, not Atwater Market uh it’s just off (Ah) It’s off De Maisonneuvemany streets in Montréal behave French names (0:14) (Guy Street yeah) It’s off De Maisonneuve and St. Catherine (Faubourg) Le Faubourg! Faubourg St. Catherine! (Yes yes yes) And I- so I started working there.

Andrew: Oh really where? In (Oh I loved it) We used to go shopping there a lot.

José: Really? (Yeah yeah) Do you remember the fruit shop at one end? (Yeah yeah) I worked there.

Andrew: Oh really? (And do you) We used to buy fruit there a lot.

José: Good fruit there uh because I used to work there. (He he) And, oh that’s amazing! OK and then…

Andrew: And then the bagels- There was the bread..

José: Oh my god. I tell people about Montréal bagels, and people say, “Oh New York bagels, New York bagels”.

Andrew: New York bagels, yeah! Take a hike!

José: Good thing you can’t see what I’m doing right now. But um, yeah New York bagels, take a total hike. Because people don’t know Montréal bagels. And I also worked, um in the middle there’s kind of like this- kind of quasi-bulk food place where you (Right) where you- I used to work there man!

Andrew: That was- place too so you…

José: And I switched um uh in between. Uh it was (Yeah) Oh man that’s amazing! Anyway…

Andrew: Yeah. No my wi- and bagels- I mean . My wife loves the bagels. I mean every time if- If I go back without without them… without her…

José: I would be mad too! And do you remember the uh…

Andrew: No she she has me bring them back. I- I fill up my suitcase with them. (with bagels) I’ve got about 40 bagels (Yeah yeah) in- he he.

José: And do you remember the smoked pe- a Montréal delicacy, similar to pastrami (1:20)smoked meat”Andrew place across the- across the way? (From the Faubourg?) used to be like smoked meat (ah yeah I) so there’s the bagel place and just completely opposite, just across the corridor was a smoked meat place.

Andrew: Ah in the Faubourg (in the Faubourg) no I don’t, I can’t remember that one, (Oh) no. Really, I mean…

José: Oh I’m just getting so hungry now, (Yeah) smoked meat and bagels.

Andrew: Yell well smoked, smoked meat I mean Montréal, smoked meat. I mean wherever you go you can. Uh we used to go up to uh, where was it… not NDG… NDG?

José: Well, doesn’t matter, (Wherever) smoked meat (Yeah) wherever! It was just like Montréal bagels, (But) it doesn’t matter, (But yeah) wherever!

Andrew: But I just- I went back this summer, and I was uh, my dad wanted to go out for a smoked meat, so we said, “OK Let’s go to the- to the place where we used to go for you know and uh so we drove out there. It was closed. It was uh, I don’t know what it was, it was some pharmacy or something now. I was just like “Ah!”

José: Oh what’s the name of that Greek dish uh with tzadziki? (Tzadziki? Yeah) Souvlaki! Souvlaki! (Yes) My tongue waters again! I think about souvla- souvlaki and tzadziki (Oh) all of these things. And it’s like…

Andrew: Yeah The authentic Greek food is great I mean it’s just fantastic!

José: And then brunch at Beauty’s! Beauty’s restaurant (No. I don’t know) You don’t know Beauty’s restaurant? (No) Um, uh it’s toward McGill. Anyway, Oh It’s just so many- so much of this.


Fukuoka is know for ramen, Montreal is known for bagels, what other foods do you connect with what cities?

Have you ever had a Montreal bagel?

We don’t have any pointers for this conversation, but if you have a question, please ask in the ‘Comments’ below. We might use your question as the base for a future pointer.

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José Domingo Cruz


Vancouver, British Columbia

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Andrew Zitzmann


Montréal, Québec


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