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Trump & the World

Jan 26, 2019Accents, Articles, Canadian, Romanian, World News

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What do you think of Donald Trump?


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José Cruz: This is traitorous behaviour. And and it’s not only that. It’s not only like you know, traitorous behaviour by a con man who got himself into a position of power against the will of an intelligent electorate. (Mm) This is an electorate that not only got fooled, but likes being fooled. (Ah) So what does that say socially, socio-politically uh about what America will be even after Trump is removed.

Ruxandra Duță: Yes. That is very true. That’s what I actually think about. What about the next president? OK so we’ve had Trump for what is it- four or five years? Four years? (Two) It went- Oh no we’ve had him for two years and we’re going to have him for two more years…

José: Oh you mean like (I guess like) uh uh the process to (Yeah) lead the election and everything.

Ruxy: Yeah with the election and everything, so.

José: Oh well OK, as a North American I’ve had to deal with his slimy presence for the past 30 years, but…

Ruxy: So, I mean, in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe, America is so far away politically and everything that anything that happens there doesn’t really affect us that much. (Really) And I mean of course, we have a lot of trade deals with America and everything, but ultimately at the end of the day when you draw the line, it doesn’t really matter who’s president for small countries in Eastern Europe.

José: Romanians would care more about what happens in France and Germany; but not (Definitely) America.

Ruxy: Definitely. Because there are- not a thousand. There’s almost if not a million Romanians live in Germany, they’re working in Germany. So for them what happens in Germany is more close to home than what happens in America. And same with France, UK, Italy, Spain. So countries that are closer to home those are the ones that we are actually more interested in than America. Even though America is one of the big superpowers of the world and they control, I mean they used to control pretty much everything. Now there’s a bit of a question mark about that but I would say that Romanians generally are a bit more Eurocentric.

José: I guess that shows my bias as a Canadian, uh for wanting to always think too much and worry too much about American politics. We live next door.

Ruxy: That’s the thing.

José: Anything that happens in America affects us deeply. But it’s also too- Like, I tell myself, well, you shouldn’t be so biased. However, this is a guy with his button on a nuclear trigger.

Ruxy: That is a big problem. And that is what everybody is thinking about. The fact that he is the one that can push the big red button, and then you don’t know what happens.

José: And it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just Putin and Trump holding nuclear triggers (Exactly) Because you you- it’s almost a good thing about this collusion.

Ruxy: It’s just the two of them. Just like these little boys playing with their very deadly toys.


Is nuclear war still a present danger?

Do you think you are an intelligent voter?

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José Domingo Cruz


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