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Flying Yoga

Dec 2, 2018Canadian, Female, Japanese, Life&Food, Sports

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José Cruz: Um you’re a yoga teacher? (Yes) You do something called “flying” yoga where people (Right) hang from ropes and and pieces of cloth (Ha- Yes hammocks) And that is part- My sister does “hot” yoga or Bikram yoga. (Mm hmm) And that- it’s thing is – the idea that you’re doing it in a 40 degree steamy room (Right) so it really loosens you up, limbers you up. So what’s the advantage of flying yoga?

Kanna Kai Jones: Flying yoga we use the “silk” we call it. It’s not a real silk. But we just say it’s silk. Um literally hammockKanna should have said “a hammock” (0:31) hanging-

José: Yeah (Yeah) looks like a hammock.

Kanna: You’re hanging (Yeah yeah) You’re hanging from the ceiling. And uh we-we we make poses as yoga, you know all the yoga poses. But um we use the silk to support ourselves. Um sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s more stable. But sometimes more challenging becau-because ofKanna didn’t need to say “of” (0:55) the silk is moving. It’s not a steady bar. So um, depends on the pose. Um depends on the the poses we um challenge ourselves or modify a little bit of um poses. And the best part of this is um hanging upside down to lengthen the um spine so that the compressed- the the vertebrae (Yeah) decompress. (Sure)

José: There’s um, there’s machines- they’re like (Yeah yeah yeah) big things that you can turn yourself upside down and that’s their whole (At the chiropractor) Yeah yeah. Chiropractors do that too. Um where did the idea start? (In New York) In New YorkIt is a good conversation tactic (Active Listening) to sometimes repeat what your partner said. It shows good listening skills and empathy. (1:40)?

Kanna: Yes. The one person um started with the, uh- I think he’s- he was he was a dancer, he was a dancer and a yoga teacher, I think.

José: It didn’t start in India. (No) So I thought maybe it’s an old idea from India. (No) In this case it’s been reverse imported (Yeah yeah yeah) from New York.

Kanna: They probably inver- imported from New York. (Huhh cool) Ha ha.

José: Um and so the best part of it is just like it stretches out parts of your body that wouldn’t normally get stretched out then.

Kanna: Mm. (OK) I- I had a back issue. Especially I had a um a sacroiliacKanna mistook the pronunciation of this word (2:20) joint uh uh shifted a little bit. (OK) And because of this pose is hanging down hanging upside down from the silk while were doing it, making the yoga poses, um it it fixed it. (Wow) Yeah so instead of paying a lot of money to chiropractor“chiropractor” needs the article “a” (2:40) to hang on that upside-down machine we used the sen- simple silk from the ceiling and then we…

José: You hung upside down. (Exactly) Oh man that’s so cool. Uh I’ve always wanted to try- um, well I don’t know. Uh I asked my sister where I should start with yoga and she said, “Well, why don’t you just join a yoga class?” (Mm hmm) And then I tell her, “You’re not going to find a lot of yoga classes around this part of townJosé is making a joke about living in a rural area of Japan (3:08). (Ha ha)


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