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Studying with Netflix

Jan 12, 2020Accents, Articles, Canadian, Chinese, Education, Female, Japanese, Life&Food

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Ayumi Aikawa: There’s another things I wanted to ask you (Sure) and I wanted to discuss with you. (Now) I- Yeah just a little bit. (OK sure yeah) Just a little bit. I just- you know, I just wondering why Japan, you know between Japan and United States (Ah) There’s just- they say- they say they have a very good like relationship all the time and- but even in Philippine they all- you know the- on the TV, all they- they all- they have uh, you know, they have English TV programs (Right) all the time, right? (Right) But in Japan you want to see it, you have to like uh, search it on internet…

José Cruz: Uh huh. Uh huh (Only) right. Oh you mean English programming? (Mm) Uh huh. (Right) Why is that? (Why) Japanese people don’t want to learn how to speak English. Ha ha, I- if you want to make it really really simple. Now, as to the reason why Japanese people don’t want (Mm hmm) to learn how to speak English, (Mm hmm) that has a lot of deep meaning to it.

Ayumi: Because I- I did try um, so many times to to- to find uh, you know the the…

José: Do you- you- Sorry just to answer (Mm hmm) your question, Before I forget, because I might forget. (Mm hmm) You should get Netflix. Do you have Netflix?

Ayumi: Netflix, I- I uh, have Amazon Prime.

José: Netflix is better for children. (Really) Well Amazon Prime has some um um, animé (Mm hm) and uh, American cartoons, Japanese anime and American cartoons (Mm hm). The problem with Amazon Prime (Mm hm) is that you- you cannot control- OK, uh I’ll explain. Amazon Prime has two- if it’s an American movie there are (Mm hm) two versions. (Mm) There’s the dubbed version (Mm hm) where everybody’s speaking Japanese (Mm hm) even though they’re all- you know it’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but they’re (Right right) speaking Japanese, and and then there’s the subtitled version. (Mm) Those are the only two versions that (Right yeah) you can get. Netflix, (Mm hm) you can control that (Really) like a DVD. If you want only the Japanese on (Mm hm) subtitles, and you want people speaking Japanese you control that. (Wow) If you want the English subtitles, not the Japanese ones, the English subtitles… (I want it) Then you want Netflix. (Yeah) And especially for the new Netflix animé (Mm hm) because they make a lot of animé (Mm hm) They redid- I really like the new Netflix Ultraman (Mm hm) because it’s really cool (Yeah yeah) because it’s an animé and it’s so- so it’s different (Mm hmm) from like, the old Ultraman but I use it to study Japanese (Mm hmm) So I watched it in English, then I would choose one section where peop- not, not a lot of fighting (Mm hmm) but a lot of people talking, (Mm hmm) or I want to hear that word in Japanese, I switch the subtitles and I switch the language right there.

Ayumi: Yeah I wanted to do- I wanted to switch…

José: I can even show you here.

Ayumi: Yeah switch the the subtitle to English, but their- Amazon Prime only have have you know Japanese subtitle. (Right right right) They speak English (Yeah) with Japanese subtitle.

José: And you’ve got to completely change the show (Mm mm) and then you’ve got to find that spot. (Right) With Netflix you just- well especially on my appleTV (Mm hmm) there’s just a few buttons to push (Mm hmm) go back 30 seconds and it’ll (Mm hmm) do it again (I see) go back 30 seconds and it’ll do it again. Netflix is way better (Wow) And it does that- well OK- some very old Japanese animé (Mm hm) especially for children, doesn’t have any English content (Mm hm) But that’s because it’s very old uh (Mm hm) and it just doesn’t have it. (Mm hm) But especially for the new stuff and ones for like- this like actually this Ultraman is not really for little children, (Mm) but they make stuff for little children too, and all of it’s in other- And there’s Chinese. (Ah yeah) If you wanted to teach Chinese I think that Ultraman has Chinese. So, Netflix.

Ayumi: So you- we can switch. Wow. that’s amazing.


What new technology do you think will make language study better?

Can you think of any disadvantages to studying English from TV shows?

Ayumi is good at using the filler phrase ”you know” to help maintain her fluency. She also often uses word repeats to maintain her word speed. To improve her overall English it would be a good idea to use them less but not if it costs her too much of a sharp drop in fluency.

Also, Ayumi displays good skill in using phrases that show her active listening such as, “Mm hm, right, yeah”

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Thibault Penin

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Ayumi Aikawa


Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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José Domingo Cruz


Vancouver, British Columbia


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  1. Hello Mr.Chris! I’m Moeto Nakamura.I will answer the question from now.
    (What new technology do you think will make language study better?)
    Answer :I think many students should meet a lot of foreigners.
    (Can you think of any disadvantages to studying English from TV shows?)
    Answer:Studying English from TV shows only watches,so I think we can’t continue to study English.

  2. I think studying with Netflix is good way of study, too. I sometimes watch foreign movies with Netflix. Watching movies is very interesting, but I am often surprised at the speed of speaking English. It’s far faster than my English speaking in English classes, but as I watch some movies, I feel I become able to understand what the actors say little by little. Mr.Cruz said that using Netflix, we can control the version like a DVD. I think that is very important function. If I use only English subtitles, it becomes easy to understand what the acters say and I can know new words, idioms, and how to use words. If I use only Japanese subtitles, I can listen to what words the actors use. Using two tipes subtitles, I can have two tipes way of study. The chance of listening to native English in English classes is limited, so I want to use these contents more. I am studying not only English, but also Chinese and Korean. When I study them, I want to also use this way of study. I think studying with Netflix is good way of study. It is very useful for getting used to listening the language.

  3. I was surprised that Netflix is good for learning English. Before I listen, I think Netflix exists only for entertainment. However, I noticed we can use it for learning some languages you want to speak. You can also learn English with enjoying movie in this way. Because we can control subtitles and dubbing as you want. You get meaning what he or she said with following subtitles at first, gradually you will get used to listening language which you want to speak. Not only this reasons, we can also learn right pronunciation and grammar. These are necessary for speaking. So, we should analyze in detail pronunciation and grammar with what he or she says. On the other hand, what you have to be careful is that Netflix is only watching. We need to have conversation with awareness what you have learned from Netflix subtitled or dubbed. The other thing you need is to find someone to have conversation with enthusiasm. To sum up, using only Netflix is not enough to learn other languages. We need to study English with speaking, so it is wrong we rely on Netflix at all. Netflix helps us become bilingual or trilingual, if we get serious in studies.

  4. I like to watch movies. I watch them on Amazon Prime. However, I am frustrated by the fact that I cannot watch them in English with English subtitles. I was surprised to learn that we can control them like DVD on Netflix. I think it is good thing that my hobby of watching movies helps me to learn English and other languages. However I think Netflix is bit expensive for me.

  5. I think watching untranslated movie is good for studying English too, Because I sometimes watch English movies on YouTube to improve my English skills. By doing this, I think my English skills are improved little bit. On YouTube, there are many kind of
    videos. I recommend you to watch Vlogs. Vlogs show people’s lives. So we can get to know foreign cultures and English skills.

  6. As a teacher spoke it, I think that Netflix is suitable for foreign language education, too. Because I can hear English of various situation while seeing subtitles, I think that it is more practical than a class.
    However, we Japanese is inexperienced in watching TV while seeing subtitles. Because there are a language being totally different from the north in the south and a minority race majority in China, it is the culture that it is natural that touches subtitles in TV and the video. It thinks that this is because there is a custom to watch in subtitles that a Chinese English learner and a Japanese learner are excellent without watching a dubbing edition. I do not know whether the culture of subtitles is in the United States and Europe, may there be some kind of measures as the race that is at least various than Japan exists?
    If only Netflix had been around since I was a little girl and I had been exposed to diverse cultures If I hadn’t, my foreign language skills would have been even better than they are now.
    Incidentally, the Coronavirus has caused a significant increase in Netflix subscribers. I’ve signed up and have already watched a few movies.

  7. I like to watch English movies with Japanese subtitles. However, watching a movie with subtitles makes me tired. My ideal is to watch a movie with subtitles in a state where I know the story. But it’s too expensive to watch the same movie twice in a movie theater. When it’s on TV, we can only watch dubbed movies. So, I think it is good way to study at Netflix. Netflix is a flat-rate system. In addition, it has three pricing plans, and we can choose the plan that suits us. There is another good point. It is that there are two types of subtitles. You can imitate the words of the characters and learn how to express by using English subtitles. On the other hand, by using Japanese subtitles, you can learn beautiful Japanese translation and see the atmosphere of the area where the movie was made. You may also be able to be interested in foreign cultures by taking this opportunity. I want to learn using Netflix even when I have time.

  8. I think that it is a good idea studying with Netflix too. If I use Netflix when I study English, I will feel fun to study English because I really like watching dramas, movies and anime. Enjoyment can be motivation to study English and keep it. I have amazon prime but it doesn’t have a lot of American programs and English subtitles. Studying with Netflix will help to extend vocabulary and listening skills. We can be used to listening English spoken by native speakers. It is also useful to practice native pronunciation. And we can use it to study not only English but also other languages. I’m a student of Chinese department. I don’t know whether Netflix has Chinese subtitles and speaking in Chinese version. If it has, I can use it to study Chinese because we can change subtitles.
    The function for going back is also helpful for English learner because they can go back many times and practice English phrases again and again.
    I really want to be a good English speaker. I will use Netflix for studying English!!

  9. I have never used Amazon Prime, so I didn’t know that if we want to watch an anime on Amazon Prime, we can only choose two versions. Actually I am a member of Netflix, and I am totally agree with Jose‘s opinion. When I want to expose myself to English, I always watch American dramas, animes and movies on Netflix. And I have same reason why I choose Netflix. I watch them with speaking English and English subtitles. When the drama that I want to watch doesn’t have English subtitle, I watch them with Japanese subtitle, but I know that it isn’t good (or enough) for learning English. Because I read Japanese subtitle. By the experience I found that if I want to learn English by watching dramas or animes, we should watch them with English subtitles and speaking English. I think my English skills (especially listening skill) is getting better because of watching on Netflix. I hope that every drama (even if it is Korean or Indian dramas or movies) will have English subtitles., because if so, I can get more chance to learn English. I want to share this fact with my friends and continue to watch dramas, animes and movies in English on Netflix. And I hope my English skill improves more.

  10. I did not know that if I watch something with Netflix, I can change the language and subtitles. This is because I usually use Amazon Prime when I watch videos. But I always thought “if I could switch the language and subtitles to what I want, it would be better”. I sometime watch Chinese movies or dramas because I am a student who do major Chinese. I should have watched videos or movies with Netflix. I heard if people want to learn and develop languages, we should speak, talk and dramas whose language is what we want. But I realize that we cannot develop our language skills just by watching dramas. The best way to develop our language skills is to try to understand what people in the dramas are saying by watching the subtitles whose language is native language. So, what I want to say is watching videos to study languages is very important. However just watching videos may not make our language skills develop, so the better way is watching them with subtitles. By doing this, our language skills definitely improve more.

  11. Hello, Mr.José Cruz. My name is Reto Sakai. My first name is Reto. My family name is Sakai. My student number is 2019221075.
    I have Netflix. I call this “Netofuri”. This way of calling is easy to say.
    So, I and my friends often call “Netofuri”. I often see Netflix when I don’t have many time. The most interesting foreign TV drama is “Prison break” what I have seen. When I see “Prison break”, I saw this in Japanese. But I already know that Netflix can switch subtitle. That is great function. I have seen Netflix in my hobby, so I was not interested in that function of switch subtitle. However, that function is beneficial for many people who want to study English and Korean, Chinese and so on. I often hear that We can’t learn English without listening many English. Even so, We don’t want to listen many English. But when we see movie and Tv drama, we listen many English oneself. So, I think Netflix is great for study text. In edition, as José cruz say that Ultraman has one said for study, so I want to see Ultraman to study.
    Thank you.

  12. Until now, I think that the Internet is the thing that we use for play. But, I listen to the discussion and I think that it is very useful for us to study foreign language. And I think that Netflix is very useful too. Because if we use Netflix, we can enjoy learning foreign language. Why can we enjoy leaning? This is because we can enjoy learning foreign language through our favorite anime, drama and so on. If we think that learning foreign language is study, most of us lose interest that learning it. So, if we learn foreign language through anime and drama, we can be interested in learning it. By the way, why is it important to learn various languages? I think that the globalization is advancing. There will be a lot of occasions that we talk with foreign people. If we learn various languages, we can talk with a lot of foreign people. So, we can know other countries culture and we can tell them our country’s culture and we can tell them our country’s culture. I think that the globalization is advancing more and more. I learn various foreign languages too and I want to know about various cultures. I will tell the world our country’s culture.

  13. I am surprised because I have not known Netflix is good for study English. I think Netflix is convenient. Because almost Japanese people don’t want to study English ordinary study. Ordinary studies are writing and reading. It is very annoying. Watching movie, anime and drama is exciting, so we can continue to study English. The most important thing study English is continuing. Using Netflix is enjoy to continuing study English. My friend good at English said me “when I was a child, I watched foreign film with English subtitling. So I am used to hearing and reading English”. So I can understand Cruz’s opinion. Recently, I watched Thailand’s drama on youtube, I watched that with Japanese subtitling. But some of episodes don’t have Japanese subtitling so I watched that with English subtitling. At first I can’t concentrate Video footage. Gradually I can just a little be used to English subtitling.
    From this using Netflix is very convenient for study not only English but also another language.
    I want another streaming service to make many language subtitling, we can study many language.

  14. I am a member of Amazon Prime Video. Recently, I had an opportunity to watch some foreign movie in a constitutional class. And I used Amazon Prime Video to watch some foreign movie. That was tha first time I saw some foreign movie on Amazon Prime Video. At that time, I did not intend to study English, so I did not think about anything in particular. But when I read this article, I felt very much sympathized with it. If I want to study English by watching foreign movies, it would be inconvenient for me not to be able to translate both subtitles and sounds into English. So I think Netflix may be more usefull when studying languages than Amazon Prime Video.

  15. I’m really surprised with these functions in Netflix.
    When I have free time, I watch foreign movies just for fun and I try to watch them in English with Japanese subtitles as long as I can. But Netflix has great functions that we can control subtitle versions. I felt it’s the best way for English learners.
    Mr. cruz says Netflix is better for children, I completely agree with him! I think the most reasons why Japanese people are regarded have low English ability is lack of interest in learning English. On that point, Netflix will be good for children. They can learn English with fun! In my opinion, schools should use it effectively for education. For example, teachers make children watch an anime or something else in English in Netflix as an English assignment or sometimes do the same thing in English class. If this is done, children can enjoy studying English without being bored with learning. Moreover, I think Netflix give us possibilities. Because of preventing the spread of infection, we’re now forced to stay at home, so it’s hard to hear living English. But Netflix can solve this problem.

  16. I think it’s very good to study using Netflix, too. There are two reasons why I think so.

    The first reason is that you can enjoy learning. When I study, I get bored in the middle.

    However, by studying using Netflix, I think it will be possible to enjoy studying until the end.

    The second reason is that can learn English more easily. If you normally study English, you

    have to look at your vocabulary book and learn your own reference books. If that is the

    case, it will be difficult to notice even if you remember the wrong pronunciation or meaning.

    However, if you use Netflix and study English, watching an English movie will also help you

    learn the correct pronunciation and meaning. For these reasons, I think it’s very good to

    study using Netflix.

  17. I am surprised that we can control the subtitles on Netflix . Because I usually watch movies by Amazon Prime . So I have never controled it . And I listened the discussion , I was able to know that Netflix is good for studying languages . It has two good points .
    First of all , we can learn languages by using Netflix with fun . Rather than learning lamguages normally , watching a movie keeps us not tired and makes fun . I think it is important to have fun learning .
    Second , we can control subtitles on Netflix , so we can learn languages with watching and listening a movie and subtitles . That is to say , we can learn languages efficiently not only by watching movies but also by watching subtitles together .
    In summary , it turns out that the bebefits of using Netflix in this way are more than using Amazon Prime . So , I used to watch movies with dubbing and Japanese subtitles until now , but from now on I’m thinking of watching movies with English subtitles by using Netflix .

  18. I haven’t compared Netflix to Amazon Prime. I didn’t know that Netflix has such useful function. I like to watch foreign movies. When I was young, I watched them just to enjoy as entertainment. Now, I watch them to learn English or translation. Of course, I sometimes watch to see my favorite actor.
    I think that subtitles are very important to learn languages. I always watch movies with subtitles. I can use subtitles to train listening skill and to know how to translate English into Japanese.85 I’m interested in translation. If translator changes, the way of translation also changes. It’s very interesting. If I have time, I want to watch movies without subtitles and try to make my own subtitles. It takes long time, but I convinced that I can make it. It will be fun. Now I have neither Netflix and Amazon Prime, when I can get part time job, I signed up Netflix.69 I’m major in Chinese, so I can learn it as same as way of English.
    Even though there are variety of learning languages, It is better way to learn languages by using movies or anime than using textbooks.

  19. I think it is a good idea that study language by using Netflix. I was surprised people can learn languages with Netflix. When I watch movies, I often use Amazon Prime and I have never used Netflix, so I want to try Netflix someday. By using Netflix, people can learn languages while they enjoy watching movies. I think this is wonderful thing. Learning while have fun makes people easier to learn. Although people who are not good at English, they can learn English freely. Netflix makes English more friendly to people than before. I want many people who want to learn English to use Netflix and learn it with enjoyment.
    When I was a child, my mother showed me Disney animation movies such as “Dumbo” and “Beauty and the Beast” in English many times. I don’t really remember that, but I was good at English until I was a junior high school student. From this, I think watching movie in foreign languages is one of the best ways of studying languages. I don’t often watch movies, but I want to watch movies now. And I also want to watch movies in foreign language.

  20. I have tried to learn English from American TV shows and movies which broadcasted in Japan. I could control only voice, but I could not change subtitle to English. I wanted to know clearly what they were speaking because I couldn’t hear everything, however there only Japanese subtitle. I was shocked. I thought I could watch English movies, dramas or TV shows with English and English subtitle. When I stayed in Canada for studying abroad, I watched Indian comedy with English subtitle at my homestay house and in NETFLIX I watched Japanese drama with English subtitle or another language. For that reasons, I wonder why we can’t watch English movie with English subtitles. While I stayed in Canada, I watched many movies with host sisters. I think it helped to improve my English listening skill because I got higher score in listening test after backed to Japan. At the same time, I started to feel when watch dubbed movie because mouth movement doesn’t match their voice. In my high school, some students studied English from American TV shows and they wanted English subtitle. For these reasons, Japanese broadcaster should have English subtitle and broadcast more American cartoons or TV shows.

  21.  I think that enjoy studying is important. If we are not interested in a subject, we can not master it.
     When I was a elementary school student, I learned languages through singing songs, playing games, and communicate with others. Thanks to this experience, I was able to enjoy learning languages. To the contrary, it was a heavy strain to study only listen to lectures and taking notes. So I think that watching movies and studying languages is good idea.
    When I was a high school student, I studied English to pass the entrance examinations. I concentrated to solve question for written tests. Because a Japanese university entrance examination does not need speaking skills. So, I did not try improving my speaking skills. As a result, I am not good at speaking English. Then, I did not worry about it
    But, in this three months, I have to speak English many times more then ever before in this class. I inconvertible Japanese to English while talking well. I have to practice hard. I regret what I did not make effort to speak English until now.
    I did not know that we can control subtitle by using Netflix. I wanted to know it when I signed Netflix. If I sign again or rent DVD, I want to learn speaking skills while having fun.

  22. At first, I am surprised to find this article. But, by reading this article, I think that this way of studying is very good.
    I had imagination that streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime are contents just for fun. But, I knew we can use Netflix effectively for studying foreign languages. This way is good idea. I have some reasons that I think so.
    First, we can have fun by watching programs like anime and cartoons. Because they are story, and made for children, so children make sense and enjoy easily. Especially, Japanese anime is very high quality. So, I think that not only children but also adults can studying languages with enjoying.
    Second, we can review again and again. Because Netflix is streaming service, so if you want to watch the movie again, you can review it whenever and wherever by using only a device. And by switching languages Japanese to English or English to Japanese repeatedly, we can make studying more effectively.
    So, for these reasons, I think that studying with Netflix is good way. I want to study English by using this way of studying.

  23. I think that watching the English program is one of the most effective ways of leaning English for me, because I like Korean idols and Korean programs and I leaned Korean when I watched that. Moreover, I learned famous Korean such us ‘사랑해’ is ‘I love you’ and ‘감사 합니다’ is ‘thank you’. So, I want to watch many American programs. But, I have to learn and understand words, sentences and conversation of English because I can’t understand that content when I watched that and I think that translation do not effective about learning English. This is because now I study English very hard in classes at the University of Kitakyushu and my home. Now, I have ‘Hulu’ and do not have ‘Netflix’. Actually, I often watch many Japan programs on ‘Hulu’ and see many American programs such us movies. So, I want to have ‘Netflix’ and watch many American programs. However, ‘Netflix’ and ‘Hulu’ need money. Therefore, I must have part-time jobs and work at there and save money before I make a contract of ‘Netflix’.

  24. I am a member of Netflix and Amazon Prime. I never used them as methods for studying English. But, after reading this article, I notice that these media is good method for learning English. But yet most people are not aware of it. If you know it, it may be a source of leap in Japanese English ability. I think that these things should spread from the media side. For example, the media which are Netflix and Amazon Prime advertise themselves that Netflix and Amazon Prime can also be used as an English teaching material. I often watch foreign movies and dramas with Japanese subtitles on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and sometimes I hum English. Such acts may improve English ability.
    English is important in the world, so it is important to improve your English ability. So, Netflix may change Japan.

  25. I have Netflix. But I do not think that Netflix is a way to study English. And my friends who have Netflix do not use it to study English. I know I should study English. But I am not motivated to study English. My friends or many students in Japan think so too. Watching programs in Netflix is fan for me. So I can be enjoy studying English by Netflix. If this way was effective, speaking skill of English in Japan is more well. I think hearing of talking of English that is natural and speedy is more effective than studying English with many textbooks. Finding many ways of how to study English is important. But these ways should be something fun for students. Because if its were not, its same conventional study methods and English skill may not be well. I think if Japanese government want to change English skill, they should make major reforms of way of studying English. Netflix may change Japan. I will use Netflix that is a tool of studying English. I think we use this way for other language.

  26. I think it is very good idea for us to study language by using Netflix.
    I do not usually use Netflix. So, I did not know its subtitle function. Therefor first I think we can not learn language. But I want to study language by using Netflix after seeing this article.
    It is because we can enjoy studying language. If I study by looking books, I may be frustrated. But if I can enjoy studying, I think I am not frustrated.
    Also, Netflix has three price plans. So, we can choose a plan that suits us.
    Next, we can hear English of various situation while seeing subtitles. So, we can understand in detail as if we were abroad.
    But I think that it is bad to study only with Netflix. The reason is that it is important to actually write and speak. Writing speaking are very helpful when we go to abroad. For example, when we talk with foreign people, we have to speak English. Also, when we write words in foreign country, we have to remember English words.
    So I think we need to study by looking Netflix and practice writing and speaking.

  27. I also hate studying English. I have Netflix. It is also used by my family and friends. I often watch Netflix. I often watch foreign movies on Netflix. I also have Amazon Prime. My favorite movie is “Wild Speed”. When I watch foreign movies, I prefer subtitles rather than dubbing. I enjoy the sense of presence by watching with subtitles. I always try to watch in subtitles and sometimes listen carefully to English.
    I often watch movie on Netflix, but I do not know that Netflix can switch subtitle. Netflix has a lot of great functions. I think that studying with Netflix is a very good idea. Watching foreign movies help improve my English. I can enjoy studying English, because I watch movie, anime or drama.
    In addition to English, I will also learn Korean and Chinese. I try to watch other language movies. I think that Netflix will improve my listening and speaking skills. I can learn translation from Japanese subtitles. I’m able to speak smoothly by listening to a lot of English. I want to watch “Ultraman”.
    Netflix is one of the most useful tools. I hope my English skill improves more.

  28. I have already bought the DVD player and Back to the future DVD with what little money I had to study English, because I heard that studying English with movie is the shortcut to improving English. But, I regret it. I should have joined Netflix! I didn’t know that Netflix has such a function. If I had know that before I bought DVD player and DVD,I would have joined Netflix. I keenly realize how important it is to investigate well. I decide sell my DVD player and BTTF DVD on Mercari and join Netflix now. I investigated about Netflix little just now and I knew that Netflix users can watch countless movies including BTTF. I will start English learning with Netflix from tomorrow. I’m famous for my swift ability to make decesion around me. My friends always say me ‘ Don’t jump to conclusion’, but I don’t know the meaning of ‘jump to conclusion’, so I will study English on Netflix and understand the meaning. My wonderful English life will start from tomorrow by Netflix.Lastly,Let me say a few words of thanks.Thank you for give me a information of Netflix. I can start wonderful English life because of this article.

  29. I think it is so good for us to study English with Netflix. I don’t have Netflix. But, I’m interested in it. The reason stems from my favorite American movie “Forrest Gump”. I watched this movie in junior high school student. My father’s favorite caused my favorite it. I watched this movie with subtitles at first. I felt this movie is very fun! Then, I watched it with dubbed Japanese version. But, it wasn’t powerful at all. I think that if you want to feel the tension in the scene of the movie, we should understand the language of the country where the movie was made. I felt when I listened to this chat, it was very efficient for us to study English with Netflix. We have fewer opportunity to listen to English in our life. Therefore, I think it is wonderful for us to be able to learn English by watching movies. So, I want to learn English and other languages. But, I think we can not learn to speak only listening to languages. So, I’ll be careful to use other languages in my daily life. I want to enjoy other languages more.

  30. First, I can’t understand studying with Netflix because it is just an entertainment. The paper often says negative opinions that some researchers study it, for example, how does it affect us and what does it change our life. However, this article says that studying with Netflix has a lot of good points rather than bad points. It makes me surprised very much. I don’t know Netflix much because I don’t have used such service that we can enjoy watching various anime and movies. But I can understand that Netflix is better than else service for children as I can know these opinions. I think that the idea about studying with Netflix is revolutionary opinions. Of course, some people have negative opinions as mentioned above, but this means is one of the ways, too. Netflix is very familiar to today’s children and people and very convenience. Therefore, we can easily study with Netflix. Maybe, I think that it is not enough with only Netflix, so I consider it one of the ways to study if I use it. I think that we have to remember this truth. In addition, I want to study with Netflix and wonder that it use else.

  31. It is good that you learn English with NETFLIX. I have watched movies with Amazon prime until now. And when I watched foreign films to study English, I selected the version that they speak English with Japanese subtitled. I comprehend the movie with English first but I only watch the Japanese subtitles last because their talk is so fast. So NETFLIX’ system that you can switch version and control time is better than Amazon prime. I think that Movies, books and TV programs are good for studying English.

  32. There are some reasons. First, you can enjoy to study English with its. Second, you can also study abroad culture and know conversation in native.

  33. It is useful when you go abroad. Third, you can understand essential more. I like watching foreign films. If I watch foreign films in English, watching movie is more fan than then. I will subscribe Netflix.

  34. I also sign up Netflix and I always use it for watching Japanese movies and foreign ones. However, I have not thought that watching movies with Netflix is one way of studying English or other languages because any movies are only for entertainment, so I am not usually seriously when I watch movie with Netflix. So, I was surprised that Netflix is good for our learning English.
    Surely most of Japanese students have few opportunities for listening English by native English speaker, so watching English movies is good opportunities for our learning. Also, we can learn English while having fun. As a result, our grades of English may improve.
    However, English words in foreign movies is too difficult to listen for me. Originally, it was created for native English speaker, so I do not think that Watching native movies is good for my studying English, but it is efficiently according to the term. That is remember English words firstly and used to listen easier English than one in English movies. Gradually get used to difficult English, then we should study English with Netflix or something to watch.
    I agree with the opinion watching English movies is good for studying English, so I try to study English hard by its way.

  35. The difference of Netflix and Amazon prime is speech function of American movie. Amazon prime is two versions. There is the dubbed version where everybody is speaking Japanese, but they are speaking Japanese, and then there is the subtitled version. Those are the only two versions that you can get. Next, Netflix, if you want only the Japanese on subtitles, and you want people speaking you control that. If you want the English subtitles, not the Japanese ones, the English subtitles. Then you should use Netflix. And with Netflix you just-well especially on my appleTV there is just a few buttons to push go back 30 seconds and it will do in again go back 30 seconds and it will do it again, and all of it’s in other-And there is Chinese. So, Netflix is way better. I think that watching America movie is good method to study English. This is because we can know real speaking word using in fact. And if we get used to hearing English, we should hear Western music. By doing so, it easy for us to hear English.

  36. I think

  37. I was surprised to learn English with Netflix. Because I thought English was learning. Until now, I’ve been forced to do so, and have been asked a CD that I don’t want to hear. I think learning English with Netflix is a lot of fun. I was watching a movie on Amazon Prime and decided to join Netflix. This is a radically different method from the traditional way of learning English. From now on, I will watch movies I want to watch with subtitles. We devote our time to the learning of English every day. If I have a child, I’ll show Netflix from an early age. I think that English education will change in the future. Various things have changed in the information society. Therefore, we will consider a learning method suitable for the times. Thank you very much.

  38. I have Amazon-prime, and this can watch various movies, anime, variety and so on with my smartphone or PC.

  39. When we want to learn how to speak English in Japan, I thought that we should choose how to suit each.
    In the case of that I learn that, I think Netflix is suitable for me.
    What impressed me is that we can control that like a DVD. If we want only the Japanese on subtitles, or people speaking Japanese we can control that. We can choose the language that we want. And especially for the new Netflix anime because they make a lot of anime they redid.
    And some of their anime have section not a lot of fighting but a lot of people talking, or for example, If we want to hear that word in Japanese, we can switch the subtitles and the language right there.
    However, many internet sites and TV and so on including Amazon Prime and Apple TV have its own strengths.
    Finally, through that conversation, I also thought that If we can’t master it, no matter how good it is, it’s wasted.

  40. I also think that Netflix is useful for study English. This is because English in America movies is practical. Sentence in textbook is formal. I think that this English isn’t useful to talk. I think that Netflix has three good points for study English.
    First, Netflix is fun. Netflix has many movies and drama and anime. Netflix may have your favorite things and you can watch many movies at same charges. Netflix is subscribe.
    Second, you can watch Netflix on your TV or iPhone or android or PC so each member in your family can watch favorite Netflix’s works on each terminal. This point is useful. There are not your family fight by this point.
    Third, we can watch movies on smartphone on outside in the near future. This is because government is spreading 5G now. 5G is very convenient. Watching movies is going to be comfortable in 5G.
    However, Netflix has a negative point. It is that if you can’t read English, you can’t study English on Netflix. Therefore super beginner shouldn’t use Netflix in learning English. Without meaning of English words and basic grammar, we can’t study English on Netflix. However, Netflix must be useful on learning English so I will use Netflix on learning English.


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