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After Helsinki

Apr 28, 2019Accents, American, Articles, Canadian, World News

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B.B. McCall: Go for it. Yes.

José Cruz: No, I’ll just let you go for it, because if I start going for it. I’m going to take up all 15 or 20 minutes. (Aah) Um so…

B.B.: By Trump saying that he trusts Russia is, you wouldn’t trust your rival with your your own game book or your own game plan. Why would you even acknowledge that? You would say, ah- you ju- best thing to do would say, thank you for your suggestion. And then move on.

José: Yeah you’re diplomatic, you’re civil, but you don’t say, well I believe him, (Yeah) why don’t you? (Exactly) Oh no I’m sorry, why do you? Oh no wait, why don’t you? (Don’t you) Um, I think uh I need to look beyond this though because like this is just you know um scandalous move of the day. Uh tomorrow he’ll do something else to like shock you and think, how much lower can we go? We can’t go any lower than this. Oh yes we can. You wait ’til tomorrow. Um it’s the idea that uh his base- his poll numbers are as high as they’ve ever been apparently. (Mm) They’re at 47-45% Which- which is a good sign because that means it’s still 54 to- 55 to 60% of America still thinks this is a raving idiot. (Yeah) But 45% of America still defends him thinks that he’s doing the right thing. How do you move forward? Because even if you impeach this guy, his base is still going to believe. Because they believe Trump when they- when he says, well you know, I backtracked, and um, and I’m putting the screws to Putin now. And they go, well if he says that he’s doing it then he’s doing it. Even if he’s impeached, he’s removed how do you move forward in your country with an electorate that is made up of half- half of the electorate is made up of people that believe him when he says stuff like that?

B.B.: Ooh. That’s a tricky one. The first thing is you you’ve got to get people to start compromising on things because like, Trump’s side, even as Trump is considered as- by a few people by- as an embarrassment. They’ve all coalesced around him. They- even if they don’t like him, they’re not going to say anything that they don’t like about him. Where on the other side you have- everybody’s just going after each other’s throats. There’s no consensus on the left. And there’s no- while there is a quiet consensus or quiet indifference on the right. (Mm) So Trump can be an- he is kind of handling himself kind of like an idiot but that’s part of- I think part of his strategy. It’s ju- just to do something random every week so you’re talking about him while you’re not looking at some of the real issues that are actually worried. You should be worried about like the whole separation of parents- or or- parents…

José: Children (Children and pa-) Parents and families. Families.

B.B.: Families. That basically got everybody to stop talking about the Russia investigation. Now him talking about trusting Putin or trusting the Russian authorities, again doesn’t talk about the actual investigation. Now you have this Russian spy, or who’s per- who’s been allegedly arrested for being a spy again, everything’s going be focused on that person and not the actual Russia investigation. I think they’ve now shifted from Trump to Trump’s interpreter (Ha) to try to get her to speak about what was actually said.
José: She’ll never show up. McConnell and Ryan won’t allow that.

B.B.: Of course they won’t.


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  1. Domestic news is full of coronas, but we need to hear more international news. One of them is President Trump. His actions and ideas were reflected in the news as soon as he took office. However, there is news about “Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus” in Japan at present and little news in the United States. His words are quite childish compared to his predecessor, President Obama. The behavior that can be read from it is unknown. Japan depends on US defense. The situation in the United States determines the situation in Japan. The information antenna should be high.


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