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Mar 27, 2017Canadian, Entertainment

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Mike Berg: You’re a Bruce Cockburn fan?

José Cruz: Oh my God. Um, you obviously didn’t look through my collection because there’s like two main artists that are really well represented in my collection. One is Van Morrison and the other is Bruce Cockburn.

MIke: I’m a huge Bruce Cockburn fan.

José: Oh, you want toThis is an said very quickly as “WANNA.” (0:13) borrow any of my CDs you’re quite welcome to.

Mike: His Waiting for the-, Waiting for a Miracle (aha, great yeah) is one of my favourite, the double the double CD one (yup mm hmm), I can I can I could recite every word from every song off that…

José: I that’s one of my- yeah it’s all like uh, there’s a bunch of albums that I know all the lyrics to. But um, my favourite Bruce Cockburn album is actually Dancing in the Dragons Jaws.

Mike: Okay.

José: Do you know it?

Mike: Yeah yeah, I know yeah for sure.

José: That’s like that’s oh well, that’s that’sthat’s that’s…: José uses repeating to maintain his fluency while thinking of the next word. (0:42)– to me that’s his, that’s his what, his masterpiece. His his his um pièce de résistanceThis means an artist’s best work. (0:44).

Mike: Yeah yeah.

José: Um, just going back to Jimmy Buffet though. What what did you think of that song uh, besides the fact that it’s- this is a nice song. Like uh, what what do you what kind ofJosé says this so quickly it’s hard to understand. (0:55)– what did you think of the message?

Mike: Uh well yeah, I you know what really stood out is just the contrast between I suppose I suppose this video or slashWhen someone says the word “slash” between two words (eg, doctor-slash-athlete), it means that person is referring to characteristics that are both present but seem to be juxtaposed. (1:05) song. The contrast of being between kind of what I’ve been exposed to over the last I don’t know, social media era that we’ve been living into the last while (uh huh) right where everything has got to be flashy and bright and attention grabbing (Uh-huh) and extreme. (Uh-huh) It has to be somehow extreme to grab your attention somehow. Whereas, this this kind of stands out in the in the fact that it’s it’s so it’s… again he’s just singing about this guy the- here is his life. He went traveling, he had problems. He couldn’t – he was looking for answers. He couldn’t find the answers (Mm-hmm) and ended up getting married. You know life went on. Passed him by. He had a kid, the war happened, you know, a terrible thing, (Mm hmm) and now he’s uh now he gets drunk and still smiles back on his life and he’s a happy dude. I’m assuming- I’m assuming that’s what they meant by the bottle of uh what are they called?

José: Green Label. Green Label.

Mike: Green Label. Yeah yeah.

José: Yup. Yeah. Green label and um you know he’s he’s um he’s learned to accept all the crapThis means to deal with problems or issues. (1:57) that’s come his way.

Mike: Rightsaid to promote agreement in ideas between the speakers. (2:00)? And just still, if he likes you he’ll give ya you know- it’s kind of it’s almost, it’s almost he’s almost a guy you’ve you’ve met you know. He’s got a twinkle in his eye. (Mm-hmm) He’s been hard times, but he’s… you know. Like he’s you know. You can you can envision, I think I could I could probably envision this guy even if there wasn’t a a video to accompany it.

José: Oh, well the thing is about that video. That wasn’t actually the video that Jimmy Buffet made. It was just somebody that uh YouTube, somebody on YouTube put together.

Mike: Oh, I see.

José: There – at the time when Jimmy Buffet wrote this song which was like what mid 70s, late 70s. There were no such things as videos.

Mike: Yeah, no doubt eh. Yeah yeah.

José: You you go to bars. You go to clubs. If you’re lucky your your favourite artist happens to be able to sell out a larger venue and you go and you listen to the guy.

Mike: Yeah.


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Michael Berg


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Vancouver, British Columbia


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  1. I could understand a little contents of this story because I am not good at English ,but this story made me funny.
    I have loved music since I was very little. Especially, I like singing a song. So, I listened to a lot of songs and remember the words of songs. Now, my favorite artist in modern music is ONE OK ROCK. They are rock musicians. They are loved by not only Japanese people but also people of the world. I listen to their songs once a day because Their songs make me excited.
    Why don’t you listen to their songs?
    Nowadays, the number of devices which are able to receive musics on Internet has increased in the world. For example, smartphone, tabulet, PC and so on. Because music is diverse and are loved all generations, I think that it is very good to touch with music by using these devices. Music save us when we are disappointed,exhausted,angry,sad. I want everyone to seak for a favorite song. I hope that music will continue to help people.


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