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Goals & Dreams 2

Mar 20, 2017Canadian, Female, Life&Food

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Will your dream come true?


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Samantha Edwards: It’s you you- you know, as much as I’m grateful for all the things I have in my life I feel like I’m exactly in that position right now. And I’m- I’m preaching these words that I’m not really listening to (Hah!) because I have these things that I’ve wanted to do and I’ve had these goals and stuff and now I’m completely at a lull, where I’m like, “What am I doing next?” you know, and and, “Where do I want my life to be?” I’m not going back to dancing, You know I’m… so single. (Ha!) Um, you knowIn this case, Sam says “you know” to seek agreement or recognition about what she just said. Note the difference between this “you know” and the ones at 0:36 and 1:25 (0:29) and it’s like, what- “Well what do I actually want to do with my life?” And there’sSam should have said “there are” (0:32) different things I’ve been pondering around“pondering” doesn’t normally use “around” as a postposition (0:34) like, I’ve, you knowEnglish speakers use this phrase to give them a moment to organize their thoughts (0:36) I want to go down to Mexico and I want to spend a few months there and just work on myself, like I’ve really been in- looking into like jewelry design and stuff like that to kind of try my hand at making and and stuff and maybe apprenticing under somebody. But (Mm-hmm) I’m kind of just like (Mm-hmm) you know is that what I want to do for the rest of my life? I don’t want topronounced “WANNA” (0:50) be with somebody, you know I want to have a a child. Um I say that like that because I I don’t think I want a family. I don’t think I want a child with somebody. Um…José Cruz: I think um…

Sam: …at this point in my life.

José: …maybe I can give uh a little perspective on that. You know, when when I have to talk to students and they sometimes tell me, “I don’t really know what I want to do with my life, (Hmm) uh Mr. Cruz” and I say, “Well imagine the world the way that you want it to be.” So likeOften said at the start of a phrase to give speakers a moment to organize their thoughts (1:23) you were- you knowEnglish speakers use this phrase to give them a moment to organize their thoughts (1:25), you were telling me about dreams. Uh the difference between goals and dreams, and maybe move on to dreams. So OK, so dream big and think about what do you want the world to be? What what would like to change it into? The whole world I mean. (Mm-hmm) Not just you and what you know you like kind of, fidgeting with day-to-day, because that’s what I think you’re starting to realize. The fidgeting day-to-day with like you know, jewelry design or sitting at your sewing machine and having a wonderful happy moment because it makes you happy to make bandanas, um (Yeah) isn’t isn’t the ultimate dream because you haven’t figured out what it is that you want as your dream. And when kids are trying to figure out what they want to do in their dreams I tell them, what do you want the world to become? Do you want it to become more ecologically friendly? Do you want people to read more books? Uh do you want people to be healthier? Do you- do you think the whole idea of drinking water is important? Well you don’t actually have to go and dig the well, but try to figure out what it is you can do to help the world, in your own way, to move towards your dream.


Are you happy with your life these days?

Why do you think it is that many people’s dreams never come true? X

Sam and José are having a heartfelt conversation about dreams and goals and so often use phrases such as “you know” as they speak to help them gather their thoughts so they don’t have to stop.

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