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Dec 31, 2016Canadian, Female, Life&Food

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What’s your dream right now? Is it different from your current goal?


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Samantha Edwards: But if you’re not like, “you know what, I’m going to purchase my first house, I’m going buy, you know, a a car. I’m going to go on a trip, or I’m going topronounced “GUHNA” (0:08) save up my money to go down to New York and and be a writer or whatever it is that your your whole dream is you need to set that. And you need to continue setting it because you know whatan expression meaning “you should realize” (0:18), once you smash that first goal people get lazy. (Mm- Mm) “I’ve done it all. I’ve accomplished that.”

José Cruz: Hmm- Mm. you know that’s- oh that’s so true. that’s so true. (Yeah) After, I mean that’s me basically in in a way. Um I I achieved a lot of things that- early on when I was, you know even younger than you when I was about um 19 or 20 years old, I thought I want to do this and I want to do that, and then, little by little all of these things were- without even me really working hard at it uh, happened, and I thought, “oh ok well life’s always going to be like that. I’m always going to be able to achieve my goals” and I, and I stopped trying. And now I found myself- I find myself like in a, in a bit of a rut honestly, uh (Yeah) the last uh the last couple of- well maybe not couple of decades, but the last decade or so where like I’m going, “well yeah well OK so now what’s next?” And and I’m wondering what it is, because um I I didn’t make those goals. The goals that I did make came too easily maybe because I made such (Yeah) goals that were so easy to reach that didn’t take a lot of work, uh and and now I’m thinking, “OK. Well, what’s next?”

Sam: But maybe after, after you do goals maybe do dreams next. You know, what you truly want to do, not have in your life, but do in your life, because now you have everything you wanted. You know, you have the vehicle you want, you have the bike you want. You have your- your house and your happiness, and those sorts of things but maybe it’s it’s not about material objects now.

José: Well I think that’s easier for, you know I don’t want to say that it’s easier for you. I think um, don’t forget, I have a ten-year loan on this house so I still have to make sure my income is still good. I can’t just sort of like um, suddenly switch around and and go- go traveling as much as I really want to, I would love to mimic you, but I am kind of trying to find a way to make myself self-employed. And that’s what I’m trying to do with um, my um my internet ventures and and the websites that I’m working on. Trying to create this stuff that likea filler word with no particular meaning (2:19), I can work on anywhere and upload anywhere and actually the more I travel the better the quality of the material will be. (Yeah) And and maybe move over to that, because I can’t keep teaching forever, um. It’s nice but like um it’s starting to get a little bit boring.

Sam: Yeah. I hear youpronounced “YA” (2:37).

José: I want to go and do something else. You know.



How have your dreams changed over the years?

Have you ever had a dream that you thought you couldn’t make come true?

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  1. I have a dream. My dream is that I work at Hiroshima city and l marry by the age of thirty. I don’t decide the clearly job which I do in the future but I work at food companies. I make much money by myself and I want return to my home town when l have own family. My home town is countryside so there are not enough jobs. That is why l work at Hiroshima city and make much money. Finally l return to my home town. I want to study and hunting job now to l come true my dream.

  2. I was not good at setting a goal. My goal might be hard to accomplish for me. However, I realized that’s bad thing. I changed how to set my goal. I set a goal that is easy to accomplish. If the goal is too easy, it is not good. It is hard to set just the right goal, but it is good for me.

  3. Maybe I make a mistake in how to answer, sorry.
    I didn’t decided kind of jobs but I want to go big city and work hard. I don’t know why I want to go big city . But I think decided kind of works.

  4. In today’s discussion,I could notice that I have to do a lot of things to realize my dream, so I should try to achieve my goals. For instance, since my future dream is to be an English teacher, it is integral to improve my English skill. I want to make an effort in order to be an English teacher in the future.

  5. My dream is to be a flight attendant. I have longed to be a flight attendant since I was around elementary school student. I know that I have to take hard training to be a flight attendant, so I should be patiently. This is my goals.

  6. I wanted to be a architect, when l was 18 years old. The dream spring into my mind. However, I already decided enter a humanities. Furthermore, l like Japanese and history. I am poor Mathematics. I didn’t redy to be a architect. Now, my dream is to become a realtor.


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