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Learning to Exercise

Oct 27, 2019Accents, American, Articles, Canadian, Female, Life&Food, Sports

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José Cruz: Uh did you have any plans for this uh, long holiday?

Colleen Mathieu: I do not really have any plans. Uh, we have tennis planned a couple of days. And I think there’s maybe one barbecue and uh, I’ve just got lessons as usual with some of my private students.

José: I- I was kind of tempted to take you up on that tennis invite. (Yeah) Then I remembered, well OK, first I remembered I got a tennis racquet, and I’ve never once used it, so I thought, OK I might get a chance to use it. Then I remembered I don’t actually have any tennis shoes. All I have are like, you know, um running sho- like literally for running (Ah OK) like long distance running shoes but I don’t have any shoes to like jump around the court with.

Colleen: Uh, but actually so, I mean I just use regular running shoes anyway, because the courts are gravel, because they’re outside. So they’re um, over by uh the castle at Maezuru (Mm hmm) and so they’re just gravel courts, and uh, so regular shoes are fine.

José: Mm hmm. Uh is that your big like exercise thing, tennis? Or you do anything else?

Colleen: Um I actually I work out at home, I think you use the same one a lot of Fitness Blender videos. Um…

José: Oh that’s right, you use that too.

Colleen: I do. (Right) So I’ve actually gone and uh- Daniel and Kelly, I love them. So I’ve supported them and bought a couple of their workout things and (She’s hot) I actually plot their calendar things. Yeah.

José: She’s hot and I would like someday to be able to lift the same amounts that she does. (Ha ha) And I’m pretty sure that the numbers that it says, Daniel is using you know, like 40 pounds. I’m going, yeah you’re you’re just basically like, you’re not really lifting 40. If you were really exercising you’d be lifting like 80, right? Because like, I’m thinking, I can lift 40. Ugh (Yeah yeah) and I can’t. Um yeah, um did you st— were always kind of like a fitness buff because I started doing it a lot more after I started getting older.

Colleen: OK, um I’ve always kind of been active, um because uh, when I was young I was kind of chubby. And um, (You) I was- Yes, I was very very- (No) I was quite chubby.

José: I can’t see it. I can’t see that.

Colleen: And um, I just remember like- it was one of those things when I was a kid, and my dad was like, “Oh you know, my sisters, they all have the Matthieu thighs” So you know what they say, (Ha ha) And um, it’s quite easy for them to gain weight. They were always on diets when they were younger- all my aunts, I guess. And always drinking skim milk and everything. And uh, I don’t know if you grew up the same way, but you know, you always have to clear your plate, because there’s children starving somewhere (Ahh) which is kind of I think, negative- um a little bit of negative enforcement of things. (Mm) So you always feel like you have to finish everything even if you’re already full.

José: I think my parents made me um, guilty if I didn’t finish it. But then I would just sit there just like sulking at the tables and, “OK get out of here I don’t want to see your face anymore” (Ah) and they’d kind of let me get away with it.

Colleen: My dad used to say, “It’ll be in the pancakes in the morning.”

José: Ha ha. (So uh) I don’t want this in pancakes.

Colleen: Yeah, so we always ended up finishing it. So I think um, I didn’t you know, I didn’t eat because I had any kind of specific, oh I’ve got to eat to make myself happy. I ate because (Uh huh) I enjoyed food. (Uh huh) And so, I used to play soccer. And um, then I played softball in high school and also elemen- junior high school I guess. And at university I was doing some ice skating classes. (Mm hmm) I learned how to play volleyball. I actually took a class because (A class) Yeah, because I used to like- you know how people go to the beach and I’m like, yeah! Let’s go play volleyball! And then it goes behind me as soon as I hit it. (Ha ha) So I- I actually…José: Well, just put your hands in front of it not (No I just) spike it behind yourself.

Colleen: Like you know when you’ve got your hands clamped and you trying to like bump it over the net. I just (Mm hm) I just couldn’t do it. So uh…

José: You’re not supposed to like, do that.

Colleen: Well, however you’re supposed to.

José: You’re supposed to do this.

Colleen: Well you see? That’s why I took a class. (Ha ha) And obviously- I only- it was only one semester, thank you. Um…

José: You took an entire semester to learn how to play volleyball? (Yes)



Should universities give credit for sports classes for all students?

What do you think is the most difficult sport to play?

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  1. Exercise is good for people to live longer and healthy.

    • We should do exercise like running, walking, and other sports using ball. However, we should also take good foods. Our body consists of things that we eat and drink. If we do exercise, we have to care our tired body. Without meal, we can’t cure our tired or hurt body. It makes our life bad. So we have to be careful to balance exercise with meal.

      • When we do exercise and take meal, we have some points to have to keep in mind. It is that we should recognize that we don’t take it for granted that we can do these actions. We should appreciate the fact that we can do exercise and take meal. If grounds or gyms are not built and prepared by any staffs, we can’t do exercise. If no one prepares meal or no one produces meat, fish, rice, and vegetable, we can’t take meal and we can’t sustain our life.

        • All people are supported by other people and other people are same too. When we notice and remember this fact, we can make our life healthy and great.


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