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University Cultures

Nov 3, 2019Accents, Articles, Canadian, Education, Italian, Life&Food

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What is the relationship between education and a happy life?


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José Cruz: And what do you want to do after you finally graduate? What’s what’s (Mm) your next goal?

Vasco Ferraro: Mm, that is like something I’m going to find out in- next year I reckon because this is my third year (Mm hm) so I go back to Oxford, spend another year there doing what I used to do. Because now I don’t do computer science here, I just do Japanese. (Mm hmm) So I go back to Oxford, keep studying for one year, and then I should be done with uni. And I’m- I’m still not quite sure what to do next. I mean I- not like you know the Japanese um, idea of haf- having to job hunt hard. (Right right) It’s like I- I don’t really understand it I just want that much (It’s OK) I need to leave, and to…

José: Most Japanese don’t understand (get by) why they have to do that themselves, don’t worry.

Vasco: Mm they just do it.

José: It’s part of this thing they do, “OK well whatever, it’s- my brother did it.”

Vasco: It’s part of their culture, and (Yeah) I don’t understand it myself, but I don’t- don’t share that same spirit of- I won’t call it hard working. (Ha ha) Once I start working I- I’ll be a hard worker, as I was.

José: But the the- Do Italian university graduates go through um, a- a system of job hunting or post gra- not post graduate studies but post graduation lifestyle more similar to the Japanese or more similar to the Western style where (I think) basically you’re on your own, whereas here, (Mm mm) you’re taken care of until they can say, “well you got a job, now you’re on your own”.

Vasco: I think Italy is either it’s own case or it goes with the Western style.

José: I would have thought so.

Vasco: But I wouldn’t put it in the same bunch as England. Because the way I felt at uni in England is exactly what you were saying now. Like they take your hand and take you there (Really?) Like yeah. Like the Japanese uni. So like I’ve- I’ve done like uni in Italy for like a month or so and then I I just- I just left- left it. And like it was madness. You just- you know there is a lesson. Where, you don’t know in which room it is. You go to the room there is no professor. (Yeah) If there is a professor there is no (Sure) book, I don’t know. There is like so- (Sounds like Canada) It’s such a mess.

José: But maybe worse. Ha ha. I don’t know.

Vasco: Probably probably, yeah. Like that is the south of Italy. So it’s like the poorest part of Italy as well. (Ahh) So, it’s not quite- I haven’t been to Rome for studying for instance so that might be on another level but still, Italy is uh, on on these things Italy is not that good as England or um, yeah see, I don’t about you say but, I reckon it’s a different case.


José Cruz: And what do you want to do after you finally graduate? What’s what’s (Mm) your next goal?

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Is graduating university necessary to a good job?

What are the good and bad points of your own education?

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José Cruz: And what do you want to do after you finally graduate? What’s what’s (Mm) your next goal?

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  1. I`m surprised that some university students in south of Italy only know there is some classes.
    They don`t know where and when the classes start. In Japan students at universities have their own schedules and university inform us a lot of information, so I was surprised.
    Mr.Ferraro said he will keep studying for a year, but in Japan almost 3 or 4th year students at universities start job hunting and so on. I and maybe all of students think that we want to make use of what we learn through studying at universities. I`m learning Chinese and English, and I`m interested in foreign languages.I want to use my language skills , but when I find a job ,I have to focus on many ather points too.For instance money , working time, and so on. Ⅰ cannot decide deeply about my future soon and what to do next, what jobs I should do.but I think it is so difficult to find a job because I need to think about many points. So even I am a 1st year student, I should start consider about after graduation from now.

  2. I also feel that there are few Japanese university students who are thinking about life.
    Not only student but also many Japanese people don’ t think about what they want to do or what they have to do to do it.
    I think that one of the reasons is the national character of “worrying about other people’s eyes” of the Japanese. I think that there are a lot of people who think that it is good if it does the same thing.,
    They are saying “Because everyone is doing it.”
    Also I think that it is one of the reasons of “giving up and doing easy things”.
    And in the end, it’s not what they want to do, it’s about living, it’s about making money.
    I feel that there are a lot of people who have no choice but to work.
    College is a good place to find out what I really want.So I want to work hard,play hard.

  3. indeed, the differences between countries are interesting, but I also think that there is a difference between whether they enter the liberal arts department or technical department. in japan, students of liberal arts mainly concentrate on club activity and a part-time job. and, most of them think the study is second. it is because the various experiences are centered on when they do job hunting. some of them aim at lawyers or governmental officials then they study hard, but the number is small. on the other hand, the technical department students study a pragmatical course. so, the study is necessary to get a job for us.


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