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Cricket 2

Nov 27, 2017Canadian, English, Sports

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CONSIDER What is your country’s national sport?

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Chris O’Sullivan: Hahaha.

José Cruz: In each day, how long does each- of that test match- It’s five days, so in one day what is it; three hours of playing, four hours of playing, two hours of playing?

Chris: I think the standard is they start at 11 in the morning, and play to one in the afternoon and then they have lunch, from one till about one, (Ha ha) 1:40, 1:45 and they play from 1:45 till about 5:30 or six, depending on how many overs need to be bowled in a day. And usually, I think you- For a test match you need to bowl I think 90 overs a day, on average. So if you don’t bowl 90 overs you might actually need to play longer. But if you- if you have bowled 90 overs in a day and it’s five o’clock, you might be able to say, (Time to go) “Jolly good. We’re finished! (Now that) Well done old boy.”

José: That happens for five days!

Chris: That happens for five days in a row, yeah.

José: I can’t, I just- I didn’t, I didn’t know it was going from late morning until the evening and with a timeout for a meal! I mean I can (Yeah) I I don’t know any sports that have timeouts for meals.

Chris: Oh yeah they- they have lunch. Yeah they have lunch and they have a whole menu. They have ice cream on it and stuff like that. You’d be- the menu’s actually quite good.

José: Ha ha. What what is the appeal to like, poorer countries then, I mean. because I’ve never watched the game and I’m asking this in all innocence. I mean you know football has it’s violent aspect, it’s um, it’s technical aspect with the gear and the stuff. Ice hockey sadly enough, has it’s violent aspect with the fisticuffs and stuff. What is, you know truthfully, what is the really attractive aspect of of cricket, is there strategy, or is there- what is it?

Chris: I really don’t know, just- (Ha ha) I I- like, again- I I‘m plucking things out of- out of the airan idiom meaning, “citing points at random”. (1:44) here.

José: Are you a cricket fan, tho’? Are you- Do-

Chris: Oh yeah. Yeah, I watch cricket. Yeah yeah.

José: You enjoy it? You enjoy watching it?

Chris: Oh yeah, I love watching 20-20 cricket. 20-20 cricket goes really quickly. It’s over in in two hours, usually, maximum two hours. And both sides just try to slog the ball around the pitch as much as they can, and score as many runs as they can. You either hit a six or you get bowled. You’re out.

José: Then what about these test matches, youThis question obviously uses “ARE” as the verb so in this case, José chooses to drop it. (2:07) into them?

Chris: Yeah I might watch a bit of it, but usually I just watch ten, 20 minutes. If I like a particular person who’s good at batting, and I know he’s going topronounced “GONNA” (2:16) come on soon then I might make a point, but usually no, becausepronounced “KUHZ” (2:20) really it’s just too long.

José: Ha ha Five days! Yeah, I’d say!

Chris: It’s just too long and I’m only interested to a point, where yeah, what is the strategy? You know, what are the captains thinking. You know, is it going to rain soon? What’s the air pressure doing. Is the ball moving in the air, is it “swinging”, as they say. Um, you know what are the batsmen like? Are they on form? Are there any mistakes in the field? Are they dropping catches? things like that. And there’s always a bit of banter as well between the players.

DISCUSSION     Which sport do you dislike the most? Which sport do you think is the easiest to play?
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