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Feb 14, 2017Canadian, English, Sports

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José Cruz: June um, 2015 uh I think is going to be kind of an interesting point of history for football. Uh I dunno if you agree but like uh, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens to FIFA from here. But do you think it’ll change very much, what’s going to happen to the uh, what is it, Federation Internationale– what what’s FIFA? How does FIFA go again?

Chris O’Sullivan: Federation of International Football Associations, maybe.

José: Federation- Ah that’s right because it’s a federation of associations. That’s right. That’s part of the scandal actually. What do you think’s going to happen?

Chris: Hopefully the uh, the chairman, Sepp Blatter will resign and disappear forever. Hopefully. Um he’s been there too long, and I think it’s very corrupt organization. It needs reforming. It needs new leaders. It really needs- actually all the people who work there should just be fired and replaced by better people. Which are easy to find. There are- a new younger generation of people who are, I think are better at looking after the future of football, or soccer. And those people should have a chance now to to do the right things and to make the organization what it was.

José: You you hope so but like with such deeply rooted corruption, it’s got to be going from the top and it’s roots are reaching down to I would say middle administration. So who would you pick to- choose, to to replace these corrupt old official bureaucrats but their, you know, their lessers in lower ranks. But those people in lower ranks are probably supporting the corruption of their higher ups.

Chris: I think you’ve got to do two things: One, is the people who are already there have to be fired, and people who are working for them are ineligible to stand in any elected positions. That’s one thing. What you’ve got to do is you’ve got to attract new blood. You’ve got to get new people involved who haven’t ever worked there- haven’t been a part of any process or bidding process. They’re just good ambassadors for their particular country. They’re ex-professionals or whatever or they care deeply about their associations they work for but they have never actually worked for FIFA. So they’re not tarnished with with what’s gone on. Those people should be bought into the organization and the people who are just there now should all be I think just got rid of.

José: I think they should go to jail some of them. I mean this guy Jack Warner obviously is a corrupt old SOB. Sepp Blatter is as dirty as my laundry. Uh these guys need to go to jail if you ask me.

Chris: Yeah well Chuck Blazer (Oh that guy!) Chuck Blazer the American guy, he was going to go to jail. The FBI had him (Mm-hmm) and then that’s why he’s turned (Yup) on everyone. He’s been giving evidence to the FBI since 2011 apparently. He’s been…

José: Oh really? Since then?

Chris: Yeah that’s when they first arrested him. And they said- Uh they arrested him actually for tax evasion because obviously being corrupt, he had um an income source which he couldn’t actually justify where this money was coming from. You know the story of him having two penthouses in Manhattan.

José: One for the cats.

Chris: One for the cats. His two cats, and one for him.

José: And not just a penthouse in Manhattan, it is the most expensive building in Manhattan to live in, the Trump Tower. (Ha ha) Now I didn’t- I didn’t actually know that they had- this had been going on since 2011. I thought that the sh- his shakedown by the FBI began this year a few months ago, and they shook him down and traded him- with him for his immunity or wha- lesser charges so that they could get Blatter and the rest of the uh, the higher-ups in FIFA. It’s been going on for the last four years?

Chris: Yeah. he was actually arrested in 2011. He was actually pulled off the street in Manhattan, apparently. Arrested, taken to the FBI, and they gave him a choice, “You either cooperate, and we go after everyone else. Or you are going to be the fall guy and go to prison for this.” (Mm-hmm) and he chose basically to live his life as a free man although he’s got cancer and he’s probably going to die soon

José: Yeah he’s he’s not looking good. He’s not looking good.

Chris: He’s very- he’s very ill. He’s very ill. He’s got colon cancer which is not good.


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