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Oct 20, 2019Accents, Articles, Canadian, English

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Do you like sweet food?


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Tom Isham: Mm I definitely need to cut down on my sugar a bit.

José Cruz: Uh you’re in a different category though.

Tom: I mean- But I- Basically my favourite sweets are these things called “Nerds” (Nerds) Mm have you heard of them?

José: Nerds? (Yes) N-E-R-D-S? (Yes) Ha ha. There’s a- a candy called nerds? Ha ha.

Tom: Yeah, it’s basically pure, like, circle capsules of sugar. It’s more like- you do get a rush.

José: Literally get a sugar rush?

Tom: Yes. I remember the first time that I had a whole packet at once back in uni. (Ha ha) I was actually like, have these been spiked? I can feel different.

José: OK. Uh I don’t know what your your oncologist- or I don’t know if you keep up with an oncologist. Probably not.

Tom: I mean, I do kind of. I basically- I see the guy who did my operation (Good) every now and again.

José: What does he say about your diet these days?

Tom: I mean I don’t tell him.

José: Ha ha. Probably wise. He’d probably get mad at you. Um, uh I don’t want to sound like an old man but you’re a young man, and I’m going to give you some old man advice. (OK) Um especially because you have a health history, but um, what you do now really affects (Yeah) how you look in 20 years. (Yeah) As skinny as you are you, and how much you want to do weight gain; um just the sugar- if uh- Do you eat a lot of these nerds things?

Tom: I mean, you can’t get them in Japan it seems (Good) so.

José: But you can get all kinds of things. Sugar um, especially if you take up Japanese cooking, sugar is is something that actually can be a problem in the Japanese diet. (Ah) Um we’ll go on to that, but just to get back to the whole thing, sugar uh can create all kinds of problems in terms of type II diabetes. (Ah yeah) And and you might have a cancer history and you might want weight gain, but sugar itself is a problem in terms of insulin production. (Yeah) And if you eat too much of it at one time you, your pancreas goes nuts and if just you tax your pancreas too much. (Then diabetes) Diabetes. Yeah right. So be careful about that.

Tom: I mean, I should probably cut down on my new favourite drink then.

José: What is it?

Tom: I basically, it’s- you get a bit of apple tea, (Sure) you add a bit of milk into it (Alright) and then a load of honey.

José: OK well, at least it’s honey it’s not a spoonful of sugar.

Tom: No, but it’s close enough.

José: Uh, yeah. I’ve got to say you know glucose is glucose. And the- it’s not like you’re removing the glucose. You’re still basically got the glucose you just got other good bits.

Tom: Yeah it tastes so good tho’. Everyone else says I’m insane.

José: Be careful.


Do you think you might be eating too much sugar?

What other things do you eat that might be bad for you?

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  1. Sometimes I knew the meaning of some words, but I didn’t quite understand the context. Especially, it was difficult for Tom to describe it as NERD. However, Tom’s feelings are understandable. I also like to eat sweets and when I eat yogurt I always add large amounts of strawberry jam. However, I heard that sugar is a kind of drug and has a dependency, so I wanted to refrain from it.

  2. I think that sweet foods are very delicious too. In addition to strong taste foods are good taste. I over eat these. That’s because I need these. Very very delicious. I can not stop eat these. These are like poison. I know that I over eat sweet foods are unhealthy. If we eat only these, we will be diabetes. According to hear that Asian people are get diabetes easily. So, we must be careful more. Diabetes’s symptom is get numb and frequent urination and more… So, diabetes are very terrible. We have to think that lifestyle habit. It is very hard. Especially, university students are difficult. But, the number of diabetes’s people are increase. So, we have to fell of danger.

  3. Hello, my name is Yosuke Oshita. I like eat time and cooking time. Because I was interested in food since I was little. My favorite food is sweet foods. Sweet foods is delicious. I often eat sweets by buy convenience store. But, eating too much is dangerous . Because , not very good for the body. So, I have to be careful . Sugar is the taste is rich and delicious . I think it is a very useful spice. Overeating sugar and other sweets can lead to diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that does not cure much. It is important not to have diabetes. So, need to refrain from eating sweets. I try to have a healthy diet. It was nice to know that eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes. Spices help cook . I often cook. My favorite dish is carbonara. And I don’t use sugar. But, use salt on it. It is very delicious. Eating too much food is not good. So, It is important to eat the right amount.From now on, I going to eat a moderate amount of healthy food. I think it will be difficult, but I will try this . Thank you for reading.

  4. I think that Japan has a lot of sweet foods. So I often sweet foods.
    For example Youkan and Manjyu are famous Japanese sweets and these foods called WAGASHI. Now Japanese sweets are spread around world.
    Sweet foods are good for our brain. In fact there are many investigation which sugar become nutrition for the brain. Especially chocolate and ramune has glucoses so popularity. But we should care too much eat food. Moderately eating food is good.
    Eating not only sweet but also other type food is important. We have to eat in good balance.

  5. Sweets are very delicious. Those with sugar are very delicious. However, delicious foods harm my health if I eat too much. It is natural. I hear that diabetes is very painful. My acquaintance became diabetic, but there were many restrictions on what he knew and he had to go to the hospital regularly. This is very painful. So I love sweets but decided not to overeat. Because I will continue to be healthy and painful. In addition, I heard that too much salt is not good, so I decided not to eat too much salt. Because I want to stay healthy. Japanese meals are high in salt and sugar. I think so. So we have to be careful about our diet. I think living in good health is very happy. Therefore, I will continue to care about my diet.

  6. In Japan, there are many kinds of sweets. They are sold by big sweet company and each convenience stores company. Especially, the sweets sold by convenience stores has good qualities. I love sweet food very much. I go to convenience stores to buy them 1 or 2 times a week. But it may be not good for my health. Sweet food affects our health directly. First, the effect appears on our skin. They give rise rough surface. When we eat sweets a lot, we often get acne on our face. I dislike this effect. Also, they cause us lifestyle related disease. For example, diabetic and obesity. These days, the patient of that kind of disease are increasing. It is social problem. We have to care for the quantity of eating sweets as possible.
    Though I have stated the bad point of sweets, there are the good point. We need sugar when we study, exercise, and some kinds of activities that we use brain or bodies. I think that the quantity of eating them and the timing of it are very important. We need to have conscious about them for enjoying eating sweets.

  7. I am surprised at this conversation. I have two reasons. First, I heard the word “sugar rush” for the first time. And, I did not think human became high spirits, when they got a lot of sugar. I imagined Disney’s movie, when I heard “sugar rush”. So, I cannot understand this word’s meaning one time. Second, People in general add a little milk and a little honey into the apple tea. Usually I add nothing to in the apple tea. However, most people add some option into the tea. So, I am surprised.
    I know, sugar can create physical problem. For example, Diabetes and cancer. I am afraid of these diseases. So, I am careful the way to get sugar. However, sugar is sweet and plays an important role in Japanese foods. Sugar makes me happy. Also, sugar makes anything food’s taste good. The others, sugar is essential for ours body. It is because, sugar is glucose. Also, glucose is basically to move human’s body.
    Sugar is important for us, but it create problem sometimes. So, I think, we are careful to use sugar too.

  8. Hello, my name is Riku Iwanaga. The reason why I wanted to read this sentence this time is that I like sweet food. That’s why I was very attracted to the title of this sentence. I often go to convenience stores and supermarkets near my house to buy sweet food and eat it almost every day. In particular, I eat it when I improve my concentration in my studies and when I take a break. Eating sweets can lead to fatigue recovery and relaxing effects. But sweet food is not just an advantage. There may be more bad points. For example, an overdose of sugar can cause obesity and tooth decay. I think that one of the biggest influences of sugar is diabetes that has come out in this sentence. People with diabetes are not close to them. That’s why I researched it and found that there were various symptoms such as Fatigue, pain, and reduced functionality. And it is a disease that is hard to cure. Of course I don’t want to get diabetes. From now, I will pay attention to the amount and time of day when I eat sweets. And I want to maintain a healthy body.


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