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Distracted Driving

Jun 9, 2014Canadian, Life&Food, Science&Tech

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What do you do most on your phone (eg. testing, talking, games, e-books)?

Have you ever driven while using your phone?


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Alex Bodnar: Goshanother way to say “god” that is acceptable for polite conversation. It is not always considered acceptable to mention religion in an interjection (0:00) it’s really difficult to watch a video like that, isn’t itAt speed, 'isn't it' is pronounced, 'IZINIT'. The middle 'T' sound is dropped.(0:03)?

José Cruz: I I I, I don’t often become lost for words, but that, the way that that video just saw those two cars crashing was scarier than just about any sort of way that Hollywood can make it in its fake way of trying to make crashes more exciting. It was super real.

Alex: Yes, Yes it was very real. Yes, it was scarier than watching a movie that’s for sure.

José: Um do you, uh admit it, do you touch (uh-huh) your phone while you drive?

Alex: Yes. I do, I do.

José: I’ll- I’ll admit it. I do too.

Alex: Yeah.

José: And um. I I- I swear, I I, you see something like that and itpronounced, “EHNIT“. (0:49) makes you go, “holy cowa milder way to say “holy shit” in polite conversation. (0:50)!” And it- you, you kind of promise to yourself you’ll never do that again after seeing something like that.

Alex: Yeah yeah. I think I think we all make uh excuses, you know, ”it won’t happen to me”, or, “there’s nothing going on around me”. You know uh. Uh the video that we saw there, Uh that’s, I’m familiar with those kinds ofpronounced, “KAINZA“. (1:12) roads in Canada. You know, because“because” Alex says this word very quietly. (1:15) you can drive for a long time on an open flat road and see nothing.

José: Right. Right. (you know) Right. Uh that, there’s um- there’s a road like that from, I think it’s from Toronto to Peterborough. Beautiful (uh-huh) road. (Mm-hmm) I forget the number, or the name of the road. Beautiful road, but, beautiful winding curvy road, (mm-hmm) like out of a movie, and lights, I’m sorry*, or no lights, for hours and hours. Anyway, uh just back to the distracted driving.

Alex: Yeah.

José: Um, what you mentioned before about how people think that it will never happen to them, there’s almost like um, a psychological name for that. It’s called the, um the “better-than-average” syndrome.

Alex: “Better-than-average” syndrome?

José: I don’t knowAt speed, 'don't know' is pronounced, 'DOHNO', or 'DUNNO'. (1:57) if that’s the exact name, but that’s the effect. (Uh-huh) Basically most people have this idea (yeah) that they are better than the average person (ah right) when it comes everything.

Alex: The other person’s an idiot, right?

José: Right, right. That’s why you get the idea that it’ll never happen to me because I’m such a careful driver.

Alex: Ah right.

José: “Oh and you know, It’s- I only do it when there’s nobody around me.” And that’s exactly what’s going through my head right now. (Mm-hmm) AndI, and I do touch my phone. But at the same time I try to guard against that and, (yeah) the way I have my phone right now is that… in Japan, the legal lawJosé didn't need to say both 'legal and 'law'. Just 'law' would have been enough. (2:32) says you are not allowed to physically touch the phone while your- while the car is moving.

Alex: Mm-hmm.

José: Even if you’re driving but the car is parked, you can touch your phone.

Alex: Huh? If the car is parked you can, or can’t Alex got confused at what José was saying because of the way José pronounced it. (2:46)?

José: You can touch the phone. You are, you are allowed to touch the phone. If the car is parked, if the car is stopped, as long as the car’s not moving.

Alex: Well I, I I don’t, I don’t touch my phone when the car is moving. If I come up to a red light, then uh, I may change a setting, right, because uh, I play music off my iPod.

José: Ah, me too, me too.


Do you ever use your phone when you know you shouldn’t?

Have you ever seen one of your friends try to do something on their phone while driving? How did that make you feel?

Alex and Jose had just finished watching a youtube video (link below) just before this conversation began.


Image courtesy US Department of Defence (Wikimedia Commons)


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Alex Bodnar


Harriston, Ontario

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José Domingo Cruz


Vancouver, British Columbia


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  1. This accident is very dangerous.
    However,many people touch their phone when the car is moving.

    I have not driver’s licence,but if I have it,I don’t touch my phone while I drive my car.

  2. I think distracted driver is so stupid.I hate drink driving.The stupid recognition will kill many people. So everyone have to careful about driving.

  3. I don’t have driver’s licence. I carefull that I don’t touch my phone.

  4. I think it is bad to use phone while I drive a car.
    If I get a driver lisence,I want to be a safe driver.

  5. Quizlet is useful and fun to study. I want to improve my English skills.

  6. I think this video is very dangerous .
    I want to be careful while driving.

  7. I often see people touching their phones when they are driving.It is very dangerous.So I think car companies should make shuting out a radio wave system.

  8. I see a real crash sean for the first time in forever.
    It is so scare.
    I often walk using my phone.
    I must stop using my phone doing something.

  9. I have not drive,but I do not touch my phone when I am driving.

  10. I’m taking a driver’s license now.I watched the video in this class ,so I think that I will drive carefully.

  11. I don’t like distracted driving.Because it hurt each other.
    And the thing that I don’t allow is drunk driving and using the phone driving.

  12. I think, it is danger to use the phone while we driving.
    I will not use my phone while I driving.

  13. I will go driving shcool tomorrow,so I am shoked this video.

  14. I had a traffic accident 4years ago,so I
    don’t allow such a thing.

  15. I think that drivers should not touch the phone,and drivers put in the bag.

  16. Idon’t have a drive license.when I get it,I will be carefully and not use myphone because so dangerous.

  17. I think using phone is very dengue
    So I don’t use phone
    I think there is not car accident

  18. I feel scary when I watch this video.I don’t have a driver’s license.When I will have it,I want drive a car without carefulness.

  19. I think using phone is dangerous act when people drive.
    If I drive, I should be careful not to use my cellphone.

  20. I want to get the driver license. If I get it, I don’t use the phone.

  21. I don’t have driver’s license,but I think dangerous driving such as touching phone while you are driving is bad.

  22. This video is about driving car, but I think same accident can occar when use bicycle.

  23. I think using cellphone is very dangerous during driving car.I prevent me from using the cellphone while driving

  24. I will get a driver’s license during the summer vacation. I will not touch a cell phone while driving and drive carefully.

  25. l think the distracted driving is very terrible. Because that maybe kill you.I was often seen my friends try to do Sth on their phone while driving,and I feeled that was so dangerous.

  26. It’s really bad to drive using my phone.
    I will get the drivers license during this summer vacation.
    So I want to pay attention to drive.

  27. I was so surprised to see the video. So I think using phone while driving is very dangerous again.

  28. I think we must’n use phone while driving, because we are distracted by use phone. We should establish a constitution on driving.

  29. There are a lot of traffic accident in Japan now.We have to care when we drive everyday.

  30. I do not have driving license,and I can not drive cars.I don not have such experience,but I touched my phone when I riding bike last year.That is dangerous,so I do not do that since my friend’s traffic accident.

  31. I can’t drive yet but riding my bicycle is the same thing.
    So I think that we shouldn’t touch the phone while we are riding our bicycle,too.

  32. The accident is so dangerous!
    I don’t have a driving license.
    I think that we shouldn’t drive while calling with our phones.

  33. Ithink drivers shouldn’t use their phones.
    Two days ago, the day was rain. When I was walking, I hitted by bike. A driver used phone.
    I sweared I will never use my phone when I drive my bike.

  34. I think it is dangerous to use phone while driving.
    I don’t have a driver’s license,but I’ll be careful when I drive my car.

  35. I got a driver’s license ,I was younger.But I got driver’s license suspension two times.So I’m safety driver now.

  36. Distracted driving is very dangerous.It don’t pay attention to another people.It is the pr oblem about not only driver but also people around him.

  37. I thought it is dangerous when I saw this video,but I sometimes use my phone while walking.I think that I shouldn’t use my phone when I moving because everyone may be involved an accident.

  38. I don’t have driver’s license, but I will get it in the future. That time, I have to be careful.

  39. I very surprized when I saw that video.I don’t have driver’s license now, but I must very careful when I drive someday.

  40. The cellphones are very useful tools for people. I use my iphone everyday, however, I think using them causes bad effects. I think we should reconsider the use of our own cellphones.

  41. I think distracted driving is very dangerous. I have a driver’s license so I know this.

    In addition, I think Better-then-average syndrome is very dangerous in not only driving but any time.

    You should concentrate on your driving.

  42. I think that we must not use phone when we are driving a car or we do something. If someone called me when I driving a car, I should park the car. We must take responsibility for driving a car. Driving a car is concerned with life. We should know this and never forget this. I have a driver’s license so, I keep careful drive a car and must not use phone. A phone is very useful item but anytime become to dangerous item. We should use it correctly

  43. In Japan, using the phone while driving is prohibited by law, but I often see that scene. I think the scene increase a little at a time. I expect that the reason is that most people couldn’t get along without the phone. However, we must realize the risk of using the phone while driving.

  44. I think that it will happen to me because I have a drivers license and I often drivie a car in my hometown. So,I must be careful around my car when I drive.In Japan, it is not allowed to touch the phone when we drive, but I sometimes watch the person who touch their phone.I hope to decrees the number of such a person.

  45. Actually,I have never seen the driver who touch a cellphone while driving a car. Also, drivers around me don’t do that. But, l often hear the news that such people happen the traffic trouble. So, I think there are many such people and victims. I think all people who have driver license should be more careful not to touch a cellphone while driving. In addition, I think all driver need have consciousness that there are many people at the road all the time.

  46. I don’t have a driving licence,so l have never driven. This movie makes me scary to drive a car. My father often uses his phone while driving. I didn’t mind then. If he do same action next time,l will excite attention for him.

  47. I don’t have a license. But I use my phone when I’m using bicycle while stopping the red. Then, I am distracted. I think this article’s story is important for not only drivers but people who using a road.

  48. I don’t have a driver’s license, so I have never driven. But I saw the video, if I can get driver’s license, I will not use my smartphone while driving. My mother uses smartphone while driving, so I will tell her that I don’t want to use your phone while driving.

  49. I have my drivers license but I never use the phone while driving because I don’t trust myself. I am not used to driving, so I don’t want to use the phone while driving.
    But this means I can do that when I am used to driving. So I should remember this feeling as I watch this video and be careful of not only me but also friends and family behavior.


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