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Jun 9, 2014Canadian, Life&Food

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Have you ever tried smoking? What did you think? Did you enjoy it?

If you (or someone you know) smoke now do you think you’ll ever stop?


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José: Did you ever smoke?

Alex: I’ve tried it a couple of times, and I I I didn’t enjoy it. Uh, I I did it secretly. (mm mm) Before I became smoking age, my my mother actually said, “you want to try smoking? You know you can try it. Go ahead.”

José: Your mother?

Alex: Yeah.

José: Ss- Your mother offered it to you?

Alex: Yeah.

José: Did your mother smoke?

Alex: No, she didn’t. She didn’t.

José: So so she went out of her way to offer you cigarettes?

Alex: Yeah, to- I think she wanted me to have the experience maybe under her supervi- supervision. But here I was as a teenager thinking,”ah oh man, that’s not cool, right? Uh, if I’m going to try smoking I’m do it with my friends.” Right? So…

José: That that is actually a really wise move by your mother.

Alex: Yeah, yeah.

José: I thought- now we can see it in retrospect, Being you know, our age. I too started at Wha- I think it was 13? (mm-hmm) And of course, secretly from my parents. My parents would have eaten me alive without cooking me um if they had found out I had been smoking. And um, I bought a (mm-hmm) pack of cigarettes, smoked them all within about a week. And then I…

Alex: How old were you?

José: 13.

Alex: Wow!

José: Why, how old were you?

Alex: Ah, I was- would have been in high school I guess. (Really!) So, maybe…

José: Up to that point you didn’t feel like smoking? You didn’t feel like in junior high school, “Oh! Let me try this. Oh the boys- other guys are doing it. Let me try it.”

Alex: Oh I can’t remember now whether I was in junior high school. Uh I could’ve been 15 maybe. (Okay) Yeah 15 or… maybe no more than 16, yeah. Uh so at that- at that time, and even still the legal smoking age is 19.

José: Oh wow, I think, yeah 20 in British Columbia where I grew up. 20.

Alex: Ah, in Ontario it was and I think it still is 19. Hmm. Yeah.

José: Don’t know. Don’t know. Anyway, so I smoked a pack, (mm-hmm) and I go, “oh yeah. Okay.” And that was it. I ne- (haha) I never had- I didn’t get addicted to them. (mm-hmm) Thankfully. Uh because I was smoking maybe only what, I guess over a week maybe two or three cigarettes a day. (Mm-hmm) Couldn’t smoke them when I enjoyed them. Whenever I smoked them I felt nervous that I might get caught. (mm-hmm) so I I never could just sit down and smoke. And after the pack was finished never once went back to it and I became eventually in time a rabid anti-smoker.


What do you think of what Alex’s mother did?

How much do cigarettes cost in your country? Tell us in the comments below.

In several places marked in bold text, take note of how conversational pronunciation differs from written/conventional pronunciation.

“out of her way” to go out of your way means to purposely do something different from your normal habit.

Image courtesy of:

yeowatzup (Wikimedia Commons)

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