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May 19, 2019Accents, Articles, Canadian, Education, Female, Japanese, Life&Food

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Do you know what “culture shock” is? Can you imagine what “reverse culture shock” is?


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José Cruz: How do you- How how are you feeling in Japan, now that you’ve come back from America?

Ayaka Tanaka: Uh hmm about six months ag- six months have passed since I came back to Japan uh, I realize again that I am Japa- I am Japanese ha ha.

José: Ha ha. (Yeah) That’s an interesting statement, but could you- what does that mean?

Ayaka: Hmm when I was in the Pittsburgh um I realized that I feel like I am American ha ha. Like something like (Hmm) enjoying the American culture, speaking English (Mm hmm) and everything is really new for me and interesting for me, so…

José: And and- but but still you felt like you were American?

Ayaka: No, I’m Japanese right now. Ha.

José: No, I meant- OK let me see if I- maybe I’m confused. You- I think you said when you went to Pittsburgh (Yeah) you felt everything was new (Mm) but you…

Ayaka: And I- And I could- nan da ke I could- I could be more (by) myself in American culture (Ahh) Mm hmm. And pe- friends and people around me almost American friends, and people from around the world, no Japanese. So I feel I should use just only English in order to communicate with people. So after coming back to Japan, I’m just using Japanese, and- actually I really love to speak in English with people (Mm hmm) around the world.

José: Well good. This is a good chance then.

Ayaka: Yeah but, um, but when I just using Japanese it’s really comfortable- com- comfortable for me. Ha ha.

José: I completely understand. I um, I have- I- I wouldn’t call it a problem, but I have the same situation. (Oh) I enjoy speaking (Mm) Japanese but whenever I get to speak English like a really good conversation on (Yeah) on an interesting topic with an intelligent person all in English- and I mean another native speaker, so there’s no effort (Yes) It just feels so comfortable. (Yes) So I know (Makes sense) exactly what you mean. (Oh) Are you- are you doing any English study now, though?

Ayaka: Uh sometimes ha ha. Actually I have- I have just only a few classes right now (Uh huh) and mm, there is not many opportunity- opportunities to speak in English actually. But I’m working at cafe right now (Mm hmm) and there is a lot of foreign people from around the world (Mm hmm) so um always I’m using English and Korean just, (OK) yeah just (Good) them. Mm hmm but um I’m going to work at international airport starting next spring.

José: So you’ve got your job? It’s set?

Ayaka: Yeah.

José: OK. Good for you.

Ayaka: I’m going to work as an grand staff.

José: Uh where, which airport? Kitakyushu

Ayaka: Uh still- still not decide. (Oh) But maybe I’m going to work at Haneda Airport (Wow) or Narita. In just- only international airports.

José: Wow.


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