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Jun 22, 2014Canadian, Education

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How did you feel for the most recent exam you took?


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Alex Bodnar: So what was your experience, uh with you know, in your lifetime of test taking?

José Cruz: I think when I was younger when I was a kid you know 16, 17, high school, most people don’t have a lot of experience with tests and they get nervous. But in university, honestly, as far as I can remember and this was a long time ago, I don’t think I was ever really that nervous for tests.

Alex: Never?

José: Uh okay, I know this, I was a lot less nervous than the other students that I would meet just outside the the testing room door, uh because I remember clearly, I was seeing faces that, you know, were of my friends who I normally smile and joke around with and they look dead serious, so they they literally, I’d say, “well hi John, hi Bob” and they looked at me like a deer in the headlights, and all scared.

Alex: Did you know your material, or did you have to pull all nighters to to take an exam or a test?

José: I’ll be honest with you, If it had to take an all- nighter, I would do it, or if I was lucky and I had like I had a schedule where about a week before the test I could study, I was almost always prepared for my tests. (mm-hmm) And I think that was the difference. (mm-hmm) Because if there were times when I was nervous, it was because- I realized, uh I’m just not ready for this test that’s why I’m nervous.

Alex: So you’re saying your friends uh you know probably uh going out every night uh, or watching TV uh, playing video games whatever, uh but not reviewing the class material until before the test.

José: I can’t get to that conclusion. (Yeah, mm-hmm) I don’t think so. Um because I do remember, you know, “hi John, hi Bob” and I know Bob’s a good student and he- at the end of the tests we would- especially in first or second you take a lot of the same classes. Bob and I would end up with similar grades or good grades and John was hit-and-miss. And then you’d- I’d ask him, “So did you study for this one?” “No man, I didn’t get a chance to”. Oh well that’s why you didn’t do well. And then (mm-hmm) I realized that’s why he was probably nervous too. So both of them ca- can be nervous, but it doesn’t really mean that both of them were the same type of person who didn’t study.

Alex: I think I was somewhere in the middle, right? Because I uh, I didn’t go out all night. I did enjoy myself in university. I had a great time, one of the best times of my life. But I still studied, but I know a lot of people in first year dropped out. (Yup) Right? Because all they did was party.

José: Yup, yup, yup. And and basically the university kicked them out. Or their parents said, “I’m not wasting anymore money on you”. (mm-hmm) I tell you though, um what I read in the article I really think it’s actually good for most students (mm-hmm) Um, if I had been given that advice uh when I was a university student (and) I tried it once I bet you it would’ve worked on me for the times when I was nervous.

Alex: Yeah. If I could go back I I’m sure I could do better too. Knowing what I know now.

José: Yeah oh geez, and you- it makes you feel so old because you’re repeating the same things that you (mm-hmm) realize that old people were saying to you back then. You’re going, “what do you mean?” But now it all makes so much sense because we’re older. (Yeah) I think that is the way that life sorta…

Alex: Well at least you’re older anyhow.

José: Yeah right, and you’re not? Sure. Mm.


Why do some people get anxious about tests?

When was the most nervous you ever became for a test?

José is about 12 years older than Alex.

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