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Sushi for Lunch

Mar 24, 2014Canadian, Life&Food

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Have you ever eaten sushi? How often do you go to eat it?


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José: Ohh God! I I’m full. How about you?

Alex: I’m just right. I could eat more, but uh I think it’s just the right amount for me. I don’t like being stuffed.

José: I’m sorry that um I was surprised myself even with the price of the place that we were at. Um it’s been like what six, seven years since I’ve been to this place. All I remember was this fantastic sushi, but um, six seven years I guess changes the price of things a lot. Either that or you know what it is, the place just got really popular.

Alex: Oh I think so I think so. It was probably undervalued ah or or perhaps the price of fish has gone up too, you know.

José: That’s another thing, yeah the price of fish may have gone up, especially if like if that’s a really ahh that’s a sushi chef with a lot of pride and a lot of high end thinking he thinks like oh I got to get the better fish that’s not irradiated from Fukushima or whatever he’ll have to pay a lot more money for it, right?

Alex: Yeah yeah that’s the whole package the uhh ambience, the environment, the atmosphere. Uh, there’s I think uh more of those hyaku en'Hyaku En' is Japanese for 100 Yen uh kaiten sushi'Kaiten Sushi' restaurants serve using conveyor belts that deliver food from the kitchen directly to the customer's table restaurants out these days too.

José: And and they’re easy to get to. They’re always there. Nice place to like you know get a full stomach and stuff, but like coming out to a place like this it’s a it’s a treat like you said it’s not just the the food that’s in your belly it’s everything else around it. But it was worth it, don’t you think?

Alex: Oh exactly. I think so.


What’s your favourite food?

Why do you think some people don’t like sushi?

Some people don’t like sushi. Does your country have a famous food that some people don’t like?

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  1. Is it possible for me to request to have a certain kind of conversation recorded on here?

  2. Hello Harmony, Nice to meet you. I’ll certainly try! What have you got in mind?


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