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Mar 26, 2014Canadian, World News

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José Cruz: What do you think of Malala herself though? You know, what do you think of the girl herself or or what, the the cause that she’s fighting for?

Alex Bodnar: Oh, uh uh… yeah her cause certainly is very important, uh, I I can’t imagine, uh, being a girl uh, or a woman in in Pakistan, you know, uh, not being able to uh, get education you know, simple basic education which we take for granted in uh most or all uh, developed democracies. Um, you know they they risk their lives uh, just to go to school or at least she she certainly did.

José: Yeah, she certainly did. She had been going on uh, a pretty um you know, uh, drawn out campaign to actually make sure that she had just a chance to go to school to to use pens and paper, uh and uh… All the way up to the assassination attempt if I, if I, if I know the situation, uh correctly she’d been going at it for about a couple of years with the help of her family and her friends and um, and it all culminated in that assassination attempt.

Alex: Mm-hmm yeah, there’s there’s something umm, unique about this girl I think uh. There’s… It’s not often you you you get a person like this, um, not often that you get *a* a child like this who is so outspoken um, I think I think uh, she may have a a big future.

José: Yeah, she’s she’s an amazing kid and she, she’s um, she’s a really good role model, I think for the students that I have uh in my classrooms. Thanks a lot, Alex.

Alex: Yeah, it was a pleasure.

Jose: OK. Talk to you later.

Alex: See you.


What do you find interesting about Malala?

In José’s second line, he says ‘She’d been going at it’. What does ‘going at it’ mean?

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  1. The web site is useful for me. I wanna use from today. Thank you.

    • This website is very useful.
      I respect her movements. I got the courage to her.

  2. Unbelievable a 14 years girl can do things like that.It’s very shame that I don’t know her before.I love this web and this girl.

  3. she is amazing girl !
    looking forward her active

  4. I think Malala has a brave. I can’t do same things because I scare government.

  5. I already knew about Malala.I think she is very brave person.To education of women and girls,she give a speech to around the world.
    I am interested in today’s topic.

  6. I knew MALALA for the first time. This website has good educational programs and is useful for students. I’ll use it every day.

  7. I’ve known about her.
    However it was dangerous for her to say “give chance to receive education for everyone”, she did a brave remark in United nation. That’s very powerful!!

  8. Malala is younger than I am but she has much more than I have. Why didn’t I know her? I try to get more worldwide news.
    Goldfish is useful for daily study and also give me such information. I’ll use this website.

  9. I didn’t know about her until read this page. I think she was very bravery. I want to know more about her activity.

  10. This class system is very fantastic!I like this system.
    I think that Malala has true courage.I want tofollowing her example.

  11. I think Malala is very strong girl !!!
    She continue to protect for her right that she can go to school
    This action should spread all over the world

  12. She is so an amazing girl. Because she tries to help most girls and protests to be an education.

  13. I thought, she is a great girl.
    I want to live like her.
    I think, we have to study hard.

  14. Today,I’m the second class this time.I could know her deeper.I’ll try to know about this topic more.

  15. I did not know her untill I read the paper.
    She is amazing.
    I want to be a person like her.

  16. She is wonderful.
    I think her action is very good thing.
    I respect her.

  17. This website is very helpful to study English and social news.
    I think she is very brave girl.

  18. I agree this way because I can study whenever I want to study.
    Also I think that I can study words enjoying some games.

  19. Malala is very brave.
    She has courage,so I respect her.
    I like this system.

  20. I knew her name but I don’t know detailed.I can understand about Malala and she did. She is amazing person.

  21. It’s too risk for her to protest government.She is brave.We should know about her actions more.

  22. I think girl’s rights of education in developing country is very important thing.
    We have to do something for them.

  23. I feel that I can´t imitate her.
    Her bravery is very wonderful!

    I think that like Malala save the world.

  24. This system is useful to study English.
    Malala is a brave girl.I feel emotion.
    Thank you very much.

  25. I respect her action.I think amazing her.I want to become a person like Malala.

  26. I don’t know Malala’s activity so much.
    But I respect her and I think she is wonderful person.
    I want to know her activity more now.

  27. I have been know her becose she is very famose person for the prize.
    I think she is wonderful person.

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  29. Last year I knew her,so you inform it for me.I did not watch this news.

  30. This system is good for studying English. I think Malala is a very respectable person. I want to know
    her activities more.

  31. She is younger than me,but she is more excellent me. Ithink Imust do something for other people and myselfe.

  32. I think that MALALA doesn’t look like a girl as us.
    Because she has very strong mental.
    We can’t take action if we want to women in Pakistan.
    She take action which help women in Pakistan.

  33. I knew her name.But I didn’t know what she did.I read this news,I thought she is courageous girl.I want to know her movement more.

  34. Mátala is very brave girl ,so I respect her.
    Her action will spread all over the world in the future.
    I wish that.

  35. Malala is a brave girl.
    I think her action helps many children like her.

  36. I think that she is courageous person although she is young.
    I want to be like her.

  37. I was suprised by Malala’s fighting.I think she is amazing woman.I really respect her and I want to try something as her from a trifle.

  38. I think she has a courage.
    I respect her action and speech.
    I want to know her more.

  39. I have known her because I had read the news about Malala. I think that she have strong heart which want to study in the school.

  40. Malala is very wonderful girl. I can’t this action and speech. I really respect to her.

  41. I think Malala is really really strong and kind girl!!
    Be shot own head…If I was her, I wished to revenge on men who shot me.
    But she didn’t give up. I was moved by her.

    About this website.
    Listening at native speaker’s English is good for us, I think.


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