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Same Sex Marriage

May 28, 2014Canadian, Life&Food, World News

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Alex: José, I’ve got a question for you. (he he okay) You seem to be, uh, following the uh debate on gay rights and gay marriage a lot, um…

José: Oh you mean on Facebook and…

Alex: Yeah yeah yeah, you post a lot about that on on Facebook, so uh I I I it’s clear to see what your stance is on that.

José: Haha. I I’m sorry I know that I probably to a lot of people I post a lot, but even I find it humorous.

Alex: Mm hmm. What, find what humorous?

José: The fact that I post so much about it. (uh huh) I mean I’m not gay myself. Uh, I’m sure…

Alex: Yeah, I know that.

José: But a lot of people uh, probably think like, “God you know like José must be gay to be that concerned about stuff like that”.

Alex: Especially if you’re single, right. Uh…

José: I think a lot of people would get confused. (mm hmm) But I’m not gay. Um I I but I when I see an issue of of equal rights so clear in front of me and and I’ve seen people who would normally, “but but but black people should be given equal rights” (mm hmm) and they would normally say that quite quickly, but somehow they don’t see the same kind of equivalency for gay people, I I would say it literally makes me upset and maybe that’s what makes me post so much about it, talk so much about it.

Alex: Okay, uh well what what’s the problem now, what’s the problem these days?

José: Okay, well I think the centre of the of the argument um is mostly in the United States. (yeah) In Europe you don’t have so much of a problem for it. Canada is a fairly enlightened country…

Alex: I think so.

José: …but right now I think um a lot of it is because of the fact that before in America there were so many individual American states literally banning homosexuals from being able to marry, that in the last year because of some decisions made at the Supreme Court and challenges made by both the anti and the pro factions concerning um same-sex marriage…

Alex: So wait, let me stop you, (go) uh you said individual states in America were either banning or legalizing the right for gay marriage?

José: Right, (mm hmm) okay. So those states were doing that a lot and that was in in the front of the news a lot. A lot of that, a lot of news was talking about states. A lot of the battle for same-sex marriage in those states in the last couple years has been so heated that it’s something that has brought a lot of pro and anti, um um argumentation to the front (yeah) and and when I hear people arguing against gay marriage, it just really am not at all convinced by anything anybody says against it. I I don’t see how if two people (mm hmm) whoever they are, if they’re black and white, if they’re asian and Indian want to get married how that at all can affect you. And you’d probably you, not you, Alex Bodnar, (yeah yeah) but how anyone can say, “well of course that doesn’t affect me.” Okay, well then how can two men who want to get married, how can two women who want to get married somehow affect you. See I’m getting all emotional already.


Do you think that attitudes towards homosexuals have changed over the years in your country? Why? Why not?

What issues in your life are you most concerned about now?

Alex and José were discussing José’s many posts on Facebook regarding his pro same-sex marriage stance.

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