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Same Sex Marriage 2

May 29, 2014Canadian, Life&Food

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José: Okay well then how can two men who want to get married, how can two women who want to get married, (yeah) somehow how affect you? You see I’m getting all emotional already.

Alex: Yeah, yeah, so that this is a problem in in the States it seems right uh in America. It it doesn’t seem to be a problem in Canada. Why do you get worked upmeans to become upset and excited about an issue. (0:20) about an American problem?

José: Ah, that’s kind ofpronounced quickly it sounds like “KAINDA”. (0:24)
like saying Americans shouldn’t have been worried about Jews being killed by Nazis because they weren’t American Jews. I I hate to like throw down like a super hard example like that but when you when you see injustice. When you see something wrong, (mm hmm) I know that my voice – I don’t vote in America. I’m not American and I don’t pay taxes, but at least I’m adding my voice to the point that I completely disagree with this as a Canadian looking across the border at Americans.

Alex: Okay, so so how are gays in America disadvantaged?

José: Disadvantaged?

Alex: Yes. Uh, in some states they don’t have the legal right to marry.

José: That’s right.

Alex: So what what is the disadvantage of that?

José: The disadvantage well, depending okay just just one example, health insurance (mm hmm) or or life insurance. (Yeah) If you’re not allowed to marry, (mm hmm) and let’s say you got a lifetime partner and you’re you’re both in your 50s. Or let’s say 60s. You’re both starting to get a little bit older (yeah) and one of you dies. You – the other person does not necessarily have a very easy recourse to get the the the the two peoples shared property in his name. Without a marriage that- the one, let’s say two men, two men, okay. (yeah) Adam and Steveis a derogatory reference to Adam and Eve from the Bible. (1:52) as um the uh the anti-gay uh lobby likes to talk about Adam and Steve. Let’s say Steve dies. Adam, is just another guy. He’s just a buddy. (Yeah) He has no legal recourse to his partner’s (mm hmm) Steve’s (mm hmm) property or or or information. He probably in some cases according to hospital rules wouldn’t even be allowed near Steve’s deathbed (mm hmm) because uh you know, family only rule. (hmm) Without without without a marriage contract, none of that applies.

Alex: When you put it like that it it seems pretty unfair doesn’t it, hmm?

José: Terribly unfair.


Should same sex marriage be legal? Why or why not?

Are you concerned about issues in other countries? If not, why? If so, what issues do you think are important?

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  1. I saw the News from China ,7 couples who are homosexuality got married in America.I’m sorry to say I never can vote in China even though I want to change the world.

  2. I think it’s a very difficult problem.
    I’m surprised many countries allow to marry to same sex.

  3. I agree with the same sex marriage. Now many people who love same sexual people try to be known what they are with using TV,Magazines or some media. We should recognize and understand them. If they marry in same sex, we don’t have any damage.

  4. I agree with the same sex marriage.I think japanese school should more teach about this topic.

  5. I think same sex marriage should be admitted in Japan. They may not give bad effect.

  6. I think same sex marriage should be legal.
    We have right to marriage without regard sex.homosexual should be happy like a heterosexual.

  7. When I heard same-sex marriage for the first time,I was confused,but I receive this thing now.So if I have voting right,I want to act positively.

  8. I think that Japan dosen’t have culture of same sex marriage so Japanese government dosen’t be legal. But they shouldn’t leave this problem. They listen to national opinion and should same sex marriage be legal.

  9. I think the same sex marriage should be legal, because there are many people who hope the same sex marriage. If same sex couple doesn’t permit to get married, they could live together. However, it is not legally binding, so they occur the various problem in legal.

  10. I think same sex marriage should be consider. When we were elementary student, we thinked boys and girls is diffrent. It is show schoolchild’s satchel but recently , it is changing. If same sex marriage be legal, it is many people makes happy.

  11. I agree with the same sex marriage,but,I think that it’s difficult to accept it in Japan. Japanese people think gays couple is rare and strange,also,I feel that there are many Japanese people have prejudice against gays.So,I suggest that government make the chance children can learn about marriage of the same sex couple at school.In addition,
    it’s important to teach that every people have same right to love somebody.To do so,I think the number of people who understand gays become large.Also,it will become easy to accept the same sex marriage in Japan.

  12. I agree the same sex marriage, because we have a right, which is personal liberty. Even if they are homosexual person, a right must be observed. Probably a lot of people have bad images about this, but they are not harmful. So we should change the image of this. If it is accepted in Japan, more people will make happy.

  13. I think that same sex marriage must to recognize because gay and lesbian are same human. They have a right. We can’t deprive of them liberty. Japan should make law about same sex marriage. Now, I only think about be related to me.It is bad things.It is a cause of the problem. First,we should be change our feelings. It’s most important things. We need to turn our eyes to homosexuals.

  14. I think it is difficult for us to accept same sex marriage in Japan although l agree with it. There are two reasons for this.
    Firstly, these days, the birth rate in Japan continue to decline. If same sex marriage is accepted, the problem can’t be solved. This is because couples such as them are not able to have their child.
    Secondly, people tend to make fun of gays or lesbians when they see such couples. I consider it is so uncomfortable for people such as gays and lesbians to live in today’s Japanese society.
    For these reasons, I believe that to accept same sex marriage is hard in Japan.


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