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Making Plans

May 24, 2014Canadian, Entertainment, Life&Food

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Do you like oysters?

How do you feel about drinking in the middle of the day?


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Jose: We were talking about oh! Procedural versus continuation…

Alex: Sorry can I interrupt you for a moment?

Jose: No. No no, go ahead. Go ahead.

Alex: As, before I forget, uh we’ve been talking about going to the oyster huts, right?

José: Right.

Alex: Yeah yeah. So, um maybe we could set up a time uh this week or next week to to go.

José: OK, um is it going to be okay with your wife not going because I think she enjoyed herself last time.

Alex: Oh she uh she is – she enjoys she enjoys it, but uh she doesn’t mind. Uh in fact uh Haruchi is interested in going, and uh apparently uh Hiroki, we could all four go together perhaps uh.

José: Does Harue drink?

Alex: Uh HaruchiHarue and Haruchi are the same person. Alex is used to always calling Harue by her nickname ‘Haruchi’. will drive, so.

José: Okay, so that meansJosé tends to say 'that means' often as his own colloquial habit. He'll say it again a few lines below. I could park my car at your, no uh well OK.

Alex: Well the best would be if you just take a train, right? I know it’s a bit far, but…

José: No, you’re right I should take the train because I don’t know how *I’m go* drunk I’m going to be by the end of it (Yeah) Right, good point. OK. I take the train. I meet up with you? Uh I forget how close they live to you? Do they live…

Alex: They they they live within a five minute drive, oh ten minute drive at the most.

José: Okay, so I would get the train at your place or I would take the stop to another place or…?

Alex: No, take the train to my place.

José: And then (to my station) we’ll walk over or something?

Alex: Uh they they would pick us up.

José: Ah perfect OK. Fantastic.

Alex: Or they could pick us up at the station, or they pick us up at my place, right?

José: Okay that’s easy.

Alex: If I had to uh, I can walk to the station and and we can walk back to my place, right? Little 500 m walking exercise.

José: Fantastic sure. Try not to like, you know, barf up on the way home. Um okay. So that means that weekdays are definitely a possibility which is the best time to go to these oyster huts.

Alex: Yeah, there won’t be so many people, right? (Fantastic) You don’t have to line up.

José: Fantastic. (Mm-hm) Uh right. Now, did you mention any of this like, weekday stuff to them? They’re cool with that?'They’re cool with that' means they’ll agree with that. In this case José asks it as a question. (2:07)

Alex: Well, couple of months ago, uh Haruchi expressed interest in going, right? Uh she’s all for it. Uh, the new thing is, that perhaps Hiroki can join us.

Joé: Well if it’s the three of us, if it’s the the four of us, that’s fine. I don’t care as long as somebody else besides me drives. (Yeah yeah) Uh actually that sounds really callous. No, I really like their company actually. (Yeah yeah) They’re great people.

Alex: No no. I think she’s – I think she’s happy to be the designated driver.

José: Okay then fantastic. Then just like, contact them right away. I’m I’m thinkingcan be a way to simultaneously introduce and suggest an idea. (2:39) you know like, anything from a Monday to a Friday lunch, (Mm-hm) kind of thing. Uh hmm. If we get there too early it feels weird drinkingpronounced without the final “G” sound. (2:54) beer at 11, 11:30 but it’s it’s not something I do every day, so I’m sure it won’t be so bad.

Alex: Uh that might be a bit early. Uh maybe 12:30 or 1:00, (One? OK) Yeah, I don’t know.

José: I think we should leave it more to her because if she’s driving we’re going to be a bit beholden to her. (Exactly) so ask her, “Oh José and I want to go. And uh you know when do you feel like it?” and…

Alex: So maybe I’ll I’ll send a message later.

José: Please do that.

Alex: See what – see what, and see what they think.

José: Then she can get back to you, and I’m wide open so get back to me. (Mm-hm) Cool.



Do you often drink alcohol when you are with friends?

Do you usually keep your appointments on time?

Harue and Haruchi are the same person. Alex is used to always calling Harue by her nickname ‘Haruchi’.

In western Japan during winter fishermen and others open temporary shops called ‘Kakigoya’ (oyster huts) where people can sit and grill oysters and other seafood at their tables

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