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Brock Turner

Nov 17, 2019Accents, Articles, Chinese, Life&Food, Romanian, World News

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Had you ever heard of Brock Turner before?


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Ruxandra Duță: OK yeah, so uh he was a college student in uh America (Mm hm) and he was on the uh professional swimming team of the college (Mm hm) and at a party, or he was going at a party, I don’t exactly remember (Mm hmm) the case but he was at a party, and a girl got very very drunk (Mm hm) and he told her that he was going to take her home, but he did not take her home. He took her behind some uh dumpsters and raped her. (Mm hm) And two other boys were passing by and saw this scene and stopped him, and when it came to- and he was arrested afterwards, (Mm hm) and then when it came to the trial and he had to be judged (Mm hm) uh the attorney, the defense lawyer (Mm hm) said something like, oh he’s on the professional swimming team. Please don’t send him to jail it’s going to ruin his career. (What?) OK, it’s going to ruin his career, but that girl, that woman will be scarred for life (Yes) for being raped. So what about it? So is his life more important than her life? Is his career more important than the fact that she will be scarred for life because of this rape. So this case was very very famous in the west. I’m not sure if it- if you heard about it in China.

Leo: No, no. Not until now.

Ruxy: Oh I see, (Yes) I see. It was- it was very very big. I think a year or two years ago something like that. (Mm hmm) It was a very big case. And I think, now he’s in jail but he wants to- oh and he only got in jail for two years. So he raped a woman and he only- he was only sentenced for something like two years and a half. (Really) Yeah which is absolutely shocking because there were witnesses, (Mm hm) and even if there were no witnesses, we should probably believe this girl (Mm hm) because the amount of cases of girls- of women saying that they were falsely raped (Mm hm) against cases of women that were actually raped, (Mm hm) I think it’s one to a million. (Mm hm) So yeah, I think it’s very important to follow this kind- these kinds of news (Mm hm) because sadly, it could happened to anyone.

Leo: Mm hm. Actually I got this friend (Mm) and uh, she was like 18. (Mm) And uh, she’s- she’s a- a half. Her mother was Japanese (Mm) and uh her father is Chinese (Yeah) and- but he now, actually now is a Canadian (Ah I see) and uh she lives in Canada for so many years (Mm) and when she was like seven she got raped, like literally (Wow) on the street. (Wow) And uh, since that, and she- she didn’t tell this thing to police or her parents (Wow) because she was so scared (Yeah) and she don’t know what to- she was only seven.

Ruxy: She- yeah, she was a child.

Leo: Yeah. She don’t know about legal (Yeah) or or, rights or something. (Yeah) And (Wow) this thing got her so many years until now. And she got this (Yeah) little bit mental problem (Yeah) every time she think about this thing.

Ruxy: Yeah, of course. (Yeah) It’s something that scars you for life. (Mm hmm) It’s traumatic. (Yes) Did- but did she tell her parents now? Or…

Leo: I don’t think so. (Wow) Not until now.

Ruxy: I think it’s very important to talk about (Mm hm) these bad experiences that we have because (Sure) only through sharing (Yes) and talking about it we can begin the healing process. (Yes) Because if you keep it inside it will never go away. (Yes) Well it will never go anyway but you can learn to accept it and move on. (Mm hm true) That- that’s what I think.

Leo: That’s true.


If you were the judge what kind of a sentence would you have given Brock Turner?

Do you agree with Ruxy that false accusations of rape are very rare?

Note how both Ruxy and Leo are excellent at active listening tactics by quickly saying things like, “Mm hmm, Yeah, OK, Wow” while listening to the other person. Try to do this in your own English.

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Dalian, China

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Ruxandra Duță


Bucharest, Romania


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  1. I was shocking after read this article. In japan,one out of five women got sextual damages. Sextual damage
    has not onlys physical effect ,but also mental damage on girls. In fact,if the girl got sextual damages, she has a hard time overcoming its fear. And the serious thing is that she can not consult with a person close to one. As Mrs Ruxy says, It is important that sharing the bad experience. So,someone help healing. Of course, we should prvent offenders from commiting crimes . But,i think it is important that we should teach their to get courge that they can sue for damages. For the purpose, we should told their that sextual damages is a crime, sextually damaged people are not to blame since they were young. Their trauma restricts their free life. In order to live happily , trauma should be vanished. So, mentalhospital and counceling center try to help their. In this way, I think not only the act of controlling crime ,but also healing damaged people is very important to live equally.

  2. I am shocked this conversation because I can’t understand why he serve his time unusually little time. I have interested in this case and I examined. And I have known he was released from prison only three months. Moreover, he was punishment of probation during being in prison. I think we must live evenly but this example not evenly. We have a right to live safety. There are not disregard live. Also, I am shocked very young girl has raped on the street and she can’t tell this thing police and her parents. She don’t have knowledge about crime. She is terrified. In the world, there are many being recognized case. But victims badly injured in their heart. I think the most important thing, we have to care victim’s mental. If people having trauma, they will be negative for event connect with their trauma. Decreasing sexual offence might be difficult, so we should care of victim’s mental perfectly. And getting involved in a crime are hard to say. So I want world to being easy to talk and care.

  3. I was so surprised this news. But, I can understand this situation. Unfortunately,There is a lot of sex crime in Japan now. For example, women on trains from gropers during rush hour.
    in order to solve this problem, this type of train is normally equipped with women-only cars. But, We still have this problem.
    First of all, In Japan, crimes against sex are very light on crime. I think that it is very a serious crime. Japanese legal system have to change early. Otherwise, it increases the number of people who commit crimes.
    Second, there is a lot of people without knowledge of a sex crime. As mentioned above, there is a lot of people doesn’t talk about a sex crime to their parents and policies. we have to learn about a sex crime. So, we can talk about it.
    We have a lot of things to learn.

  4. I was surprised at the conversation. At the same time, I felt sad. He should be never forgiven. I think that I can not believe that he injured her, but he wanted to enter jail. His career is maybe grate but he raped her. It is not reason. So, he should atone for a sin. I think that now world is strange to hear that he only got in jail only three months. She will scare by him for a long time. I don’t know why he can leave jail. Only she has scarred heart. It is not fare. He was not injured anything. Court must be fare, but that is too awful. I also surprised at the Leo’s story. I think that little girl is raped is story in TV. I think that perhaps there are more crimes nearby Just to not notice them to hear his story. It is bad that people who have crime leave jail soon but first we need treatment for injured person. And we have to think how to protect myself and our important person. I think Japan is safe, but I know this idea is dangerous. We have to prepare if when the dangerous come.


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