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Removing Guns

Oct 7, 2018American, Canadian, Life&Food

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Do you ever feel unsafe? Do you think a weapon would help you at that time?


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This conversation Yohanes and José were having about the gun violence problem in America continues next week at the URL below: GUNS & THE NRA

José Cruz: However, I’ll be very honest with you (Yeah) and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but- Uh speaking as someone who actually- I grew up in Canada. (Mm-hmm) Um, there’s a vast difference in terms of gun laws be- between the north of the border and south of the border. (Yeah) And I don’t know how you feel about it, but I’m terribly anti-gun (Right) OK (OK) Uh and and when i see statistics like uh 32,000 people killed and those are just fatalities. 32,000 people killed every year in America out of a population of you know, over 300,000,000 maybe it’s about 320,000,000 people in America right nowthe population in the US in 2017 was approximately 327 million (0:32) , (Yeah) um- you’re talking about you know, what is that? That would be 0.01% of the population every year experiencing fatalities. And then you come to Japan where you not only would not see a gun, there are no guns in this country. That girlYohanes and José were previously discussing one girl’s fear of travelling in America (0:49) might have been expressing just the fact that I don’t want topronounced “WANNA” (0:52) even be around (Mm) an environment like that (Right) because it just presents- If you were talking about um a 0.001% chance of something (Yeah) and then you say, “oh it’s a thousand times more than that!” Yeah you’re right, you’re still talking about you know three decimal points. But the decimal point is still point is still way over there (Yeah) so it’s still very very low. But it is still a thousand times more, And that idea is maybe what’s sticking in her head.

Yohanes Handojo: Absolutely and I I mean I do understand that sentiment. Actually you know me myself coming from a- um Indonesia and Thailand both very anti-gun countries. No guns at all. Um going over there actually talking to people who own these guns…

José: “There” means in this case, “there” is America?

Yohanes: Yes. (OK) Uh, there in America. Um I have talked to people and a lot of people do own guns. Um and they do have a very different view on it. (Mm) And sometimes I like to talk to them and I ask them, you know, “What do you think you’re protecting yourself from?” (Right yeah) And um they answer, “Well other people own guns.” And then I say, “What if no one owns guns? You know, what is the problem there?” And um they already have this sort of like mindset of- of this sort of thing has already happened. We can’t really cancel it. Like they’re- you can’t really say, “OK everybody, take your guns. You know, throw thempronounced “EM” (2:21) away. Um we’ll- you know we’ll melt them down into uh pots and pans and we’ll have a wonderful peaceful life.” Um I think that mentality is just kind of like- They can’t they can’t think of that…

José: You know (Anymore) the example that you can- there are two really good examples that you can- if you want to extend that conversation, (Mm hmm) that you can bring up. That that actually has happened in history (Right) And it’s worked both times. (Right) And uh just these two examples. Number one was in um, oh gosh, I don’t remember the date. But it was in the turn of the century. (Mm) The the Swords and Guns Control Act of Japan. (Right) When all of the swords and all of the firearms were taken from the samuraiAdd a Tooltip Text (Right) and their and their and their servants and stuff. (Excuse me) Basically they completely disarmed the samurai. (Mm) And took all away- took away all of their swords. Done in a fell swoop (Right) and the samurai complained and yeah there were incidents and yeah, some people hid their guns, but basically that was the major blow and the main part of disarming this entire country. (Mm hmm) And at the time I think Japan was like Sii- 50,000,000 (Right) so it wasn’t you know, a small population. (Right) Second example was AustraliaJosé has a conversation with Rhys Tramacchi about this topic in an upcoming conversation, “Guns in Australia.” (3:28) (Mm hmm) I think in the mid-nineties they had one gun massacre of I think like 17 people were killed by one crazy man with a rifle and um…

Yohanes: That’s like a Tuesday in America ha ha.

José: Ha ha. (I’m sorry) I don’t want to laugh. No no. I shouldn’t laugh I mean that- it’s sad. But you’re right because (Um yeah) so crazy man goes off, Australia bears down on this and says, “OK that’s it. Everybody, no more guns.” And Australians go, “Yeah you’re right. That that’s a good idea. Let’s just do it.” And agreement now no more guns in Australia, and now no more swords or guns in Japan. Worked both times.

Yohanes: Um I am I totally am like totally for that. I- phhhYohanes was indicating that he was at a loss for words (4:08). It’s…

José: He he. I- Uh we’re probably preaching to the choir in this case.


Do many people in your country own guns?

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