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India’s sons and daughters

Oct 24, 2016American, Canadian, Life&Food, World News

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Would you say you have modern or traditional views on men and women?


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José Cruz: I was reading about how India to try to do something about a social problem it’s had for, I would probably say, a couple of hundred years. (Mm) Uh is trying to put a new law into it’s books that will do something about where uh traditionally families, especially the poorer families put much much more value over the sons in the family as opposed to the girls, the daughters, in the family, and um… I want to ask you your opinion on that.

Robert Long: Well it’s going to be a situation that we now see in India where there’s just fewer and fewer women, and so who are the men going to marry? And so you have men, who have had a whole um, that are looking at life of having no uh female contact at all, I mean no, no relationships, completely void and then that is worse situation for them because they cannot get married and much less have anymore children, so… Um the consequence of this is … Now and uh-there’s many consequences for this and one of them is the numerous rape situations they have (Oh yeah) occurred and will be occurring repeatedly and it’ll be getting worse if anything. (Yup) Um, because that’s their only chance to have I guess, “sex” If you call it.

José: A friend of mine told me an interesting anecdote about that. And he said he was talking to his friend who’s an Indian (Mm) And he was saying that in India generally because they’re- they can be quite parochial in so many ways and one very parochi- parochial attitude is in education where boys and girls are raised uh, to high school age (Mm) completely separated from each other: (Oh) boys go to boys’ school and girls go to girls’ school, (Wow) and apparently at least according to my friend’s friend most boys’ first sexual experience is homosexual. (Ooh!) And and and, apparently that’s kind of taken for granted It’s not that they are homosexual, it’s that they’re randy. They’re all talking about girls and they’re all talking about humping and you know, bunch of guys, just like, it starts to get into their heads and, “Here we are may as well take advantage of it. No girls in the room and I’m horny. If you don’t mind I don’t mind”. (Mm) And and I was kind of thinkingfirst like, “Ew” And not because I’m I’m I’m anti-gay or anything like that, because you know me, I I completely am not. But um, the whole situation that you are forced in- because of your hormones are going nuts into a sexual situation that you probably might regret later on, And and I mean that in a complete way. (Right) Just the same way that a homosexual boy shouldn’t be forced into a het- heterosexual situation because of societal pressures, a heterosexual boy being forced into a homosexual situation is just as abhorrent.

Robert: There has been a lot of discussions about the value of these- of this type of schooling. Um well the girls will say that the girls are not pressured to make themselves up and to be sexual objects and they are able to find themselves as women and blah blah blah. Now there is some argument to that, where they might have some classes that are separated, um but there’s a lot- in every single country you have the same trend where women are avoiding science and math classes.

José: S.T.E.M. (Yeah) Science uh, Technology Engineering Mathematics.

Robert: Yeah and you you have to say where this is coming from, you know, and and I’m not sure if parochial classes where it’s just only women studying would be a solution to solving that problem but it would be interesting to see exactly what is the value of these type of classes, but the one, one of the consequences, one of the conse-

José: Sorry you’re talking about STEM classes?

Robert: No I’m talking about parochial classes.

José: OK so separate, (So) separate classes.

Robert: So um, but I mean at the end of the day the one the one awful consequence of these classes I mean these type of education is that they cannot interact, they do not know how to interact with the opposite sex.


Does your country treat women equally with men?

Did your high school provide good sex education?

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  1. I was surprised to hear the anecdote that the first sexual experience of many Indian men is homosexual and I feel that I might not be able to stand the situation in India if I am Indian. This is because I want to have my own family and a child as soon as possible. Also, I could learn that religion has a big power in Indian society at the same time. However, I do not understand why Indian society does not allow the co-education system although such system is not effective for the development of society.

  2. All over the world, the way of thinking about sex is different.
    In Japan, it is insisted that boys and girls should be equal in every situation. I agree with this, because they have all good skills.
    However, in India, boys and girls are completely separated. Why has such a phenomenon occurred?


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