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Oct 30, 2016Canadian, Education, Life&Food

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Have you ever seen a man harass a woman?


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José Cruz: But you might have seen on your Facebook timeline the story about this one girl, (Mm-hmm) where apparently she was on a date, and they went back to her room. They had consensual sex (Mm-hmm) and after the consensual sex was over he didn’t leave and she wanted him to, but he forced himself on her again for more sex (Mm-hmm) which to her mind was the equivalent of rape. (Right) Now before we get into whether or not that constitutes rape or not, she complained to the administration and the administration blew her offto judge an issue or a person too quickly as having no value. Also note the connected pronunciation between words “BLUEROF” (0:36). They said, “how can you complain about being raped when you’re the one that already admits that you had sex with this guy?” (Mmm) And because they wouldn’t give her what she felt was a sense of satisfaction in terms of finding some justice to this issue (Mm-hmm) she started walking around with a mattress on campus.

Alex Bodnar: Walking around with a mattress?

José: You haven’t seen this one?

Alex: No I haven’t, no.

José: Ok well um, there’re lots of pictures she was interviewed by major um American ABC CBS NBC news outlets about, “why are yousaid very quickly, the word “are” is unintelligible. (1:09) carrying a mattress around?” “Because I want to make a visual statement and she said, “I will carry this mattress around until something is done about this issue to my satisfaction”, She’s still walking around with that mattress. Sh- She takes it around classes. It was apparently the mattress she was raped on.

Alex: Right uh, still uh (What do-) is that- logistically is- that’s got topronounced quickly sounds like “GOTTA”. (1:34) be heavy to carry around…

José: That was her point, “You see this mattress, (Mmm) you think this is heavy? Try being raped.” That’s the weight I’m carrying around right now.

Alex: Well it’s quite brave, uh if that’s the right word to describe it to put this issue out in the open and expose your private life like that (Mm-hmm). Um if if she did that then you know are- there must be others who are too embarrassed to uh say something, I don’t know.

José: With crimes like this you have to wonder what the real numbers are becausepronounced quickly as “KUZ”. (2:14) there are reported numbers and there’s the actual objective reality which we probably will never know because I think I don’t know if I was a woman whether or not if I would have the strength to- depending on the circumstances, (Mm-hmm) report rape. (Mm-hmm)

Alex: And and it’s a tricky issue you know like uh, if they already agreed you know (Right) to consent once uh and how do we know that uh they just didn’t have a fight and she wants to get revenge you know (and that actually) one scenario right?

José: That’s right, and that’s actually quite believable. Unfortunately then you get into He said/She saida modern expression that implies an argument between a man and a woman is hard to judge as there is conflicting and unconfirmed information (2:56) (Exactly yeah) Right? Uh the kids that I talk to (Mm-hmm) In Japan (Yes) say that this doesn’t happen in in their country.

Alex: Mm-hmm I’m not sure the country matters so much uh I think the same could happen anywhere but I don’t want to make a general statement (Mm. Right) Um but traditionally you know Japan compared to other countries uh has been more male dominant (Right) so it’s plausible, you know such a scenario is plausible I think.

José: What’s scares me is that um traditionally uh if you encounter yourself in uh any kind of situation out of the norm that you’ll do pretty much a lot- as much as you can to not stick out in a crowd (Ah exactly. Yes) And if something like this happens to you there’s actually going to be probably pressure from the family to not report this (Mm-hmm) to not make a big deal out of this. “Listen you’ve only got one year to go until graduation, just you know just grin and bear itan expression meaning to bear a burden as best you can (4:05) and then just get graduation and you can have that job you want”. And and that’s what creates this idea that because you don’t hear about it amongst your friends that “Oh Japan is safe because I never hear about it”. That doesn’t really that mean it didn’t happen. (Mm-hmm)


When do you think a woman is most in danger from being attacked?

Do you think sexual violence is treated appropriately in your country?

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