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Studying with Netflix

Jan 12, 2020Accents, Articles, Canadian, Chinese, Education, Female, Japanese, Life&Food

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Ayumi Aikawa: There’s another things I wanted to ask you (Sure) and I wanted to discuss with you. (Now) I- Yeah just a little bit. (OK sure yeah) Just a little bit. I just- you know, I just wondering why Japan, you know between Japan and United States (Ah) There’s just- they say- they say they have a very good like relationship all the time and- but even in Philippine

they all- you know the- on the TV, all they- they all- they have uh, you know, they have English TV programs (Right) all the time, right? (Right) But in Japan you want to see it, you have to like uh, search it on internet…

José Cruz: Uh huh. Uh huh (Only) right. Oh you mean English programming? (Mm) Uh huh. (Right) Why is that? (Why) Japanese people don’t want to learn how to speak English. Ha ha, I- if you want to make it really really simple. Now, as to the reason why Japanese people don’t want (Mm hmm) to learn how to speak English, (Mm hmm) that has a lot of deep meaning to it.

Ayumi: Because I- I did try um, so many times to to- to find uh, you know the the…

José: Do you- you- Sorry just to answer (Mm hmm) your question, Before I forget, because I might forget. (Mm hmm) You should get Netflix. Do you have Netflix?

Ayumi: Netflix, I- I uh, have Amazon Prime.

José: Netflix is better for children. (Really) Well Amazon Prime has some um um, animé (Mm hm) and uh, American cartoons, Japanese anime and American cartoons (Mm hm). The problem with Amazon Prime (Mm hm) is that you- you cannot control- OK, uh I’ll explain. Amazon Prime has two- if it’s an American movie there are (Mm hm) two versions. (Mm) There’s the dubbed version (Mm hm) where everybody’s speaking Japanese (Mm hm) even though they’re all- you know it’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but they’re (Right right) speaking Japanese, and and then there’s the subtitled version. (Mm) Those are the only two versions that (Right yeah) you can get. Netflix, (Mm hm) you can control that (Really) like a DVD. If you want only the Japanese on (Mm hm) subtitles, and you want people speaking Japanese you control that. (Wow) If you want the English subtitles, not the Japanese ones, the English subtitles… (I want it) Then you want Netflix. (Yeah) And especially for the new Netflix animé (Mm hm) because they make a lot of animé (Mm hm) They redid- I really like the new Netflix Ultraman (Mm hm) because it’s really cool (Yeah yeah) because it’s an animé and it’s so- so it’s different (Mm hmm) from like, the old Ultraman but I use it to study Japanese (Mm hmm) So I watched it in English, then I would choose one section where peop- not, not a lot of fighting (Mm hmm) but a lot of people talking, (Mm hmm) or I want to hear that word in Japanese, I switch the subtitles and I switch the language right there.

Ayumi: Yeah I wanted to do- I wanted to switch…

José: I can even show you here.

Ayumi: Yeah switch the the subtitle to English, but their- Amazon Prime only have

have you know Japanese subtitle. (Right right right) They speak English (Yeah) with Japanese subtitle.

José: And you’ve got to completely change the show (Mm mm) and then you’ve got to find that spot. (Right) With Netflix you just- well especially on my appleTV (Mm hmm) there’s just a few buttons to push (Mm hmm) go back 30 seconds and it’ll (Mm hmm) do it again (I see) go back 30 seconds and it’ll do it again. Netflix is way better (Wow) And it does that- well OK- some very old Japanese animé (Mm hm) especially for children, doesn’t have any English content (Mm hm) But that’s because it’s very old uh (Mm hm) and it just doesn’t have it. (Mm hm) But especially for the new stuff and ones for like- this like actually this Ultraman is not really for little children, (Mm) but they make stuff for little children too, and all of it’s in other- And there’s Chinese. (Ah yeah) If you wanted to teach Chinese I think that Ultraman has Chinese. So, Netflix.

Ayumi: So you- we can switch. Wow. that’s amazing.


What new technology do you think will make language study better?

Can you think of any disadvantages to studying English from TV shows?

Ayumi is good at using the filler phrase ”you know” to help maintain her fluency. She also often uses word repeats to maintain her word speed. To improve her overall English it would be a good idea to use them less but not if it costs her too much of a sharp drop in fluency.

Also, Ayumi displays good skill in using phrases that show her active listening such as, “Mm hm, right, yeah”

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Thibault Penin

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Ayumi Aikawa


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José Domingo Cruz


Vancouver, British Columbia


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