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Nov 20, 2015Canadian, Environment, Life&Food

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Do you eat a lot of junk food?


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José Cruz: And I don’t know about obesity problems in Europe. What’s Germany or or France like for obesity?

Andrew Zitzmann: Ahh, I don’t- I don’t know the rates themselves, but I would- from what I’ve seen, I mean you know you see, as people age they tend to get much larger. And I think maybe that’s more uh, just from the lifestyle they continue doing what they did- what they were when they were, when they were younger they still eat the same way, drink the same way, the same rate- (Mm-hmm) so you know, large large volumes of alcohol. I mean, alcohol consumption is very high in Europe. Uh, well, here too, but…

José: But that’s another thing that you just pointed out: kids think, or don’t understand that when you get older you are getting older. Your body is again changing, Change is eternal (Yup) change is inevitable And your metabolism can’t keep up but they never change their eating habits.

Andrew: Right, yeah. (Right?) Yup, you got to change the eating habits, and you put- you’ve got to just eat less is is …

José: And you’ve got to eat better because your body can’t process junk food and still get what it needs. You’ve got to eat a higher quality food at lower rates so that then your older body, You’re- you’ve got to be friendlier to your older body, right. (Yeah) Did you- Did- Are are you- you’re- you’re a pretty careful guy with food, you raise your own food and stuff like that?

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, I grow my own vegetables and stuff, but it’s not so much it wasn’t out of a health conscious you know, decision. It wasn’t a health conscious decision. It’s um- I I used to do a little bit, or help my mum do some gardening, We’re just in the garden, I mean small thing, right, but um, I enjoyed it back then. I I enjoyed being outdoors, so… I enjoy being out doors now, and gardening gives me, the reason to be outdoors.

José: So it’s more like just a hobby that you just wanted to continue from your youth.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah exactly.

José: And um, and it’s a good one, too. I mean, they say that um, what do- basically a garden is printing money? (Yup) I mean you look at tomatoes, uh you turn out about how many tomatoes in a season, (Oh) a couple of hundred?

Andrew: Uh, I I grow the mini tomatoes. (OK) And yeah, hundreds of them.

José: Hundreds. (Yeah) Now think about a little box (Yeah) about uh ten semi- centimetres by ten centimetres (Yeah) that’s what? 300 Yen? 400 Yen?

Andrew: Yeah its 3-400 Yen for about 20 tomatoes which I get you know, I I pick, I pick about, uh in the season when it’s really going, I I can pick uh, probably eight to ten boxes like that a week. (Wow) So, uh um, unfortunately, um well uh unfortunately for me, fortunately for the wildlife, uh I share it with the wildlife…

José: Oh! Well that’s a good thing.

Andrew: And so the birds the birds come, the animals eat a little bit and uh, I get enough out of it, so…

José: You- can you put a rough figure on how much money you think you save each year?

Andrew: On on vegetables? (¥50,000 maybe?) Uh, I don’t know, that’s- it’s hard to saydifficult to be certain, difficult to calculate (3:05), because.. (You’ve never) But the thing is… Um since I’m growing it when it’s in season, and I’m- I’m eating it, then I’m eating it because I have it. Now would I have bought it in the first place if I hadn’t grown it, I don’t know…

José: Yeah but that’s actually (So that’s) healthier, it’s- in that sense that you’re not buying things because, “oh I feel like asparagus, (Right) and i like that supermarket because I can get asparagus anytime in the year,” that’s really totally environmentally destructive…

Andrew: Exactly, (You know) Yeah I mean I also do that kind of shopping where I try to just buy the foods in season, primarily because they’re cheaper. (Right) Yeah becauseAndrew’s pronunciation is shortened to ‘cuz (3:48) if it’s out of season it’s expensive (mm-hmm) and um, it doesn’t taste as good to begin with.



How much do you spend on food in one week? Do you buy a lot of vegetables?

Have you ever tried gardening?

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VOA article: “Western Diet Bad for Human Health, Environment”

Image courtesy Håkan Dahlström

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José Domingo Cruz


Vancouver, British Columbia

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Andrew Zitzmann


Montréal, Québec


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  1. I can’t hear anything.

  2. Gardening is good for lifestyle.
    My grandparents grow vegetables like Mr. Zitzmann.
    They give me that whenever I need. I’m always helped by them.
    I want to grow my own vegetables and stuff.

  3. When I lived in my parents’house , I tried gardening anytime but started to live alone , I bought vegetables everytime.

    about how to study
    I like study to use iPhone and this web site but my iPhone’s capacity is very small. So i’m worried which is better way.

  4. I think growing vegetables is a good idea. However it is difficult for everyone to have gardens. There’s a number of reasons. The first is that they don’t have enough space to grow the vegetables. The second is that they don’t have enough time to grow the vegetables. I think that we need to don’t eat much junk foods and try growing the vegetables.

  5. I consider Goldfish is useful for me to learn English at home though it is tough to use it in the class because of some problems. For instance, I couldn’t hear the recording in the first question of the quiz. However, I try to use this software to improve my English skills and get new vocabulary at home.

  6. Gardening is good for our life, because of some of reasons.
    First, it is good for our health. The vegetables which we grow are safety without agricultural chemical. We don’t need to worry about that.
    Second, we can grow the vegetables which we like or we need. And we can adjust the amount of it. It is efficient than we buy it at the supermarket.
    I want to try gardening in the future!!

  7. I think it’s very good to cultivate vegetable for myself. To do so, when they go to the supermarket, they don’t need to buy expensive vegetables that are not in season, so they can save money. Moreover, they can eat it constantly and keep their health good.

  8. I had tried gardening with my mother, but now I didn’t it. I live in an apartment, so l don’t have gardening space. In the future, I want to tried gardening again. I want to live healthy lifes. New website is neat style. I like it.

  9. I think Growing vegetables by myself is very good for my health.
    I can eat vegetables enough. Moreover,I can save money. It is good for me to grow them,so I want to try gardening.

  10. I love vegetables very much. So I want to try to grow them. I don’t have big enough place but try to grow tomatoes and eat them with my sister.

  11. I want to keep using duolingo everyday! It’s very useful because I can study English on the way to and from school. I think technological development is greatful.

  12. I was surprised by duolingo.
    I try to study hard when I have time, and I want to get a high TOEIC score. I think it’s important to continue studying for a long time.


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