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Apr 8, 2014Canadian, Life&Food, World News

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Have you ever flown anywhere?


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José Cruz: [chatter]

Alex Bodnar: “Skymark’s new uniform riles cabin attendants.”

José: Why? Is it like…

Alex: – “will disturb operations and possibly induce sexual harassment”.

José: Why? They’re mini-skirts? What are they?

Alex: Let’s look at the picture.

José: They are. They’re miniskirts.

Alex: Wow.

José: I want to fly Skymark. Ahh, no that’s I’m sorry. This is 2014 and as much as I love pretty legs on a girl, that is wrong. That’s not right. That’s not right. I mean, I don’t know, what do you think? I’m a guy and I love seeing that. I’ll readily admit it because you can never say that I’m wrong. I know myself, but I don’t think that there’s a place for that as a uniform. As personal dress, go ahead! Dress anyway you want. But as a uniform? No. And and that’s just so typical. Old old guy, right, surrounded by pretty chicks.

Alex: Well there are a lot of old passengers right, would be happy to fly.

José: And then we’ll be two of them.

Alex: Oh what’s this? “After six months the airline will revert to it’s regular uniform.”

José: “Used during the six-month campaign. Only by worn – worn by the cabin attendants that serves on A330 does not affect the safety of the plane.” F*** off! It does too affect the safety of the plane. It makes the cabin attendants think twice about doing certain things, especially in an emergency. Would you really want to be running around – I’ll ask you Mr. big-time manager. Would you want to be running around in that uniform in in a crash landing? No!?


Have you ever noticed the uniforms used by cabin attendants? What did you think?

What other service industries require employees to wear uniforms? Can you think of any company uniforms that you like or dislike? Why?

What do you think about the Skymark Airlines uniform?

“F*** off” is not appropriate in a polite situation. In this case, it’s a casual conversation among friends and it adds emphasis. Alternative expressions in this particular situation include “that’s ridiculous” or “I completely disagree.”

The Japan Times:

Skymark’s New Uniforms Riles Cabin Attendants

Image courtesy of Toshiro Aoki


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  1. I read this article and I agree the opinion that uniforms will induce sexual harassment. But I think that this problem is uniform’s design. When I was a high school student , I heard that my friends faced sexual harassment because of our school uniforms. Of course, I wore same uniforms but I had never faced that problem. They faced this problem on the train. I think that they faced this problem because they wore their skirt made short. I think uniforms are not bad, the problem is how they wore it and their design. Uniforms are very useful. For example, when we wear uniforms, we have feelings of unity , we don’t have to worry about what we wear. Also, students can learn that when we they grow up, they must wear close of the best way where they are. Uniforms save bullying because of close or economic reasons. But some people say gender problem of uniform. For example, we usually think girls wears skirt and boys’ wears pants. This problem is very serious and we can’t solve this problem easily. Uniforms aren’t perfect way, but I think we can decide the best way.


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