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Nov 27, 2016Canadian, Life&Food

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How do you think you will change in 20 years?


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Alex Bodnar: Um the topic is uh, that people uh you knowAlex says this so quickly and softly that it’s hard to hear (0:05), the older they get uh the happier they are and uh I ask you in particular because uh well you’re older than me, and uh I think you have more experience in this.

José Cruz: I uh, I actually when I first saw this article I thought, this is something that I really really agree with. I find myself much more settled uh these days, I find myself much more content with my life. At the same time, um I’m not I- I I’m not just settling back and sitting back in a lawn chair. I’m I’m actually creating new goals for myself all the time. (Mm-hmm) And and I think that’s part of what makes me happier, because I- I think um I understand a little bit what it is that makes me happy, and that goes into a positive uh reinforcement circle of I know what makes me happy so I do more of that and that makes me happier, and I think that’s only been happening in the last saya colloquial expression that can mean, “for example” or, as in this case, “approximately” (1:06), five or seven years

Alex: So how old are you now?

José: I’m 52. haha. Sorry, Uh, I uh started to smile there, as you asked me that question because it sta- it just makes me uh, it just makes me smile uh when I think of the fact that I’m 52. Nobody ever expects to be past 50 but I am now.

Alex: Yeah, well I thought uh- or, it was hard to imagine turning 40 even for myself. Um so what does the future look like? Um does it look any different than when you turned 40, or how does it compare to turning 30?

José: I I um, geea colloquial word that expresses a mix of general surprise and/or wonder. Used to replace the word “Jesus” in polite conversation. (1:48) those are all really deep questions. They could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs. Um the future to me looks brighter and it’s a real paradox, um because as I said before and- early on in the conversation I feel happier because I know what makes me happy (Mm-hmm) and and I think, once you know what makes you happy, like I said, you can just go on and do it (Mm-hmm) unfortunately the paradox is that you start realizing how precious time is and that you don’t have much more of it, and which can sound really morose but it’s actually part of what makes me happy. You- you uh you appreciate the moments that you have left and so you you make them better. When I was 30 I was probably still thinking the same way I was when I was 20 and thinking, “Oh yeah I’m going to live forever”, you know. When you’re 18 when you’re 19 when you’re 25 you think, “Oh yeah, age isn’t a problem”, and then at 35 or so you start thinking about it more, but when you turn 40, 45, 50 you start really realizing what it means. (Mm-hmm, so) What about you tho’? What about you you know? (Pardon me?) Well what about you? Uh- you know, you- you’ve turned 40. That actually was a- a bit of a turning point for me. Um how was it for you?

Alex: Uh for me, I find that when I turned- I found that when I turned 40 hmm things were changing uh physically. Maybe uh not- not necessarily in a bad way, but also in a good way. Uh you know, it started- you’d see the physical signs of aging you know a little- just a little bit of grey hair here and there. And uh and there’s a gut there’s a stomach that uh wouldn’t go away. I- I’ve never been really fat, but it’s a bitsaid very quietly and quickly (3:49) difficult- more difficult than in my 20s and early 30s to keep fat off the waist. So that’s when I started uh doing more exercise, actually. I’ve neve- you know I’ve always enjoyed sports, but uh I’ve actually started taking it much more seriously in my 40s.


If a person is unhappy in their later years, why do you think that happens?

These days, people live to about 85 years old, what will that be in 50 years?

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Alex Bodnar


Harriston, Ontario

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José Domingo Cruz


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  1. I found that it’s happy for me which we can think about our futures. That’s because we can change our future easily and we can have a hope. In addition to we can talk this at only when we are still young. I think that we have to have many ideas about our future and we have to try new things and something which we want to do. Today’s topic is difficult but very interesting for me.

  2. It is difficult for me to imagine the future.
    My mother tells me to decide my job soon, but I haven’t yet decided many things in the future.
    If I make a plan for the future, it may not come true just like that.
    I want to make a plan little by little.

  3. I can’t imagine my future definitely. I didn’t decided what kind of works and where i live but i want get married someday. And i want have a family. I’m interested in Ms Watanabe’s and Ms Ebisu’s opinion in discussion.

  4. The opinion that the older they get, the happier they are is difficult to answer true or not. Because I am still 20 years old, I don’t know the life of elderly people.
    I think they have much more time than us, so they can spend much time doing what want to. But it’s true that their bodies are changing as they get older. I think the most important thing is to do what I can just now in spite of my age.

  5. I like my original color of my hair, so l will not change this in 20 years. It is difficult for me to imagine about future. I hope to become a mother in 20 years . I like children, so I want bring up them. I’m worried about my future, however, I also entertain hope in my heart.

  6. I consider I will have short hair in the future although I have long hair. This is because probably in 20 years, I will get married and have a child, so the long hair will be obstructive when I do housekeeping and parenting. In addition, I have nutural black hair now but I will dye my hair to conceal my grey hair.
    Futhermore, since I will not have my phisical strength in 20 years, I have to do exercise as much as possible from now.

  7. Actually, I enjoyed imaging myself in 20 years. When I will be 40s, my hair will be grey and my physical will get older, but I will have much more free time than now. I feel that I can enjoy doing my favorite things in 20 years. Also, I must be careful about my health. I think it’s important to start light exercise, walking, cycling, massage, and so on.


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