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Brexit Vote

May 28, 2018Canadian, English, World News

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José Cruz: Although like- what, may I ask you, what did you think of the, of the results of Brexit?

Niall Plumb: I- I find it utterly infuriating. (He he) No I really do. Like, ah- it’s so- the most frustrating thing about it was uh,(Yeah) young people didn’t even vote. But I mean everybody- I think, the thing was everybody thought it was a joke. So, people didn’t take it seriously as something that would reall- realistically happen.

José: Um, you’re how old now?

Niall: 21.

José: 21, so you were well, I mean like it was a special referendum that any- well not anybody- 16 years old and up (Mm) could vote, right? So (I believe so) you, you definitely were uh, eligible to vote. (uh huh) But most young people didn’t vote? Like 17 year-olds, 16 year-olds didn’t vote?

Niall: I mean that’s what I heard. and like the funny thing was, there was like also I think like, there was a really big festival that weekend so I guess that took a lot of young people, but it’s not going to take that many. Um but yeah like young people…

José: “I was busy. Ha ha. (But) I didn’t want to decide the future of my country. I was busy. I had a concert to go to.”

Niall: I mean with regards to the actual general electionpeople voted. Like young people voted particularly, but with Brexit I guess maybe young people thought it was a bit of a joke.

José: Or they thought that, “Come on we’re going to stay.” That- (Yeah) that happens a lot.

Niall: Yeah that’s exactly it. like a lot of people thought, “No, there’s no way that that we’re going to leave the EU,” like, I guess people were so complacent about it that it’s like,

José: Uh uh I don’t know I wasn’t there, but usually you can tell when something- You should never be complacent about any election. (Mm) Whether it’s local, whether it’s- in in um, English terms-council elections, anything. You should never be complacent, but you know generally you can tell when something’s going to be a landslide. And then Brexit happened, although that was certainly not a landslide.

Niall: No it wasn’t at all.

José: Um in any case- Uh so you’re you’re pretty angry with it now right, eh?

Niall: I mean, uh I mean I- I’ve I guess I’ve made my peace with it. But then it’s still not really- I don’t know what is really happening. I don’t think anybody really knows, and up until the point where things- like an actual difference is made to like people’s general lives nobody really knows what’s going on, or at least…

José: Well it really hasn’t happened yet.

Niall: It hasn’t happened yet at all. But I can’t even imagine a state where it’s hap-happening or, I mean it’s there’s going to have to be so many um, like renegotiations of contracts and it’s going to end up costing the UK so much money, and…

José: Yeah it- we’re not talking just about government to government relations between (Mm) the EU and Britain. Like you just said it’s going to have to be new contracts between (Yeah) all sorts of companies.

Niall: Uh huh, I mean most people say that actually it’s- it’s unlikely that you get this- I mean having having like a UK completely discon-nected from Europe is basically impossible and so what’s going to end up- people say that- like this is a foreca- forecast I get: (Uh huh) I guess it’s like that you have to have a contract like you know like Norway or like Switzerland these kind of like the EEA…

José: Ahh not that I know them well, but I know what you mean.

Niall: Like like I don’t know about Norway but Switzerland is part of the EEA instead of the EU which is like European Economic Area.



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