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Apr 17, 2017Canadian, Education, Female, Japanese

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Do you think education needs tests?


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Yamashita Haruka: So that’s fine.

José Cruz: Sois often used to introduce a new topic in a conversation (0:01) I wanted to talk about that article today. (Yeah) About tests (Mm-hmm) uh and I wanted to get your opinion about it as a, as a Japanese student because you take so many tests.

Haruka: Yes. I get used to having uh English tests.

José: Do you like them? Do you think they’re a good idea?

Haruka: Mm, Yeah I think at one side it’s a good idea to have a test, to study English. Like I meanphrases like this are used at the beginnings of phrases to help speakers gather their idea (0:30), if we have a test we have to study to get a good points on the test. So we study, (Mm-hmm) but if you don’t have the- don’t have the tests, maybe student- uh students won’t study. So… Mm. (I) Yeah…

José: I just get the impression there are just too many tests in the country (Yeah exactly) There (Exactly) There are tests for everything. There are tests for uh, for…

Haruka: For everything, almost everything.

José: …for kanjiJapanese name for Chinese characters in written Japanese (:04). There are tests for… There’s a history test. There’sJosé should have said “there are” (1:08) tests for (Math) Ghibli anime. (Yeah) Uh there are tests for this, and tests for that. Uh, I- Iget to thinking that Japanese people kind of like them.

Haruka: Yeah I think so. We love- we love kenteiA Japanese word meaning “an official certification exam” (1:22) (Mm tests) Yeah kinds of- kinds of tests but, we call it kentei. (Mm mm) Maybe we just like it. Maybe like study, studied- studiedHaruka has a good learning habit of not stopping to pause even when she has trouble with a word (1:35) about the contents and, have the tests, take the tests, and get a good- good score, and like, yeah to have the certific- certification. Right?

José: Mm, did you- when you were doing all of these tests for high school. and you were getting ready for tests for university entrance, (Mm-hm) did you think that all of the things that you learn- learned by studying the test (Mm) were actually useful to the actual skill?

Haruka: Well, when I was in the high school, I didn’t think it uh, I- I didn’t think it’s useful. But after I came here, and like when I talk with professor or someone who is adult, then at least my uh uh at least the thing I study, about like, like like history (Mm) or like English or maybe hmm yeah that’s it, history (Mm-hmm) yeah, it was really useful.

José: Oh It was useful you think.

Haruka: it was useful yeah I don’t really use math or science or or that kind of sci-How should I say? The… (sciences) sciences yeah. Mm. (Um )I really believe so.

José: Well on the other hand maybe if somebody who does study science has the same experience aboutJosé should have said “as” (3:17) you, they could say the same thing, you know. “I want to be an engineer, so uh the things that I studied in- for tests in physics and biology were useful, but I didn’t get much from history or I didn’t get much from from from economics.” But you felt that it was actually a useful thing.

Haruka: Yeah it was useful.


Which subjects’ tests do you dislike most?

If schools didn’t have tests, how would teachers grade students?

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1 Comment

  1. I think test is good way to prove our skills , especially in Japan. There are many kinds of test in Japan. I have experienced English, driver’s license, and entrance tests. I feel test is necessary for me, because passing the test become my target. If I have not test, I would not be able to make plan of studying. That is one of test’s merit.
    I think that all of the thing that I learned by studying the test were actually useful. Especially mathematics, physics and English. That’s because they are base of learning in engineering college. We must understand them, and test is the best way to check it. Also I take the test of Japanese and geography, they are not useless knowledge. When I read books or when I see news, I remember those knowledge and I can understand deeper. I think there are nothing useless knowledge.
    I have one more reason. It is pleasant for me to pass the test or to get great score. Because I feel sense of accomplishment when I finish my task for the test.
    As we get older, gradually decreasing the times to take the test. So I think that I need to make manner to set own goals. It is necessary skill for my future.


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