Town of Mt. Royal

The Faubourg

The Faubourg, where José worked part-time in university
and is still home to his favourite bagel shop

Decarie Circle

Andrew’s old neighbourhood.

Concordia University

José’s alma mater


José’s old apartment


Feb 24, 2017Canadian, Life&Food

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What’s your favourite food? In what city is it made best?


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Andrew Zitzmann: Si- Since Montréal was a very bilingual city, right?

José Cruz: Oh it’s a great town (Yeah) that way.

Andrew: And um I guess in the area that we grew- that I grew up when I was a baby, uh it was still a mixed mixed area. And uh…

José: What part?

Andrew: Uh right by the the Decarie circle (Ahh) so north part of TMRstands for Town of Mount Royal, a neighbourhood in Montréal. (0:21), Uh so…

José: I lived I lived on Co- just off Côtes-Des-Neiges. (Oh yeah) Uh do you know Ridgewood?

Andrew: Ridge-Ridgemount? (It’s) Not Ridgemount?

José: Ridgewood. (Ridgewood) Ridgewood boy! (Hehe) Uh Ridgewood It’s it’s fairly swanky. It became a kind of swanky area now because it’s all- You take it all the way up to the top it’ll take you up to the Oratoryrefers to St. Joseph’s Oratory a famous landmark. (0:38). (yeah yeah. OK) You could see the Oratory from the top of the hill. (Yeah) So I lived just off Côtes-Des-Neiges.

Andrew: So yeah OK. So um, there’s- there’s a high school there? Or what was it? Um…

José: Shee- It’s been 20 years my friend (Yeah) I don’t know what’s there anymore. (Hehe) I know that you know, it was great because there was the Oratory right- basically in my neighbourhood. (Yeah) Not too far you could- you could take a nice- ss.. ss..bicycle ride or a car ride up the top of the mountain (Yeah) It was lovely there. I loved it there.

Andrew: Yeah we- my parents ended up having a house on the other side of the mountain.

José: Oh that side, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah the the Westmount. And uh yeah. Uh the the Queen Mary- Queen Mary area is really nice.

José: It’s all nice.

Andrew: Uh, Côtes-Des-Neiges, (I love Montréal) Queen Mary area right?

José: I love that pla-. It’s um it’s ethnic, (Yes) it’s kind of um, university, university “student-ishadding the suffix “-ish” means “not completely alike but similar to” In this case, José means his neighbourhood had many university students. (1:27)” (Mm) because you’ve got Concordia down the street. (Yeah) It’s great, you knowis used in this case to add a little emphasis to a statement. José says it in a very small voice as it’s near the end of his statement. I love- I loved living there.

Andrew: Yeah and the food. The food (Oh) there is fantastic. (Oh my god) The choice of food and that that that multi- multi-nationalism you know especially with with food, I meanis used here to add a little emphasis to a statement. (1:42) you just have food from all over the world and…

José: And it’s authentic. (Yeah) You know it’s none of this like um, Indian-curry “for-the-sake-of-the-white-guy” (Yeah) in TorontoCanada’s two largest cities, Toronto and Montréal, have a strong rivalry between them. (1:50). It’s Indian curry. It’s Vietnamese food. It’s great.

Andrew: Yeah yeah. And people people respect the the authenticity. They don’t sort of “ah it’s not-” you know…

José: “Oh it’s too spicy for me.” (Yeah yeah) Oh get out! You know go eat somewhere else!

Andrew: Yeah! You know you read you read reviews, restaurant reviews in in Montréal and it’s all about how authentic it is.


Fukuoka is know for ramen, Montreal is known for bagels, what other foods do you connect with what cities?

What authentic ethnic food do you like?

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