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Oct 2, 2017 | イギリス, 女性, 環境

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Have you ever seen an elephant?


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Megan Lowther: Uh so I’m going to assume that you’re against elephant poaching (Yes! Definitely!) the same as I am. Good good.

Hollie Chalmers: Definitely against elephant poaching. I don’t see the point.

Megan: There is literally- It’s it’s all profit basically (It’s disgusting) It’s the only reason. Yeah.

Hollie: It’s completely disgusting. It’s just greed isn’t it.

Megan: Yeah. It’s actually, it’s not necessarily poaching, because it was legal, but there was that guy… who- what was it, he he was shooting elephants and then it fell on him as it died. (Good!) Yeah. (Good!) I was likemeaning: “my thought was:” (0:28), “Well that’s risk you take.”

Hollie: That’s what you deserve! (Exactly) Exactly! Karma!

Megan: Oh and another thing, um I was reading on Facebook recently um I think it was this morning actually, that Theresa May (Oh god) was something about you know, um the ivory trade, (Mm-hmm) something about kind of not really wanting to have – um, what do you call it, what’s the wordMegan was trying to remember the word she wanted to say (0:49), restrictions on it anymore? (Right) which doesn’t surprise me in the least (Well no) because of the whole fox hunting thing… and that.

Hollie: Well yeah. (So) Well she doesn’t seem to want to have too much of an opinion on anything, does she?

Megan: I don’t think she- she just doesn’t care about animals. I think that’s the problem.

Hollie: I don’t think she cares about anyone really. (No. So) But no, in terms of elephants, (Mm-hmm) specifically and not Theresa May. (Yes) Yeah it is disgusting. So is is poaching illegal in Africa then? Becausepronounced, “KUZ” (1:15) I thought it was illegal.

Megan: I think poa- poaching is the illegal version of hunting so… (Right) Because I know there are game reserves where you are allowed to to go out and hunt and take things. But I think because- I don’t kn- I know rhinos especially you’re not meant to (Hm) touch them. So there’s a lot of um- there’s almost almost like a military…There’s these rangers who kind of stop people from poaching these animals (Hm) like um because it’s really- it’s a huge problem and the fact that obviously a lot of the time it’s not even- you’re not-Megan corrects herself twice without losing any of her fluency (1:44) they’re not even using the entire body of the elephant. They’re literallyoften used in current English to add emphasis to a statement, but is often used improperly, e.g.: “My brain literally exploded with anger.” (1:48) (Hm) hacking off the tusks (Tusks) because that’s where that’s where the money is. Um it’s such a huge waste. It’s absolutely terrib- terrible. I don’t know, it’s having an impact on Africa itself because um the ele- the elephants obviously, like, it says here that they have a sort of impact on the environment and they can help (Hmm) to shape the land (Yes) So what kind of devastating sub- it’s devastating at the moment, because i hear a lot of excuses for hunting is that you know, “Were controlling populations, and we’re stopping animals from (Yeah) destroying the place.”

Hollie: That’s always the excuse, isn’t it?

Megan: Yeah but obviously it’s the opposite way. They’re killing these elephants and then it’s- it’s stopping um, environmental change.

Hollie: Well it says here, doesn’t it, “the grasslands of Africa might not exist without the elephant”.

Megan: Yeah, it’s literally that big a deal. So it’s something that really needs to be sorted out. (Controlled) Yeah.

Hollie: 100%.

Megan: Mm-hmm.


What do you think of big-game hunting?

Do you own anything made of ivory?

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