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Charlotte talks a bit about her future and what she wants to do

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Goldfish is made by multilingual people.
These are the things we know worked for us.

True Speed English

What you hear on GoldFish is spoken at native speed. English at natural speed is actually hard to find in language teaching materials, but you can get it here.

More is Better

Studying any language is a matter of focus and time. New articles are added to our site on a regular basis. The fact that you’re here makes it obvious you’re more motivated than the average learner. GoldFish gives you the opportunity to add to your learning outside (or inside) the classroom.

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Tests aren't everything

Your school wants you to study for tests, but you want to learn real, useful English. Lucky for you that studying the latter is the key to doing well on the former.

What our users say

We hope you like what we make too.

What our users say

We hope you like what we make too.

私はGoldfishを使って約2年間経ちました。これはまさに私が欲しかった勉強の仕方です‼正直に言うと、Goldfish に自分の英語の音声を載せるのを夢見ていました。最終的にたくさんのミスをしながらもレコードをやらせていただきました。自分がどれだけミスをしたのかは大事じゃない、大事なのはどれだけ英語を喋りたいのかという気持ちです‼Goldfish は私の口頭英語の勉強にすごく助けになっています。本当に感謝しています‼そしてみんなにも大変お勧めします、本当の英語はここで‼

Y. | 大学生


H. | 大学生

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