English in Japan 2

“You create your life, and you can recreate it, too”. (K. Robinson)

University Application

Vasco talks about what brought him to Japan and applying to university


“I think all kids should take a little time out to volunteer” (D. Jeter)


Oct 29, 2016


Do tests help you learn?

Accents 2

Is there a “standard” English? Or is it all a “Global English”?

Learning & Changing 2

Many Japanese believe they must go abroad to learn a language, but should it be that way?

Universities 2

José & Haruka discuss differences in education styles between Japan & Canada.


Are the skills to make a signature really necessary?

Doing a PhD

Greg O'Keefe on his PhD studies in Japan.

IELTS Advice 1

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” (A. Einstein)

IELTS Advice 2

“You learn to speak by speaking” (A. France)

Any Questions? 2

Danny & José continue their discussion on their students’ education.

Social Sciences

“The Arts & Humanities are vastly more important in troubled times” (J. Leach)

Tests & Classes

Experience is the hardest teacher, it gives the test before the lesson. (Unknown)



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