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Environmental Awareness

May 12, 2019Accents, Articles, Canadian, Environment, Italian

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What are the most important things you think about these days?


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José Cruz: How do you feel about environmental issues?

Vasco Ferraro: Environmental Issues? I-I quite like it here, to be, to be honest. Like the whole recycling system as well. Like, In England as well. It’s very like, fairly done. But in Italy we don’t really do that. (Why not?) So they, in my region there’s a lot of issues like that. It’s like, we have for instance there is this huge national park next to where I live which is called, Parco Nazionale della Sila and it’s full up of rubbish, and it’s like something that should be like taken care of, but nobody does. It’s like, all of it goes back to politics and stuff.

José: Is there, is there an attitude about taking care of it, and nobody does it or it’s just, there’s no attitude even of, like, “Oh what’s the problem? I don’t see anything wrong? Just litter is litter, right?”

Vasco: I think, it’s just like a recent thing, like there is there is the awareness about the environment and stuff is growing so it’s like kind of getting better but still fi- people like they don’t really care. (Really?) They still- Yeah I think like, they don’t do- it all goes back to school and the education system like, I don’t know what you call it to be honest, (Mm hmm) but, “educazione civica” like education, (Civica) education to the society, or the environment.

José: Civic- civic education or Social Studies.

Vasco: Civic education. That is barely taught in Italy

José: Uh (Mmm) it’s interesting that you say there’s not a lot of interest and not a lot of awareness. Wo- would there be a lot of awareness about other issues like let’s say climate change (Mm) in Italy?

Vasco: I think that is not even a thing in Italy. Nobody thinks about it. (Really?) Mm hmm. “Climate change? I don’t know, What is that?

José: Wait but wa- you’re not telling me- you’re joking, right? You DO know what climate change is.

Vasco: At the moment I am.

José: OK, good good good good. OK.

Vasco: At the moment I am joking. But, I was- going back to school, never even heard anyone talking about that. As well as like, recycling. I’m talking only about my town now. But, it’s like it’s a thing relatively new, I think we started recycling like, last year or two years ago, in my town.

José: So when you say going back to school, let’s see you told me you’re 26 so maybe about six years ago, when climate change really started getting into the headlines, wasn’t discussed wasn’t…

Vasco: It wasn’t at all. It wasn’t part of a, Latin programme.

José: How is climate change affecting the Mediterranean? Do you have any idea like um is- are there a lot more storms, a lot colder winters, or a lot warmer winters (Hmm) in the Mediterranean?

Vasco: I’m not sure about it. I’m actually not sure. (Hmm) It might be. How is it affecting like Japan, for instance?

José: OK well, for example right now, what have we got? This past week, We’ve had nothing but cloudy weather (Yes) But what’s interesting to me, is that this is now what, the third week of October and normally about this time we‘re going to get highs on a normal day- The average highs would be about 18, 17 degrees and the normal lows would be about ten (Hmm) or maybe 11 degrees, and we’re about three de- on both sides, high and low about three degrees higher than that And it’s been that way very consistently, from the beginning of October to now so, because climate change- I think about it a lot, and I talk about it with my students, I-I don’t know if I’m wrong, you know this is still just personal perception, but it seems to me this is a very warm October.

Vasco: Mm. I felt like that too, when I came here, it’s like the humidity is very high as well here in Kitakyushu. (Yup yup) And and I feel like I’m sweating all the time.

José: Yup yup. Even when you’re cold right?

Vasco: Yeah sometimes it feels like it should be cold, but I’m still sweating.


Does your country do a good job of making people aware of environmental or civic issues?

Do you think you are very aware about environmental issues? Why do you think so?

Vasco displays speaking traits found in people that have learned languages naturally. He uses filler words such as “like” and “you know” as naturally as a native to compensate for those moments when his momentary lack of knowledge of certain words and grammar slows him down.

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