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Social Media Trap

Nov 18, 2018Canadian, English, Life&Food, Science&Tech

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Do you spend too much time on social media?


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José Cruz: Um (Of course) do you do anything on social media?

Niall Plumb: Um, OK so I have tumblr I have Instagram, I have facebook.

José: Holy cow. Ha ha. Twitter? 

Niall: I don’t have twitter.

José: You don’t have twitter?

Niall: I don’t have twitter.

José: OK what else you got?

Niall: I don’t know. WhatsApp doesn’t count really, does it? WhatsApp is just a messaging…

José: It’s a messenger app, but that’s that’s the kind of thing about you know um uh social media. Like LINE was a messaging app (Right) then it became a- a voice messaging app then it (Right right right) became a phone app, and now it’s trying to develop itself into it’s own social media…

Niall: Right I mean I guess these things are evolving because like especially with the whole, you know- Do you have Instagram? Or are you familiar with instagram?

José: I have it but I don’t use it.

Niall: So you know you can do the whole story thing. (Right) Everybody is doing the whole story thing now. (Yeah more Mm) And now can do that on What’sApp. which I just find- I find it’s such a strange adulteration of what What’sApp was, but like I guess (I don’t see) It makes sense from their perspective (Yeah) that they want to have all of the features like the- like sites that are very successful have you know.

José: I don’t see how snapchat came to be as ubiquitous as it is. First it was just you know um this this…

Niall: I have such a problem with that.

José: Why what happened?

Niall: No not like a problem. But I just- (Oh) Oh it infuriates me so much. It’s like, first I just- OK yeah- You can take a picture of yourself and it’s short and it’s snappy and you can do whatever and you just send it to people. (Yeah) And now it’s like, “Oh yeah! Like we’re going to show you this new station. We’re going to show you what’s going on at the Victo- toria’s secret show. We’re going to show-” I’m like, I don’t- I don’t want to see all of that stuff. Like don’t (Ha ha) bombard me with all of this useless trash! I’m like- ah I don’t know.

José: Which one do you use the most?

Niall: Oh. I guess instagram. Instagram is such a trap.

José: Ha ha. Wait a minute! You use it the most and now you’re going to disa slang word meaning to “insult” or “DISrespect” (1:47) it?

Niall: It’s it’s such a trap. No I- Actually I really hate social media. Like I feel as though it takes up (Ha ha) so much of my- I’m serious. This is why I wanted to talk about it before. It- I feel like it just consumes so much of my my energy and I could just be using it on other things.

José: OK then I’ve just got to ask, why do you bother with it? (Because) It’s- you you’re dissing it right now, but you’re still using it.

Niall: Well I mean the thing about it is is like- with regards to uh interconnectivity (Mm hmm) You can talk to so many people at at once and you can talk with people who all over the world and you can see what your friends are doing all over the world (Mm hmm) But then on a micro-scale is when I don’t like it, (OK) because it’s like, I’m (Right) just with my friends having a dinner and then peo- I have people like (Oh) trying to take pictures of their food. I’m like, can you not just eat it? Does it make sense? It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like you’re going to post that to everybody, but I’m sitting right here in front of you and like I’m- I know what we ate. You know.

José: That that that I don’t even know what to say without swearing when I see (Ha ha) people sitting around, like I mean here at the university- people sitting around and there are four friends (Mm hmm) all of them each and every one of them spend more time looking at their phones than they do looking at each other. And and maybe I’m turning into an old man that way, but to see four people who could be verbally communicating and having (Uh huh) emotional responses and emotional experiences- maybe not right at that table, but they would rather be staring into a phone.

Niall: Yeah see I don’t- I- it really upsets me. I mean I-I feel like one day I’m going to have this existence where I’m just- isolate myself from society, but then I feel like at the same time society is like, it’s incre- becoming increasingly difficult to have this concept of isolation- I feel like at some point we’re going to get this technology that really locks you in and it’s like if you don’t have it then you actually have like a really- like your quality of life or the way that you live is going to be…

José: You be- you become part of the people who have a problem. (Yeah exactly) Right.


What is your favourite social media app?

Do you think social media will ever go away?

Note how often NIall, uses the word “like” as a filler word. Many native English teachers would say he uses it too much, but on the other hand it helps him maintain a good fluency rate.

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