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Olympic Controversies

Mar 27, 2014Canadian, Money, Sports

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Do you think governments should spend so much money on the Olympics?


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José: I I too, um I think maybe it has something to do with the fact that the 2010 Olympics were in Vancouver in my hometown, but I think up to this point the Winter Olympics somehow appeal to me more and I could be completely wrong in this, but it somehow seemed to me that it conveyed a little bit more of the Olympic spirit more so than the Summer Olympics because of the way that, at least for me I I connect the Summer Olympics more with the controversies that surround the Olympics. (mm-hmm) Uh let me explain. The Summer Olympics seemed to me so much more of an extravagant thing (aha) which because of the number of sports and the higher number of countries that can participate (yeah) is is- makes the Summer Olympics what, two or three times bigger (yeah), but it seems to me that it there’s a lot more that sort of like sullies the Summer Olympics in terms of um, well you know, plainly the money controversies that come around it like um, what well okay the Sochi Olympics which just finished maybe about a month ago this year (yeah) the Sochi Olympics had incredible controversies about the money behind it. And um, the upcoming…

Alex: Yeah, $50 billion right?

José: I I, you know that is five times more than it cost to put on the Vancouver Olympics and apparently $10 billion of that was spent building a road.

Alex: It’s crazy isn’t it? (pth-ah, now) But I think that in Russia um, money was not spent *uh* proper means, right? Uh, I think (hmm) a lot of money went, went to uh line the pockets of certain people.

José: Ah, I think that’s clear I I think it’s it’s really obvious *and I* if you want to get down to the details, yes it’s you get into the problem of proving anything, but it’s pretty clear that spending $10 billion or sorry nearly $10 billion to build what was effectively like a 20 km road is just it’s just ridiculous and it’s not just this one. Um, uh, the uh, the upcoming Olympics (in Brazil?) in Brazil. All kinds of controversies about that. Have you heard about any of that?

Alex: Yeah, I don’t know too much about the preparations for the Brazil, uh, Olympics, but uh, the World Cup is (right right) is *coming* this year

José: This year 2014 yeah.

Alex: We’re we’re just less than a hundred days away from the opening of the World Cup.


Is the Olympics more about money than about sports?

Can the Olympics ever be free of bribery and scandal?

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