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May 31, 2014 | Canadian, Life&Food, World News

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What makes people want to smoke?


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Alex: Uh, José, uh can you tell me about uh that uh article you were talking about uh on uh tobacco?

José: Yeah. Um it was about um. Well actually it was kind of an old article, uh but I think it…

Alex: How old was it?

José: It was 2010. November 2010?

Alex: Ooh that’s like four years ago.

José: Still it um, (yeah) it talks about the basic issues of of cigarette smoking. And I think the whole issue of cigarette smoking, especially in Japan (mm hmm) it it, it almost doesn’t matter if if you read that article or not. Uh I think (yeah) just discussing the whole role of cigarettes in society uh is something that needs to be done no matter what background knowledge you have. Anyway the article was about um, (mm hmm) new measures at the United Nations to try to curb cigarette smoking and they were talking about um (yeah) Third World countries and Africa as being the new (uh huh) target for major um cigarette Brands like Rothmans and R.J. Reynolds to move (mm hmm yeah) their focus from North America and Europe where people know that cigarettes are bad for you (yeah) and to move them to to uh to Third World countries (uh huh) where they can still sell this wonderful romantic idea that cigarettes…

Alex: Oh, so are sales going down for uh the major tobacco companies?

José: As far as I know, yes they are. (mm hmm) You know, people are starting to clue in(to) clue in means to finally learn a difficult idea or secret. But in Asia, (yeah) and in in Latin America and uh well basically Third World countries (mm hmm yeah) it’s still, it’s still doing well. Japan, thankfully enough, apparently (yeah) under recent um statisticsstatistics more appropriately takes the prepositional phrase “according to” (1:25) is is starting to go down, but uh (mm hmm) still it’s not to be compared with America.

Alex: With uh OK, with America or Canada, yeah.

José: Oh sorry yeah. With America or Canada. North America let’s sayIn this case, Jose uses ’Let’s say’ to suggest taking what he said (America) and Alex’s suggestion (America and Canada) and making a new way to say both (North America)..

Alex: Right. I see. Umm.


Should tobacco companies be allowed to sell their products outside of their own countries?

Do you think your country’s government should raise the tax on tobacco? Why or why not?

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National Cancer institute

Canadian Tobacco Statistics

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